7 Ways to Reduce Test Anxiety


21 September 2018

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Even the very well-prepared students may often experience anxiety before an important test or exam. However, people experience anxiety in different ways – more often than not anxiety during a test may have a significant impact on your final result. But how can you get yourself in a good state of mind and overcome the tension that is bound to bother you before a test? Unfortunately, there is not a 100% guaranteed method to do this, but there are many simple tips and methods which might prove to be great allies in your battle against anxiety. This post sums up seven ways to reduce exam related apprehension, and we sincerely hope that the advice below will help you beat restlessness before your next big exam:

Make Sure to be Well Rested:

Not getting a good night sleep may often increase the chance that you will experience anxiety before an important event – even if it is not an exam. Although studying all night might seem like the better option, in 90% of cases it would be a much better choice to get at least 8 hours of sleep instead of pulling an all-nighter in order to try and memorize some last minute information. Keep in mind that studying while tired is also very inefficient, so you might end up not remembering anything in addition to being extra tired and anxious in the morning.

Don’t Go in Hungry:

In addition to getting good sleep, you should make sure to wake up early enough in order to have time for a well-balanced breakfast. Remember that some people might tell you to focus on sugar-heavy food to get an energy rush, but do not forget that this will be inevitably followed by a crash. Try to have a normal breakfast – oatmeal, milk, and some fruits is usually an excellent choice.

Prepare in Advance:

This advice can be applied to a variety of situations ahead of the big day – prepare all things you need (notes, books, pen & paper) before going to bed so that you will not need to stress with this in the morning. In addition to this, there is no way to skip anxiety unless you are at least somewhat confident that you have prepared properly for the exam. Starting to study for a few weeks in advance is a great way to ensure that anxiety will not bother you when the time of the exam comes.

Be an Early Bird:

Although arriving at the exam hall too early might sound like a tedious task, it will give you time to get used to the environment, and this is bound to help improve your mood as well as to suppress stress, and boost confidence. Being late is terrible, and it is guaranteed to cause restlessness, so it is better to be at the place of the exam as early as possible.

Be Confident In Your Knowledge and Ignore What Others Do:

Many people have confidence issues when it comes to exams, and they attempt to compare their work rate to other people in the room. However, this is a terrible approach, because everyone has a different pace of work and a different way with words – people might need a few hundred words to explain something that can be summarized in fifty words. The fact that you are writing less than the others does not necessarily mean that you lack the knowledge. The best thing to do is to focus on your own work, and ignore what everyone else in the room is up to.

Manage Your Time Well:

Keeping an eye on the clock all the time. This might sound stressful, but it will actually help you reduce anxiety by allowing you to properly allocate your time so that you will have time to do all assigned tasks. Do keep in mind that if time is running out and you are nowhere near done, then it is probably best to begin ignoring the clock and focus on doing as much work as possible in whichever task you feel most confident in.

Remember that Exams Are Not a Matter of Life and Death:

Yes, failing an exam might make you miserable but, however, it is not the end of the world. Almost always there is a chance to redeem yourself, and remembering this is the best way to reduce anxiety. Not only will the thought of a second chance relieve you, but it might also help you perform better on the current exam since you will be more relaxed and confident.

Final Words:

Ideally, you will do your best following all of these tips since combining them is guaranteed to tackle anxiety and help you stay cool, calm and collected during the exam. Do not forget that the most essential advice is in the last paragraph – exams are not the most important thing in the world, and you will always get another chance even if it does not work out the first time.

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You might think out of everything, that your E juice in NZ is one thing you wouldn’t be able to buy online. After all, don’t you have to be able to taste it, try it out, and meet the staff in-store? While that might have been the case when E juices for your vape products first hit the market, it’s not so necessary now. Of course, many people still prefer to try before they buy, but the sheer detail in online descriptions can often be all it takes for you to know a certain E juice in NZ would be right for you. Over 2.14 billion people are expected to become digital shoppers by 2021, and we’ve included many reasons why you may become one of them when buying E juices below. Benefits Of Buying E Juice In NZ Is Illustrated Below   There are several benefits of using the E-juice In NZ to make your life easier under critical circumstances. It can help you to achieve your goals in the best possible ways. It can help you to achieve your goals in a better way. The Cost: You may think it’s strange to think that buying your E juice online has the benefit of being more cost-effective, but it does. Shipping costs are more convenient and affordable than ever before, and you often get email deals that offer digital discounts when you enter them into the checkout process. Often, those same discounts are not available in physical stores. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t visit a physical location to get a bargain, but you often have more of an opportunity to save money when you browse through the various options on the E juice supplier’s website. You’re Anonymous: Do you remember how you used to hide your cigarette smoking from your parents when you were young? They may still not know you used to smoke cigarettes, or that you now transitioned to vaping. For whatever reason you want to remain anonymous, buying your E juice in NZ online can offer that much-desired anonymity. While it gets delivered with your name and address, your friends and family don’t have to see you walk into a store. You get to browse the website in the comfort of your own home, without the prospect of being caught out. You Get Premium Service: Did you know that non-perishable goods make up one of the largest percentages of online shopping sales? E juice sales could now be in that mix. People find it far more convenient to shop online, which is why businesses are improving their service in that area. When you head into an E liquids store in NZ, you are still going to get excellent service. The team are knowledgeable, the selection vast, and the products are quality as well. That doesn’t change. However, when you shop online, that service is enhanced. All products are separated by what they are, with a description so you can learn more about them. With E liquids, you then get to choose the nicotine dosage, find out more about the flavour, then pair those liquids with new vaping accessories, coils, or something else. The entire process is effortless, all before you check out and opt for delivery to your door. What’s more, if you thought were sacrificing that personable approach, then think again. As soon as you need help, a real human is on-hand to offer it. The only difference to the online service is that you don’t see the person providing you with assistance in person. Convenience: Even from the three points above, it’s clear to see that one of the most significant benefits of buying your E juice in NZ online is the convenience. Think about this scenario. You’re low on E juice, and wouldn’t mind getting a few packets of coils while you’re at it. You jump in your car, but then realize it’s low on fuel. You have to do a detour to the service station, fighting peak hour traffic and inconsiderate drivers along the way. Because the journey has taken so long, you now need to stop for a bite to eat to get back all that lost energy. By the time you finally get to the vape supplies store, you’re stressed, have already spent a fortune, and now have to find a park. But guess what? You see a park, have no change for the parking meter and get a parking ticket. You’ve now spent a fortune, all because you chose to shop in-store. When you buy your supplies online, you are cutting out that whole inconvenient battle. We do encourage you to stop by vape supply stores when it’s convenient for you, but we’re also proud to offer an alternative method that may be more convenient for some of our customers. Conclusion: More and more people are choosing vaping products to help them quit smoking, but don’t have enough knowledge or information to start them on the right track. That’s why the internet is such a valuable tool. You can head to an E juice supplier website, learn everything you need to know, then buy the products you require for delivery to your door. It has never been easier than today to not only quit smoking but buy your products online that can help speed up the process. The benefits of buying your E juice online in NZ will surprise you. Read Also: Vaping: More Than Just A Fad Can Vaping Really Help You Kick Your Smoking Habit? Vaping In The Workplace: Legal Considerations Essential Logistics Terminology Every Entrepreneur Should Know