An Overview of Schizophrenia

Published on: 14 March 2016 Last Updated on: 12 July 2021
An Overview of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia remains one of the most misunderstood mental health disorders in the U.S. Many people assume that schizophrenia refers to a complete inability to accept life. However, schizophrenia actually describes a severe, chronic brain disorder characterized by abnormal thought processes and rationale. Many of the symptoms of schizophrenia are similar to other mental health conditions, which makes accurate diagnoses difficult for mental rehabilitation experts.

Prevalence of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia affects between 0.5 percent and 1 percent of individuals around the globe. The first episode tends to occur at age 21 for men and age 27 for women, explains the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). About 33 percent of those with schizophrenia attempt suicide and 10 percent will succeed. In a Canadian study, schizophrenia diagnoses resulted in a total cost of $6.85 billion for the U.S. and Canada.

Risk factors

Across mental health facilities, mental health professionals have yet to determine an exact cause of schizophrenia. However, a family history of schizophrenia, exposure to toxins while in utero, increased immune system response, older age of a person’s father, and exposure to psychotropic substances during adolescence have been thought to be the primary risk factors for developing schizophrenia (Mayo Clinic).

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms vary from person to person. According to the Mayo Clinic, most signs and symptoms reveal abnormal brain functioning and include the following:

1. Hallucinations :

Hallucinations may involve any of the five senses; however, hearing voices is the most common hallucination

2. Delusions:

 Delusions are similar to hallucinations. Delusions occur when a person has a false belief about a given event or situation. For example, a person may believe he or she has a role in global politics when it is not true

3. Thought disorders:

Thought disorders are unusual, counter-productive ways of thinking

4. Movement disorders:

 Movement disorders are characterized by repetitive, involuntary movements, which are most commonly noticed in the face. Alternatively, someone with schizophrenia may become catatonic, which means he or she does not move at all

5. Disruptive emotions and behaviors:

Emotional states in schizophrenic individuals may mirror the ups and downs of other mental health disorders, such as bipolar disorder.

6. Poor cognitive functioning:

 Someone with schizophrenia may be incapable of understanding information and making decisions on the basis of the information. Furthermore, working memory and difficulty concentrating are common aspects of poor cognitive functioning

Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of the episode, treatment for schizophrenia may occur in inpatient mental health facilities. However, outpatient treatment is a vital aspect of treatment after discharge.

1. Antipsychotic medications:

Antipsychotic and atypical antipsychotic medications focus on eradicating the symptoms of schizophrenia. Some of these medications may cause serious side effects

2. Psychosocial treatment:

 Psychosocial treatment involves teaching a person to readapt to life through physical, speech, and occupational therapy

3. Integrated Treatment :

If a person with schizophrenia has a co-occurring mental health disorder, the treatment must include address all other disorders

Although schizophrenia can present some of the most difficult symptoms in mental health therapies, the disorder can be effectively managed. However, understanding the symptoms and treatment options of schizophrenia plays a significant role in preventing the disorder from developing further.

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Better Teeth

4 Ways To Better Teeth Today

Anywhere you look, you’re sure to find good teeth. When you see a movie in the theater, the actor’s teeth are up to five feet tall. Knowing that their teeth are going to be under such intense scrutiny, these professionals do everything they can in order to keep their mouths looking healthy and clean. On the popular internet game show “Hot Ones,” the host, Sean Evans, has spoken about his teeth during the game. “I’m just waiting to get a bag and fix my teeth,” he explained to Tyra Banks once through a mouthful of hot sauce. He was utilizing then-current slang. To “get a bag” refers to getting a large payday, as in “a bag full of money.” His goal, then, was to get a payday big enough to be able to make his teeth look their best. If you’re like Sean Evans, know that you don’t need to “get a bag” in order to fix your teeth. There are things that you can start doing right now in order to improve the look of your pearly whites. Let’s take a look at four things that you can do right now in order to improve your smile. 1. Whitening Strips One way to improve the look of your smile is to use whitening strips. These are sold at many major drug stores. These are small strips with adhesive stuck to a gel. You pull the backing off of the strips and then carefully affix them to your teeth. The instructions will tell you how long you must wait. These strips do not hurt. Neither are they uncomfortable. Typically they take less than ten minutes a day. Many brands have guarantees about how many shades of difference you can expect to see on your teeth. Some of them even have helpful charts on the side of the box so you can compare your teeth at every stage in your journey. Most brands offer multipacks so you can have all the treatments you need at hand to complete a thirty, sixty, or ninety-day routine. You’ll find yourself with whiter teeth or you can get your money back. There’s no way to lose! Related Resource: Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening in Reasonable Price in a Professional Dental Centre 2. Swap out Coffee for Tea Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America. Ever since the Boston Tea Party, when patriots threw a load of tea overboard to protest unfair taxation from the English monarchy, we’ve been a nation of coffee drinkers. But coffee can be very erosive. Drinking it every day can lead to stains, discoloration, and even damage as the acid wears away your enamel. Choosing a mild tea like green or white can help slow the process of erosion. Plus, tea boasts antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that react in the body to help slow the aging process. The way that they do this is simple. These substances have a positive charge. As they travel through your body, they seek out negatively-charged ions to bond with. These ions are called free-radicals because they travel the body looking for cells to bond with and then erode. By consuming antioxidants, you’re serving to remove these harmful substances from the body. As you can see, drinking tea can have several long-lasting benefits if only you’ll give it a chance. 3. Carry a Floss Pick With You Have you ever eaten a delicious meal out with friends only to have it ruined by a stray piece of food caught in between your teeth? If you carry a floss pick with you, you will never have to experience this again. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, these are small, plastic devices that are typically smaller than a disposable razor. These picks have a taut piece of floss held between two small plastic tabs. They make flossing quick and simple. No longer do you have to choose the size of your piece of floss. Neither do you have to wind it tightly around the tips of your fingers? Instead, all you have to do is pull out your floss pick and get to work. They are so small that you could easily carry one in your purse or wallet at all times. Just don’t start picking your teeth at the table. People really don’t like that. There are many benefits to flossing, including preventing gum disease. That means that you can expect to maintain your smile longer if you floss. Click here for more information about the link between flossing and gum health. 4. Make a Visit to the Dentist You had to know this one was coming. The only way to have really healthy teeth is to follow up with your dentist. This is especially true if you have severe damage or even missing teeth. Sure, you could try to make your own dentures out of rocks you find in your driveway. You might even be able to find some of the right sizes and colors. But only a qualified dentist can really make a good, high-quality set of replacement teeth. These replacement teeth can now be prepared for you in as little as twenty-four hours. That’s right. You could make the call right now, see a dentist today, and have an entirely new set of beautiful teeth two days from now. What’s even better is that you would already be cleared for eating soft foods. No more can you expect to be on a liquid diet for months on end in order to have the smile of your dreams. Take a look at the link: for more information about this process. There are so many sayings about smiles. They can light up a room. They can be dazzling. They can make people fall in love or run for their lives. With so much on the line, don’t you want to have a smile that truly represents you? Set an appointment with this Dentist in Fort Wayne, IN if you're having trouble looking for a good one in this vicinity. With these four tips, you have a road map towards a lifetime of dental health. This can help extend your health and comfort for years to come. Now, isn’t that something to smile about? Read Also: How To Help Sensitive Teeth After Whitening? The 3-Step Guide To Getting Your Very Own Custom Night Guard 5 Little Changes That Can Make Your Teeth-Brushing More Effective


8 Home Gym Systems You’ll Want To Try Out

Are you building a fitness sanctuary in your garage or basement? You have to check out these 8 home gym systems. It'll be hard to choose just one. Home gym systems are accessible spots in one's home for exercising, usually situated in the garage or an extra room in the house. More and more people are opting for home fitness sanctuaries as opposed to going to commercial gyms because it presents certain benefits. Let's take a look. Advantages of Having Home Gym Systems : First, gym systems save time. Going to a commercial gym and back home would normally take up to an hour or so, but having a home gym takes just a minute to get to. It also removes the excuse of skipping the gym due to traffic if the commercial gym is located far from one's home. Another advantage of a home gym system is you buy the equipment just once, which is inexpensive compared to using a commercial gym. Commercial gym membership usually requires a monthly subscription fee and if you are going to be working out for many months or years, it might be more cost-effective to go for the home gym option. Lastly, one of the greatest benefits is adherence to the training. Having a home gym largely reduces the self-imposed excuses that you have for yourself on why you should not be working out. Adherence means not only doing your training but doing it consistently. At the end of the day, you're only going to be getting the benefits from exercise if you're actually doing the exercise right. Building the perfect home gym requires you to have excellent equipment and home gym systems that will help you reach your fitness goals, and train often and consistently. A home gym needs a product that is compact with the ability to do it all, and with no restrictions. If you are looking to build the perfect home gym, consider the best eight home gym systems listed below. 1. Thane Total Flex Home Gym : This ultra-compact system can also be thought of like a traveling gym as it can go along with you virtually anywhere and then be set up quickly for gym-quality workouts. When space isn't an issue, the ultra-compact Thane Total Flex is here to save the day. It easily folds up to the size of a suitcase and has a handle for portability. With over 50 exercises targeting muscles from head to toe, it has a reclining seat for lower body workouts and can fold up smaller than a suitcase. However, the resistance may be too low for the super fit. It is perfect for apartments but it's not optimal for big strength gains. 2. Marci MWM-988 Stack Gym : Tone your entire body with the versatile Marci MWN-988 stack gym. It offers a dual function for upper and lower body workouts. It also has an excellent flat station, all of which adds up to effective targeted training. However, it offers only about 150 pounds of resistance. It is built with strong steel tube framing and comes with high and low pulley stations. It assembles in just a few hours and is relatively compact. 3. Total Gym XLS : Designed for use by the whole family, the Total Gym XLS works with every fitness level and can help target almost every major muscle group. It has a 400-pound capacity and no assembly is required. It also comes with a short six-month warranty. It is also useful for workouts ranging from cardio to strength training to stretching. It offers compact upright storage and also includes 5 workout DVDs. 4. The Powerline BSG10X : It has a hard-to-find 10-year warranty on its frame. On top of that, it is built with 11-gauge steel which assures maximum strength-building potential, reliable functionality, and the long-lasting durability of construction. That means this investment will last, giving you time to learn the many ways you can use the system to develop gains and good habits. It features an easy to adjust 160-pound iron stack and is mostly assembled out-of-the-box. It utilizes military-grade aircraft cables and has 2200-pound tension strength. However, the foam handles tear over time. Powerline BSG10X is a professional gym quality unit. 5. Body-Solid EXM 3000 : Sculpt your body with an intense efficient workout on the Body-Solid EXM 3000. You will be amazed by this home gym's versatility. It features an easy pin weight adjustment, a small footprint that is ideal for tight spaces, and a workout poster that lists 20 exercises. It offers a wide array of strength training exercises for up to three simultaneous users, making it ideal for large homes and family workouts. It features contoured durafirm pads for support. It also has weight stacks that are within easy reach and a multi-function press arm station. It is one of the best home gym systems if you have the space for it. 6. Bowflex PR1000 : Anybody can achieve amazing results using the patented technology of the Bowflex PR1000. This home gym system features a flat pull down bar and a horizontal bench press. These are perfect for developing the lean toned and V-shaped torso many fitness fans dream of. It includes up to 210 pounds of resistance, a rail for rowing training, and a 300-pound maximum capacity. 7. Powertec Fitness WB-LS14-P : Reach your maximum potential with the Powertec Fitness WB-LS14-P. It features directly loaded weights for a natural feel but with the safety of a machine. This home gym system boasts a press capacity of a staggering 500 pounds. It combines a standard incline bench with the versatility of a single step press. Unlike many other home gym systems, no leg press gets in the way when you use the bench. Optional attachments are available and it's not limited by total stack weight. It offers an easy assembly with good instructions. It offers handlebars on the bench for stabilization and ipsilateral arms for better performance. Read more, for more informative content. 8. The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE : It lives up to it is a brand's good name by offering a total body workout in as little as half an hour. The unit allows users to move quickly between arm and leg workouts without the need for changing tension cables. It features an ab pulley and harness to build defined abs, a unique 5-way hand grip that adds flexibility, and an ergonomic adjustable seat for comfort. It also boasts resistance that is upgradeable to 410 pounds and 70 easy to learn exercises. Reach Your Ultimate Fitness Goals : If you are going to build a home gym, these are some of the home gym systems you should not miss out on. This selection of equipment will help you keep in shape in the comfort of your home. For more information, contact us. Read Also : What Are Popular Mind And Body Exercises Available At A Gym? Top 10 Muscle And Strength Building Exercise At Home You Can’t Out-Diet Your Training


Choosing A Diet Based On Your Personality Type

People generally tend to choose a diet plan depending on various factors like how tough it can be, how long it has to be implemented, how much weight loss it guarantees, and so on. But a new trend is catching on pretty fast – choosing a diet based on the personality of the person, so that way, before wondering if intermittent fasting works, you should first find out if it's in line with your lifestyle and attitude. And if you are also interested in such things, then this post will give you a brief idea of what kind of diet lifestyle suits certain personalities. 1. The One Who Likes To Socialize With People: People who are fond of socializing very often with others face a unique problem when it comes to dieting. Since they will go out to parties a lot, they will only have the choice of eating foods that are salty and fatty. In addition, there will likely be lots of alcohol present. The best diet plan for such people should include something that helps them avoid such foods and alcohol. As such, the diet should not be too focused on eating a fixed number of calories at fixed times. Instead, the time schedule must be flexible enough that they can eat a lot of food in one go just before they leave their home for a party. This will ensure that their stomach is full and they don’t end up eating the fatty, sugary, salty, processed foods at the parties. 2. The One Who Is Obsessed With Rules And Guidelines: Some people are extremely obsessed with following every single rule applicable to a task at hand. So, if the rule says that a screw has to be twisted 8 times in order to tighten something to a wall, such people will twist the screw exactly 8 times, nothing more nothing less. As such, extremely detailed diet plans that take care of every single aspect of their food right from when to eat, what to eat, how to eat, and so on, are the most suitable diet program for such people. For example, such people will likely find the HCG diet to be very useful since it involves a lot of strict rules which can lead to impressive weight loss results if followed correctly. And in case you are interested in the HCG diet, you can easily find all the Answers to the Top Queries about Starting HCG Diet by searching online. 3. The One Who Constantly Keeps Thinking: Some people like to constantly keep thinking about something. It does not even have to be related to anything important in their lives. In fact, it can be as ridiculous as possible. But if anything catches their fancy, these people start thinking about everything associated with it. For example, while cooking in the kitchen, they might see that a spider has caught an insect in its web. This might trigger them to think about what the spider web is made of, what would happen if spiders got huge like elephants, and so on. Such types of people also tend to eat a lot in order to keep up with their constant thinking. As such, a diet plan suitable for these people should focus on frequent low-calorie meals each day. So, if they are already consuming 3000 calories every day, and the diet aims to limit it to 2000 calories, then the meal plan can be set in a way that they consume 250 calories over 8 meals during the day. 4. The One Who Acts Impulsively: There are people who act impulsively. No amount of planning will be of use to such people since they usually tend to override all plans with what they spontaneously feel is the right thing to do. With such people, a detailed, step-by-step diet plan is useless since they will be unable to follow it. As such, the best thing to do is to only focus on a few general rules while leaving the specifics to them. For example, suppose that you want them to eat specific food items during lunch. Now, they are not going to plan what they are going to cook for lunch a week in advance. No. So, the best thing you can do is to stick the refrigerator with low-calorie, high-nutrient foods. As such, when it comes the time to cook a meal, they will only have healthy foods to cook. 5. The One Who Is Constantly Worried About Everything: Such people can easily be spotted by their extreme obsession with always worrying about every single thing in their life. For example, if they usually go back to their home from work in a metro, but the metro is closed for any specific day for some reason, then the prospect of having to take a taxi will trigger them into thinking about road accident statistics, cases of assault from taxi drivers, and so on. A diet for such type of people must provide a detailed list of potential negative effects of the program, the food items, and such. Having knowledge of the negatives of a diet right away will help to focus their attention on the positive aspects of the diet so that they can choose a program suitable for them. 6. The One Who Is Looking To Experience New Things: A few people are always on the lookout for new experiences. They are usually bored by doing the exact same thing over and over. In contrast, whatever is new excites them to such a degree that they will go to great lengths to try it out. You can easily spot such people jumping from one job to another because they found the previous jobs ‘boring’. The best diet plan for such people should include a variety of foods every day. Ideally, the meals must be exotic, from different cultures. The prospect of experiencing a few tastes and cooking methods every day and week will surely make them stick on to the diet program. The above is just a small glimpse of how diet plans can be structured according to the personality and preferences of a specific individual. If you take a detailed look at a person’s interest and tastes, you can customize it to such an extent that the individual will be far more likely to follow the diet plan. 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