What are the best business opportunities for 2019?

Published on: 12 January 2019 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
business opportunities

Information and communication technologies have favoured the creation of profitable businesses. It is now possible to manage a profitable business from your computer and in the comfort of your sofa. Creating an online business has become an excellent way to achieve financial independence by freeing yourself from the geographical constraints, schedules and the goodwill of a boss. There are many businesses for Sale and investment opportunities as on the year 2019. Among which there are 5 profitable business ideas to get you started.

5 profitable business ideas to finally get you started:

Now that you’ve validated your business opportunities, let’s tackle these business ideas that you can implement today to finally get started. This list is not exhaustive and it is up to you to make an informed choice according to your skills and your passions.

1. E-commerce:

An e-commerce store is a profitable business idea that has made many fortunes. Here you get a lot of investment opportunities. It has become even more accessible with the creation of new SAAS software that can quickly create online stores without touching a line of code.

With a merchant site, a company truly enters the world of e-commerce. An online store is mainly intended to sell products on the internet. It can also find information about the company as a showcase site. The payment of orders is made directly online, via a secure payment offered by major banks or with online payment processors such as PayPal. Thanks to the online shop administration interface (CMS), the company can control orders, manage and maintain inventory, add or delete products.

When a user places an order and it is validated, the company is informed by e-mail details of the order in progress. The customer receives an e-mail confirming the order on the merchant site. All that remains is to send the goods and update the status of the order on the administration platform. However note that the frequency of updating the site, the supply of the site (news), the management of the promotion and the reduction campaigns will be necessary to build customer loyalty. In an e-commerce store, one get opportunities Businesses for Sale.



2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Another profitable business idea is affiliation. It has developed with the sale of information products on the internet. In its simplest form, affiliation involves selling the products of others. You can join an affiliate program and your role will be to promote products (physical or electronic) or services through your website.

Affiliate marketing usually consists of 4 distinct elements:

  1. The publisher (affiliate),
  2. the advertiser (merchant),
  3. the consumer and
  4. the network.

The advertiser, also known as the merchant or retailer name, is an individual or business that sells a product or service. The advertiser partners with publishers to promote its products and services.

The publisher, also known as a marketer or affiliate, is a person who promotes products or services. It partners with the advertiser to promote the products or services of the advertiser. The publisher uses ads, links, and creates marketing campaigns to find buyers of the advertiser’s products or services. Thus, for each product sold, the advertiser gives a commission to the publisher.

The consumer: you already know him it’s you, it’s me. The consumer is the one who uses a product or service to meet a need.

The network: also known as a program or platform, acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher. The network makes it easy for the publisher to find and participate in a marketing affiliate program. Its role is also to reach a larger number of advertisers and publishers. Some programs have a membership fee while others take a portion of the advertiser’s profits when a sale is validated.

The marketing affiliation in a few words:

As an associate marketer, your site will showcase products and/or services from other companies. When one of your site visitors buys one of these products, you receive a commission percentage on the sale. No stock, no logistics and no direct contact with consumers. Your commission is almost a pure profit. Affiliation is the ultimate profitable business idea when you’re new to the internet.

3. Accounting and Tax Returns:


Accounting and taxation are somewhat complex technical areas. As an accountant, your role is to provide the necessary insights, to make the declarations, to do the accounting for your customers and to spare them all the pitfalls, in particular as regards the tax and accounting obligations, the problems of taxes on their companies.

With a degree in accounting, you can work for your own account. All you need is a website and good marketing knowledge to sell your services. Your clientele will consist of individuals, SMEs, small businesses and perhaps some large companies.

4. Virtual Assistance:

Virtual Assistance

The job of Virtual Assistant comes from the United States and dates back to the 1990s. It’s a way to use your skills to make it a profitable business. Today with new technologies, everyone could get started in virtual assistance. The tasks to be performed depending on your specialty. For example, if you have a good ability to search, summarize data and write, then you can apply for the position of a virtual assistant (the). Both individuals and companies pay for the services of a virtual assistant. To exercise this activity, all you need to get started is a website!

The virtual assistant allows her employer to save time in the same way as a classical assistant. The only difference is that in your, you free yourself from geographical constraints.

5. Delivery of beauty boxes:

beauty boxes

You are passionate about cosmetics; this profitable business is what you need. The girl loves to try new beauty products. However, women cannot buy all the latest products in their standard size. With the delivery service of monthly beauty boxes, you can meet this wide demand. The concept is to collect samples from beauty brands that have just been released to make them discover your subscribers. Everyone wins: brands make their products known, women who discover new products, and you who sell the subscriptions to these boxes monthly.

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