What are the best business opportunities for 2019?


12 January 2019


business opportunities

Information and communication technologies have favoured the creation of profitable businesses. It is now possible to manage a profitable business from your computer and in the comfort of your sofa. Creating an online business has become an excellent way to achieve financial independence by freeing yourself from the geographical constraints, schedules and the goodwill of a boss. There are many businesses for Sale and investment opportunities as on the year 2019. Among which there are 5 profitable business ideas to get you started.

5 profitable business ideas to finally get you started:

Now that you’ve validated your business opportunities, let’s tackle these business ideas that you can implement today to finally get started. This list is not exhaustive and it is up to you to make an informed choice according to your skills and your passions.

1. E-commerce:

An e-commerce store is a profitable business idea that has made many fortunes. Here you get a lot of investment opportunities. It has become even more accessible with the creation of new SAAS software that can quickly create online stores without touching a line of code.

With a merchant site, a company truly enters the world of e-commerce. An online store is mainly intended to sell products on the internet. It can also find information about the company as a showcase site. The payment of orders is made directly online, via a secure payment offered by major banks or with online payment processors such as PayPal. Thanks to the online shop administration interface (CMS), the company can control orders, manage and maintain inventory, add or delete products.

When a user places an order and it is validated, the company is informed by e-mail details of the order in progress. The customer receives an e-mail confirming the order on the merchant site. All that remains is to send the goods and update the status of the order on the administration platform. However note that the frequency of updating the site, the supply of the site (news), the management of the promotion and the reduction campaigns will be necessary to build customer loyalty. In an e-commerce store, one get opportunities Businesses for Sale.



2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Another profitable business idea is affiliation. It has developed with the sale of information products on the internet. In its simplest form, affiliation involves selling the products of others. You can join an affiliate program and your role will be to promote products (physical or electronic) or services through your website.

Affiliate marketing usually consists of 4 distinct elements:

  1. The publisher (affiliate),
  2. the advertiser (merchant),
  3. the consumer and
  4. the network.

The advertiser, also known as the merchant or retailer name, is an individual or business that sells a product or service. The advertiser partners with publishers to promote its products and services.

The publisher, also known as a marketer or affiliate, is a person who promotes products or services. It partners with the advertiser to promote the products or services of the advertiser. The publisher uses ads, links, and creates marketing campaigns to find buyers of the advertiser’s products or services. Thus, for each product sold, the advertiser gives a commission to the publisher.

The consumer: you already know him it’s you, it’s me. The consumer is the one who uses a product or service to meet a need.

The network: also known as a program or platform, acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher. The network makes it easy for the publisher to find and participate in a marketing affiliate program. Its role is also to reach a larger number of advertisers and publishers. Some programs have a membership fee while others take a portion of the advertiser’s profits when a sale is validated.

The marketing affiliation in a few words:

As an associate marketer, your site will showcase products and/or services from other companies. When one of your site visitors buys one of these products, you receive a commission percentage on the sale. No stock, no logistics and no direct contact with consumers. Your commission is almost a pure profit. Affiliation is the ultimate profitable business idea when you’re new to the internet.

3. Accounting and Tax Returns:


Accounting and taxation are somewhat complex technical areas. As an accountant, your role is to provide the necessary insights, to make the declarations, to do the accounting for your customers and to spare them all the pitfalls, in particular as regards the tax and accounting obligations, the problems of taxes on their companies.

With a degree in accounting, you can work for your own account. All you need is a website and good marketing knowledge to sell your services. Your clientele will consist of individuals, SMEs, small businesses and perhaps some large companies.

4. Virtual Assistance:

Virtual Assistance

The job of Virtual Assistant comes from the United States and dates back to the 1990s. It’s a way to use your skills to make it a profitable business. Today with new technologies, everyone could get started in virtual assistance. The tasks to be performed depending on your specialty. For example, if you have a good ability to search, summarize data and write, then you can apply for the position of a virtual assistant (the). Both individuals and companies pay for the services of a virtual assistant. To exercise this activity, all you need to get started is a website!

The virtual assistant allows her employer to save time in the same way as a classical assistant. The only difference is that in your, you free yourself from geographical constraints.

5. Delivery of beauty boxes:

beauty boxes

You are passionate about cosmetics; this profitable business is what you need. The girl loves to try new beauty products. However, women cannot buy all the latest products in their standard size. With the delivery service of monthly beauty boxes, you can meet this wide demand. The concept is to collect samples from beauty brands that have just been released to make them discover your subscribers. Everyone wins: brands make their products known, women who discover new products, and you who sell the subscriptions to these boxes monthly.

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When a company is already succeeding locally, business owners usually turn their thoughts to expansion. It makes good financial sense to expand by replicating your efforts and building on what you already have. After all, this is how some of the largest and most successful chains in the world started out. Make use of Website Translation to improve your business to the next level.With the internet making global commerce a standard way of conducting business, the landscape has changed, opening up new opportunities. A worldwide presence is not just for big corporations like McDonald's or Coca-Cola. The ability to do business across the globe is now within reach of even the smallest companies, thanks to globalization.One of the most cost-effective ways to expand into new territories is by utilizing website translation services to increase your global reach. Making it easy for people in other parts of the world to access your goods and services can give you a far more competitive edge over your competition than opening a physical retail outlet.What was once a highly specialized and very costly field is now a global industry. Many inexpensive opportunities exist to hire professional translation agencies to help you reach a multilingual audience.The global market is wide open. You can start small with just one language at a time or choose to expand into many countries at once. The choice is yours – it just depends on how ambitious your vision is!For those who decide to take the plunge, we have five tips to help you enjoy a successful website translation process. Different Ways To Develop Your Website Translation Tips To Develop Your Business    There are multiple ways you can opt to develop the translation of your business. Working on this matter you have to make your choices in the right direction. 1. Avoid Machine Translation: One of the biggest mistakes people make when they decide they want to go global is attempting to rely on machine translation. Yes, there are plenty of apps that can translate entire pages into a wealth of different languages, and they can be quite helpful in certain situations. However, translating your business website is not one of those situations. Website translation tips can help you to work things well in your favor.Although machine translation is improving every year, it is not advanced enough to replace human translators, especially when it comes to business purposes. Chatting with foreign friends on Facebook is one thing. Product descriptions and important terms of service pages that have legal implications are an entirely different thing.There are many humorous yet unfortunate examples of words literally being lost in translation. For example, in 2018 the tourism authority in Fiji created a video promoting travel to the country by highlighting everyday Fijian words. This was all well and good, but one of the terms, Vale ni Lotu was mistakenly translated as “toilet” instead of its actual meaning: “church” or “place of worship.” Understandably, Fijians were not amused. 2. Globalize Where Possible but Localize Where Not: Globalizing and localizing are both a part of the translation, and there is a place for each approach during website translation. If you want to save time and effort, start with globalization. Work on similarities between regions as opposed to differences and avoid the need to adapt to multiple cultures where possible.However, there will be some instances where localization is essential in order to reach a specific audience. Employ localization tactics for the most critical information, like local industry language or regional idioms and figures of speech. In this way, you will avoid inadvertently offending your audience before you even make your brand known. 3. Use a Sector-Specific Translator: There are translators available in every possible language and for every possible sector. If you sell medical equipment, use a medical translator. If you are in the hospitality industry, hire a translator who specializes in hotels and travel. There is no reason to hire a general translator if your field is specialized; there are too many talented language service providers not to find one that fits your exact needs.   4. Check the Quality, Even When You Don’t Speak the Language: If you don’t speak the language you are having your website translated into, how are you going to know if you have a high-quality translation? Don’t worry though, help is at hand. You can use a professional proofreading service or another translation agency to double-check the quality of the work. It doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of time or money: simply use them to check a few paragraphs of your translation to ensure that it’s flawless. 5. Allow Plenty of Time for Your Translation Project: Every project is different, and some translation jobs are harder than others. Depending on the industry in which you operate, it may require more time and research on the part of the translator to provide you with the highest quality deliverables. Translation, like writing, is an art. It should not be rushed if it can be helped. 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Are you trying to scale your business, but don’t have the proper help?Or on the flip side, are you scaling too quickly without the proper infrastructure in place?Adding a virtual assistant to your team can be a better answer to your scaling issues by taking administrative tasks off your plate, saving on operational costs, and much more.Let’s take a deeper look at how virtual assistants are beneficial to businesses. Remove Yourself From Admin Tasks While administrative tasks are crucial and inevitable in your business, they can also easily be taken over by a qualified virtual assistant.As a business owner or department manager, your time should be spent on the most important aspects of the business.Allowing a VA to take over mundane, repetitive tasks will let you focus on scaling your business, building up your marketing efforts, improving processes, and maintaining quality output.Virtual assistants can take over tasks like scheduling meetings, data entry, bookkeeping, customer service, and monitoring your email inbox. Save on Operational Costs Hiring a virtual assistant means you won’t have to worry about providing equipment or finding available office space for them, which saves on your operational costs.VAs also only get paid when they are working on an assigned task, which means you can hire one on a part-time basis or a few times a week — whichever you think is necessary for your business.Hiring a virtual assistant will also save you money because you won’t have to pay an employee a full-time salary, which includes all the benefits that come with that position, like additional taxes, PTO, benefits, and severance pay. Increased Scalability Adding a virtual assistant to your team of experts allows you to scale your operations with fewer potential risks.Rather than hiring full-time employees, you can hire virtual assistants to test out the processes you built out after removing yourself from the day-to-day tasks.Having a new set of eyes on your operations and processes will help you refine them and note where issues occur. While you might think you have things running smoothly, a virtual assistant can help spot inefficiencies.By using a virtual assistant to increase scalability, you can manage your volume of output based on demand. Then, the money you save on hiring employees can be reinvested into your business. Adding Skilled Professionals Adding a virtual assistant to your staff also means you can choose to hire someone with a unique specialization that your company lacks.For instance, virtual assistants commonly have specialized skills in the areas of customer service, tech, lead generation, marketing, and administration.You have the freedom to hire someone based on the skills you want in your assistant.Hiring someone who is specialized in the right field allows you to rest easy knowing that whatever task you give them will be handled without error — or at least, very limited errors.You can also teach your virtual assistant the skills they need to accomplish their task, as they are usually fast learners who are used to jumping right into an organization. Hire Your Virtual Assistant Today Ultimately, hiring a virtual assistant will make your life easier while growing your business.You can bring on new talent to save on operating costs, increase your team’s knowledge base and skillset, and remove yourself from mundane day-to-day tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to focus on improving your process so you can quickly scale your business.Read Also:Alexa Voice Assistant: Why It Succeeds Where Others Fall Balancing the Books with Outsourcing – Virtual Receptionists