7 Best Employment Law Tips For Businesses In Dubai


09 January 2021


Employment Law Tips

Are you planning to do business in Dubai? If yes, you must know the rules and regulations of employment laws in Dubai to settle there comfortably, especially the employment law, to start your job or business there.

If you want to excel in your business field, you must know the country’s laws in the best possible manner. You cannot consider things for granted here. You must make your plans in the right direction to achieve your objective in the best possible way.

As per the report of the Gulfnews, the labor laws are well protected in Dubai, and you cannot make any mess with it there.

Best Employment Law Tips For Business In Dubai in 2021

Several employment law tips you can follow in Dubai to carry on your business successfully there. Therefore, let’s explore some of the essential facts in light of this matter.

1. Your Employees Have The Right To Take Annual Leaves

The employees in Dubai have the full right to take annual leaves on several occasions; being an organization’s employer, you cannot ignore this fact. There are several kinds of leaves that you can enjoy there. For instances:

  1. Your employees can enjoy one day’s leave for new Year’s day.
  2. Your employees can enjoy the Islamic new year for one day.
  3. Your employees can enjoy Eid al Fitr for two days.
  4. Employees can also enjoy Eid Al Adha for Four days.
  5. Employees can also enjoy National Day for two days and
  6. Commemoration Day for one day.

These are the leaves you must give to your employees if you are working in Dubai. You cannot bypass these leaves being an employer of an organization. The worker is entitled to annual leave for one year.

Understanding the various national holidays and addressing any possible disputes that may or may not arise requires you to seek the assistance of the best uae law firms. They have an idea about the nature of society and will be able to guide you in the best possible manner.

2. Your Employers Must Pay The Wages Regularly 

Your employees are entitled to receive the wages regularly in terms of the national currency of the state. Workers who are employed for monthly or annual wage must be paid once per month.

An employer cannot force their employees to purchase their products from their stores. It will be considered an offense if the employer does so in Dubai. If you have accidentally breached the law, then you can consult the best law firm in Dubai.

It is not necessary that your employees must buy the food or any goods from the owner’s shop in Dubai. You need to understand the law of the land before developing your business plan in Dubai.

3. You Cannot Deny The Maternity Leave Of Your Employees  

You are not supposed to deny your employees maternity leave, even in the case of your immense work pressure.

As per the labor law of the country Labour Law No eight and Article Number 30. A female worker is entitled to maternity leave for 45 days. Being an employer of the organization, you cannot evade out this law.

4. Your Employer Is Not Allowed To Keep Your Passport 

Your employer is not allowed to keep your passport in their custody. You are not entitled to keep your employees’ access; it is actually against the law of the land. Furthermore, no employer can terminate the employee for not surrendering the passport.

Your basics must be cleared regarding the employment rules in Dubai. Without the right knowledge, you cannot excel in your field.

Ensure that you have not committed such mistakes in Dubai while running your business there. Your policies must be correct enough to deal with this matter efficiently.

5. Your Employees Must Not Bear The Cost Of Residency Visa

Your employer must bear the cost of the residency visa in the UAE. The company must take the responsibility of the employee in this regard UAE. The Visa cost and sponsorship costs are the sole responsibility of the employer.

If you want to grow your organization in the UAE, you must know this rule in detail. You cannot afford to make a mess with the law of the land. The only thing you must be aware of is that you must not violate the nation’s rules while operating your business in Dubai.

6. You Cannot Force Your Employee To Work For More Than 8-9 Hours A Day  

You cannot force your employee to work for more than 8-9 hours a day in the UAE. It is a criminal offense and against the labor law of the land. You must know this fact in advance before setting your organization’s rules in the best possible manner.

The total working hours for an adult in Dubai are 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week. You need not exceed that landmark in your case. The more vigilant you will be in this regard, the better it will be for you.

7. Employers Consent Is Not Required For Resignation

The employer’s consent is not required if your employee wants to resign from your organization. It is solely the discretion of the employee to do the job for you. You cannot force your employee to stay and work for your organization.

It is your employee’s sole individual decision and being an employer, you cannot force your employee to stay in your organization without their wish. It is wrong from the endpoints of the employer. Ensure that you know the rules and the regulation of the state in the best possible manner.


Hence, if you want to run your business in Dubai successfully, you must know the land rules in the best possible manner. You cannot ignore these facts while you are opening your organization in Dubai. Ensure that you have followed the laws of the nation in the best possible manner.  Make sure that you have followed the rules of the country in the best possible way.

Ensure that being a leader of your organization; you have not violated the rules of the nation. Make sure that you have followed the rules in the best possible way. The more precise you are in adopting your business policy with the nation’s laws’ alignment, the better it will be for your organization. Try to maintain the employment law properly to run your organization successfully.

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Other features include all sorts of analytics with predefined type metrics.  In which the cash balance visibility and sales performance also be improved through all sorts of analytics work along with the predefined key performance indicators.  From the various features discussed, it’s clear to see that SAP Business One provides a multitude of features that could be highly advantageous to any business looking to improve its processes.  SAP Business One includes on-premise or cloud deployment, along with integrated business intelligence and quick deployment. This ERP system allows various business functions to be automated, streamlined, and consolidated, including accounting, financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and reporting and analysis.  If your business is looking to implement ERP solutions, KDS Consulting can help implement SAP Business One solutions into your business functions and ensure that your business has greater efficiency.  Wrapping It Up: SAP Business One is a single solution for all. You do not have to pay for any kind of extra tools. This one platform is enough for controlling the whole business process. After seeing the features of the platform, I think you already understand the value of SAP business solutions for any type of business. Read Also: Benefits of penetration testing To BusinessesSAP Hana Training Courses And Their Importance In IT IndustryStandard Consulting Updating Businesses Now On ISO 9001 Changes