Picking the Right Law Firm for You and Your Family


06 January 2018


Picking the Right Law

The law field is a very lucrative industry in the modern business world. No wonder you will see so many law firms cropping up within the region. Most of these firms have very big names but the most important thing is the level of service provision. Here are some tips on how to choose the right law firm for you and your family.

Area of Specialization

Different law firms specialize in various areas of practice. For instance, you cannot expect a personal injury lawyer to handle a real estate case with high levels of precision. You need a specialized firm to handle your case depending on the nature of the legal battle. You can find both general and specialized law firms. Most people will advise you to go for a specialized law firm whenever you are looking for legal expertise. However, even a general firm should have specialized attorneys in your area of interest. For instance, a firm like Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc handles cases related to injury, social security disability, compensation of workers, trust, probate & estate plans, zoning and real estate transactions, divorce, child custody, and business law issues very well. You can be sure that such a company will handle different legal issues for your family without compromising on the quality of service.

Level of Experience

You also want to look at the number of years the preferred firm has been in operation. A good firm should have been in this industry for several years. You need to hire a brand that has passed the test of time. a high level of experience shows that the company has handled different types of cases. It is easier to evaluate a firm that has been in existence for a long period. Therefore, you should not hesitate to ask the law firm how long they have been operating a business in this industry. The legal experts should also share with you some of their success stories and pitfalls over time.

It is important that you consult with an attorney and find out the exact court hours in an experience that they have had. Higher the years of experience, more suited are they to represent your legal case. A good experience is also a sign of extensive networking. In other words, someone who has been in the legal circuits for a long time, knows the law enforcement officials, all the judges, and all the other officials working in the judicial departments. This can help you with everything from favorable treatment with the police to getting your paperwork filed in time.

Professional Background of the Practitioners

You also need to hire well-trained legal professionals to serve you and your family. Professional training forms the foundation of a successful legal career. On the other hand, the right experience is the building block for legal practice. Therefore, you need to combine the right training and experience to get the best that the market has to deliver. Make sure the attorneys who are serving you have the right credentials from leading law training universities in the region.


A good law firm should be certified by a professional body that operates within your region. Certification talks so much about the level of professionalism. Confirm whether both the law firm and individual lawyers are certified. Always choose certified legal practitioners over those who are not certified.

Licensing of the Firm

This point may seem to be obvious but you need to do your due diligence and make sure that you are employing a licensed professional.  Licensing shows that the firm has met some minimum requirements to operate in the industry. No licensed business wants to engage in non-ethical practices because the authority may withdraw the permit. You will be sure of being in safe hands if you choose a law firm whose licensure status is up to date.


Cheap is not always the best when looking for the right law firm. The most important thing is to get the value for your money. look for a law firm that will give you the best service at the most cost-effective price. The only way to achieve this objective is to do a lot of research on the available law firms in the region.


Some businesses over-promise clients but end up underdelivering. Reputation in the market is critical when looking for a lawyer. Go through the company website and other online sources to see what past and existing customers have to say about the service provider. The good thing with past clients is that they will always give an objective view of the kind of services they receive.


You need to be extremely careful when choosing a lawyer for you and your family. The above tips will help you to make informed decisions when looking for the right law firm. The most important thing is to get everything right from the onset so that you don’t regret it afterward.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

7 Ways Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

A criminal conviction, in essence, is capable of changing your life in an instant. Whether you have been arrested for thievery, driving under the influence, or anything else - your future and freedom will be at stake here. So, who’s going to be your savior? In a jurisdictional system where it feels like everything’s you, only one individual can protect you against everyone - a criminal defense lawyer. They’ll take care of your psychological health, attempt to unearth the truth, and ensure that you’re getting the best possible outcome for you. The Role Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer A criminal defense lawyer, who’s specifically trained to handle a criminal case, can be quite a help in your war against the defendant. Here’s how they can offer their assistance in this aspect. Responsibility - 1: Investigate The Case. A professional attorney from The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall will always begin by listening to what you have to say. The situation has been experienced and dealt with by you. So, they’ll talk to you first, ask you about what happened, and note everything down. While discussing the case with them, you should ensure that you’re telling them the truth. If you lie to them, it’ll be impossible to jot down the story for you and back it up with proper proof. This way, you might end up losing your case if you’re not careful. Responsibility - 2: Looking At The Police Conduct. Sometimes, the police might make misconduct while arresting you. It may include violating your constitutional rights, preventing you from gathering the required evidence, etc. Hence, if something as such happened in your case, it’ll be best for you to tell your attorney all about it. This way, they can pin the case on the office for misconduct and reduce your sentence to some extent. If you’re lucky, you might become a free bird as well. Responsibility - 3: Offering Legal Insights About The Case. The legal procedures, which govern a criminal case, can be quite complicated. Hence, unless you’ve studied law or have a clear idea regarding the same, it’ll be nearly impossible for you to take care of everything alone. You may end up getting entangled in a false claim too. However, a professional criminal defense lawyer will have a proper idea of how criminal law works in the state where you live. Hence, with them, it’ll be easier for you to tackle the case and avoid any kind of dodgy situation accordingly. They can also protect you from violation of your rights. Moreover, if you're in need of a criminal defense lawyer, consider the exceptional legal services of Greg Brodsky who offers top-notch legal services to clients in need of expert representation, and you can learn more about his services by visiting gregbrodsky.ca. Responsibility - 4: Developing The Right Defense Theory. If you’re tackling a defense case, you have to create a storyline for your own sake. And, it has to be believable, backed with the right sort of evidence. Even if a minor aspect looks a bit out of place, you’ll get arrested and convicted for the same. There are no two ways about it. An attorney, on the other hand, will look at your case thoroughly and start creating a defense theory from the beginning. Apart from that, they’ll also investigate everything and collect the right information needed to keep the storyline intact. So, there won’t be any loopholes at all. Responsibility - 5: Supporting You At The Trial. Your attorney is going to your voice in the courtroom. And, they’re also going to work on your behalf against the jury and try to convince them of your innocence. Additionally, they’ll also object to any kind of improper testimony and evidence the defendant is throwing at you. Besides, their role will also include - Examine and cross-examine your and the opponent’s witnesses. Present your defense case to the jury. Offer supportive evidence regarding your case. Select and eliminate a jury member or two. Provide whatever evidence you have regarding your case to prove your innocence. Furthermore, an attorney will also teach you how to dress and talk in the courtroom. Hence, even if you’re inexperienced, you’ll be ready for everything when the time is right. Responsibility - 6: Bridging The Gap Between You And Your Family. If you’ve been arrested by the police due to committing a crime, it’ll be nearly impossible to see your family even once. This, in turn, can increase the sense of tension within them. And, in some cases, they might become restless and end up doing something wrong as a whole too. However, with an attorney, you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. With their sense of judgment and experience, they’ll take out the time to meet them and offer insights about you. It will ease up their anxiety and you’ll get to know how they’re doing as well. Responsibility - 7: Negotiate If Needed. Before the case goes to court, it usually follows through a specific negotiation procedure. In this aspect, you can talk to the opposing party and come to a proper conclusion. If you’re the one at fault here, you might have to pay a certain amount of money to the team of the defendant. And, if you’re the one who made the claim, then you can get whatever you are looking for as well. The whole thing will be sorted out by the negotiation procedure. However, if you’re tackling it alone, the opposing party will surely weasel you out a little on the money department. And, you might not even get what you were looking for in case you don’t have a sweet tongue. So, in this case, a lawyer's help is needed for you. If you need help from a lawyer, click to find the Top-rated Rockford criminal defense lawyer. Finalizing It All Up! When it comes to tackling a criminal case, most people tend to make the same mistake again and again - calling the lawyer at the eleventh hour. But, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. In fact, you should hire a professional right after you’ve been convicted of a crime. It’ll help you get adequate time to create your case and strategize accordingly. And, with their help, you can also ensure that you’re not making a costly mistake in any way. So, give up on overthinking and hire a criminal defense lawyer today! Read Also: What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do? What You Can Expect from a Criminal Defense Lawyer Questions To Ask Your Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer

Criminal Law Enforcement

Criminal Law Enforcement

Term criminal law enforcement refers to government members who act in an organized manner to enforce the law and counter the country’s crime rate. Many state organizations take part in law enforcement against crime like Police, judiciary, lawyers, law firms. A proper set of rules conducts the procedure of criminal law enforcement to make sure that no innocent person can be convicted. All sorts of crimes like murder, theft, monetary fraud, marital issues, inheritance problems all come under the umbrella of criminal law enforcement agencies. How law enforcement works To enforce the law, the most critical step in the cooperation of the general public is that if a person sees a crime happening with someone, they should report it to the Police immediately. Police are the organization that works at the front for criminal law enforcement, but the judiciary serves as the backbone of law in the country. It’sIt’s the responsibility of court and law firms because these organizations hold the power to serve as impartial investigators and protectors of public safety. If a person is suspected of a crime, he will need a defense lawyer to fight his case correctly. These days law firms provide their clients with experts in every field under one roof. A law firm in Singapore offers legal advice on many different types of cases, including criminal offenses, personal problems, and monetary issues. Better criminal law enforcement is necessary for peace We know that without eradicating crimes, we can never live in peace to prosper criminals; law enforcement should be the priority of every state, as Foucault’s theory of surveillance suggests that watching and controlling is needed to discipline subjects to a particular behavior. Criminal law enforcement works on the same principle that we can enforce the law in society by using control and punishment, which will help us control the crime rate. That’sThat’s why it’s necessary to give state law enforcement agencies true power and all other resources needed to eradicate crime. Flaws in modern criminal law enforcement There are many flaws in the criminal law enforcement system, due to which, most of the time, offenders can get away with their crimes. It’s even complicated to deal with modern crimes because there are still no proper laws, and also, there is a lack of enforcement of laws. As we can see, it’s challenging to deal with digital crimes, hate crimes, and human trafficking because it’s complicated to find sources and evidence needed to pass a fair judgment on them. Gaps in International law are also a problem in dealing with issues like human trafficking, and there is a need for rigid rules on sea water’s division and control. Conclusion First, there is a need to identify the national and international enforcement system flaws to ensure criminal law enforcement. New lawmaking is useless until there is no emphasis on the enforcement of already present laws. Steps should be taken on the national and international level to develop proper rules for crimes like theft of intellectual property, refugee rights, etc. Read Also: 3 Personality Traits of a Successful and High-Ranking Criminal Lawyer 5 Reasons Why You Should Take A Criminal Lawsuit Seriously Criminal Case – Dos And Donts

Criminal Case

Criminal Case – Dos And Donts

Usually, people find themselves in a labyrinth when faced with criminal charges. One reason for that is the poor legal knowledge amongst the public. Most of the time, it is not what one must do but what one must not do that gets them in trouble during prosecution. In such situations, hiring an attorney is the best you can do to avoid your case's further aggravation. There are some guidelines that you, as a defendant, must be mindful of in legislatures. A majority of civil and criminal cases are not complicated as litigants present them to be. It usually occurs when either party is unaware of the legal procedures and tries to find a way out in vexation. Let us discuss some dos and don'ts that will help you in your criminal cases. 1. Keep It Candid with Your Lawyer: Out of the fear of facing prosecution at their lawyer's hands, people will leave out details while communicating with their attorney. However, this is where the defendant is wrong. The defendant can only see his case from the perspective of a layman with no legal knowledge. There are many intricacies and loopholes in any criminal case when examined by the criminal codes. Thus, transparency is the key because the more details you leave out, the more complex the case gets. Take your lawyer's word when he/she swears to keep the conversation strictly confidential unless there is a third-party involved. Lawyers have to abide by the law to ensure that their client gets satisfying outcomes. Therefore, they will go to any length to represent your case before the judge. Moreover, you can also avail of an online pre law degree to understand the legal matters and ensure that you receive your statutory rights. Also, it will enable you to determine the details of your case more adequately and help your attorney more efficiently. 2. Avoid Interaction with Law Enforcement Until You Get a Lawyer: Most of the time, when the charge is severe, the law enforcement agencies step in before the defendant can get a chance to hire a representative. There is nothing wrong or illicit about it. You are not being persecuted at the hands of law; law enforcement is just doing its job. In every country, the citizens have the statutory right to remain silent if they do not have an attorney to represent them before the law. Most people would try to deal with the law enforcers on their own, unknowingly making things worse for them. It does not matter what you say; the law cannot talk your way out of their office until someone brings insufficient proof and arguments to back your innocence. The wise thing to do in such situations is to ask them for a representative. Engagement with law enforcers does not only mean interaction with the officials after an arrest. If a police officer comes knocking at your door to search the place, you have a right to say no, and that is what you must do. 3. Respect the Courts: Throughout the world, the jury and judges have enormous power. Disrespecting the judiciary often leads to grave consequences and might add more to your pre-existing legal troubles. Thus, it’s in your best interest to show respect to the courts. Respecting the judiciary during your trial is not only limited to addressing the judge or the jury with care. It extends to how you dress and present yourself before the court. Your presentation plays a big part in how the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury perceives you. If you do not have something appropriate to wear, ask your lawyer to arrange an outfit. Another way to show your respect towards the court is to always appear on time. Maintain your composure and stand tall while addressing the judge. Faltering in speech or speaking with slumped shoulders and grouched demeanor will give the judge a hard time taking your point of view seriously. 4. Do Not Discuss Your Case Even With Your Family without Asking Your Attorney: It is understandable if you want to share the burden with your loved ones. However, you never know how far the news will travel on the grapevine, and you might end up with a lot more complications. Thus, remain silent until your attorney has your case sorted out. It is the best way to keep the situation under control. Stay discreet about your case except with your lawyer. Also, avoid telling the world about wrongful handling through social media or chatting platforms. You do not know your case's graveness and how strict the law enforcement might be about the charges against you. When you give off details about your case to the general public, it only gives the law enforcers more chance to compare the evidence with your statements and find a fault. Staying off social media and avoiding discussions in your household and social circles would be best in your interest. Conclusion: People who are faced with criminal charges for the first time have it worse. They do not know who to approach and what to avoid to keep the situation under control. Therefore, bear in mind that sorting your case by yourself can lead to grave and irreversible consequences. Thus, the best way to ensure that you get your deserving rights is to hire an attorney skilled in representing criminal cases. An experienced lawyer will guide you through the process to get the outcomes that you deserve. Read Also: Tips To Choose The Best Lawyer In Your Country The Basics of Criminal Appeals Law Civil Cases Versus Criminal Cases: What You Need To Know What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?