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Citizenship by investment is the process of granting citizenship status to an individual on the basis of a quantifiable and specified investment in the country. As there are only a few countries offering residence to the investors, there are special laws which need to be overviewed in order to fulfill the requirements. CSB group is a renown citizenship by investment service provider which delivers its outstanding services in Malta by following the regulations as per Maltese Citizenship Act by the Government of Malta. Being the first UE approved citizenship program, investors can avail residence by following the simple procedure as set by the organization.

Why to chose Malta as a place to obtain residence?

Malta, being a member of European Union is a part of Schengen since 2007 and has the lowest tax rates in Europe. Individuals who apply for Maltese Citizenship are entitled for all of the benefits which are currently being offered to Maltese nationals. As the rights allow the residents to ender, remain and work in Malta, right of free movement throughout Europe is announced as well. Along with the right to travel across 160 countries in the world, you can avail several other benefits by choosing scheme.

CSB group is now recognized under the Individual Investor Program (IIP) for which the applicants need to fulfill the application processing criteria.

Cyprus Scheme for the naturalization of Investors

In order to attract a high number of foreign direct groups into Cyprus, the Cypriot Government has defined a number of different incentives including the citizenship by investment program. Offering complete Cypriot citizenship rights, the successful applicants are given rights to live, work and invest in the country. Any of the Non-Cypriot citizen can apply for the program through Naturalization by Exception if they meet the investment criteria options as provided.

St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program

Yet another great Citizenship program solution delivered through the GSB group, St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program is designed to attract foreigners who wish to bring business incentives to the country in return of full citizenship. Depending upon your investment requirements, the program starts with an initial sum of USD 400,000 for the real estate developments and other taxes as well. St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program is the best solution to avail lifetime residence and work permit.

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

CSB Group offers Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program which delivers amazing benefits in exchange of a St Lucia Passport. The program was launched in Monaco to allow qualified individuals for investing in approved real estate projects. As the aim of Saint Lucia Citizenship program is to boost the growth of local economy, it has also created more employment facilities and residence opportunities for the applicants. With the freedom of movement to more than 100 visa free countries including the Schengen area, Hong Kong and UK, the applicants can avail a wide range of business opportunities as well.


CSB group is a leading Citizenship by Investment service provider which has to offer beneficial solutions for its customers. Starting from the initial guidelines till the completion of the application procedure, each aspect is handled and overviewed by our legal experts. Whether you are applying for residence permit or wish to invest in the real estate sector to avail citizenship, CSB can help you achieve life goals without any hassle. Furthermore, the citizenship programs also allow individuals to travel through 160 countries from all over the world. So, if you excited about availing the Citizenship by Investment opportunity in Malta, CSB Group is surely the best option to be considered.

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