How Much Does A Trademark Lawsuit Cost?

Businesses use trademarks as a solid weapon as the identity of their products and services to the market. If a competitor infringes on your trademark, you may want to initiate a lawsuit and seek an injunction against them.

Unlike other types of lawsuits, a trademark lawsuit is protecting your intellectual property, trademark infringement still exists. Trademark is the individual identity of your brand name, and when someone is going to use it in an illegal way, you can take the help of the trademark lawsuit.

Let’s first see what is called trademark infringements.

What Is Trademark Infringement?

What Is Trademark Infringement?

Trademark infringement occurs whenever somebody utilizes your trademark without your authorization. When this happens, you need to seek a trademark lawsuit attorney immediately. You won’t have any trouble finding one because they can be found practically anywhere.

Every trademark holder has different types of licenses. And for that license, they have to pay a license fee. When the infringements are occurring, some companies are starting to use the trademark symbol with the license and without the knowledge of the authentic trademark holder. 

In these types of circumstances, these actions count as criminal activity. If you are confronting this type of incident, you can instantly take the help of the trademark lawsuit to prove your authenticity and to abolish the unauthorized use of the trade names.

How To Take Help With A Trademark Lawsuit?

How To Take Help With A Trademark Lawsuit?

If you own a business in New York and wish to sue someone for trademark infringement, you can contact an expert NYC trademark lawyer to assist you in the process of filing a suit. Visit the link to have more information and inquiry. Most trademark lawyers provide trademark services such as trademark searching, applying for a trademark, registering your trademark, renewal, and even trademark opposition.

The importance of filing a lawsuit is you can formalize the resolution of your situation. Despite this, most consumers prefer to handle their trademark infringement on their own because they don’t want to splurge money when hiring an attorney. However, in such cases, it might lead to more money wasted than it should have.

It is important to know how much a trademark lawsuit case will cost before initiating it, as lawsuits can be costly. Here’s a rough estimate of what you’ll have to spend if you sue someone who uses your trademark.

Is A Lawsuit For A Trademark Expensive?

Most trademark attorneys charge $250 per hour or more. When it comes to a full-blown trademark lawsuit, it is not uncommon for it to cost well over $20,000, with that sum increasing based on the location and appeals potential. 

Certain companies, such as high-end fashion companies whose worth is entirely built on names like Lacoste and Beverly Hills Polo Club, may be able to afford these prices. Experts estimate that the typical cost of a trademark dispute might range from $120,000 to $750,000, plus years of necessary time. The sheer amount of resources required to defend their brand or organization in court can be tiring for any company.

In contrast, the cost of a trademark lawsuit case isn’t predetermined. Your trademark infringement claim, for example, will most likely be filed in state court if your mark is only being used in one state, and the laws of your state will dictate how your lawyer will reimburse attorneys’ fees. In most places, the loser of a case is not required to pay the winning attorney’s fees. You’ll still have to pay for your lawyer, even if you win.

In contrast, if your mark crosses the state, territorial or international borders, you’re likely to end yourself in federal court for infringement. Under federal law, a victorious plaintiff can be granted attorney’s fees, but only if the trademark infringement is unusual.


Trademark litigation is expensive, so before hiring an attorney, think about how and whether a lawsuit is likely to address your problem before taking action. Reconsider if you’re committed to spending money, time, and effort to pursue a trademark lawsuit. Trademark lawsuits are always helping you to protect your trademark authenticity. And this is counting as a violation of the rules if you are currently facing any types of problems. You can simply take the help of the trademark lawsuit.

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