Top 5 Reasons to File a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Medical lawsuits are particularly hard to win since they need a lot of time to settle. Hernia mesh lawsuits are one of the most common lawsuits filed in court. An expert attorney can build a fairly air-tight case against the company or the doctor if all the right reasons are presented to him.

If you are a patient looking for reasons to file a hernia mesh lawsuit, the following points might convince you in doing so:

1. Health Issues:

The reason you went for a hernia mesh procedure was to cure your medical issue; if it deteriorates your health further, then it is a reason enough to file a lawsuit.

Complications arising from hernia mesh are more common than you think; if proper attention is not given, they can compromise your health. Usually, when mesh malfunctions, it causes infection and damage to other organs which can be serious for the patient.

If medical attention is not received on time, it can cause life-threatening internal injuries. This factor alone should be enough to file a lawsuit.

2. Monetary Losses:

The primary purpose of any lawsuit is to look for fair compensation for all the plaintiff’s losses. Hernia mesh lawsuits are no different; the main reason behind filing this lawsuit is to receive financial compensation for the aggrieved party.

These losses can be related to diminishing income, medical and pharmaceutical expenses, transportation charges, and any other cost related to it. Since these expenses are incurred on top of the original one, filing a claim to recover these expenses becomes a very valid reason to file a hernia mesh lawsuit.

3. Manufacturing Fault:

Believe it or not, despite being approved by the FDA, many hernia meshes fail because of a manufacturing fault. These faults are either not disclosed to the patient or are completely ignored by both the doctor and the company.

Such negligence in a medical procedure can result in serious future injuries or loss of life. If you have suffered physical and emotional pain due to this oversight, you can file a lawsuit. Contact your attorney and he/she will do the rest.

4. Physicians Fault:

Meshes don’t fail exclusively due to a manufacturing fault; sometimes, it’s the doctor who is to be blamed. A negligent doctor might put it in the wrong position or don’t stitch the wound properly. As you can imagine, it is a recipe for future disasters.

If you realize that all your suffering is because of your doctor, then filing a lawsuit is important. You can analyze this by analyzing the doctor’s history or studying more about the mesh manufacturer. If the hernia mesh by the manufacturer has a high success rate, your doctor might be at fault.

5. Labeling Error:

Mesh manufacturers know of all the complications that can occur by using their products. However, if they fail to mention them on their labels and packing, it can be a very good reason to file a lawsuit against them.


If you are suffering as a result of your hernia mesh surgery, it is important to demand compensation. Hire an experienced attorney and start the legal process without losing much time.

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