10 Best Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Of All Time In 2021


22 February 2021


lifestyle entrepreneurs

Are you thinking of starting your own business and become an entrepreneur? Are you looking for inspiration? Do you wonder how famous lifestyle entrepreneurs had started their journey? 

Following their passion and making it your profession will never be outdated. When you will love what you do, or you will do what you love, it will offer you more opportunities to be successful. 

Here we will talk about 10 names who think the same way you think of being the boss of your own. The list of the top 10 entrepreneurs of all time is here. And they are on this list. 

10 Best Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Of All Time

Here is a list of the 10 best lifestyle entrepreneurs of all-time in 2021. This list includes all the names that are more than enough to inspire you to start your journey. 

1. Tim Ferriss

Do you want to know the name behind lifestyle entrepreneurship? Tim Ferris is the person who has brought the concept of this into the mainstream. And the popularity of his book The Four-Hour Workweek has worked as the fuel to this journey. It is a must-read for those who also want to be lifestyle entrepreneurs. As the book is all about the concept of lifestyle entrepreneurship, it will be a perfect guide for you. After the book, he continues to write books, blogs, and runs a globally known podcast, and uses his diverse income for living a lifestyle or travel and freedom.

2. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle Schroeder is a personal finance blogger. By driving traffic to her blog from Pinterest, she became a successful lifestyle entrepreneur. Recently, focusing on SEO along with other traffic sources, she has diversified her traffic. With the growth of her business, Michelle also diversifies the ways of her blogs. 

3. Johnny FD

Apart from being a digital nomad, Johny FD is a great lifestyle entrepreneur. In order to make money, Johny only needs internet and a laptop. He loves taking advantage of this and travel around the world. Though Asis is on his priority living. Due to the lower cost of living in parts of Asia than the USA, he chooses to live here while earning in USD. This thing is common among many lifestyle entrepreneurs. This way, Johny FD saves a large portion of his income. 

4. Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley is an Instagram influencer. Through several brand collaborations, this Instagrammer managed to make a living as a travel influencer. Her primary current source of income is those Instagram brand collaborations. After leaving her job, Jasmine has spent two years developing her travel brand. And now she gets to explore beautiful places along with complimentary stays in luxurious hotels. She actually used to make more money from her job than she is currently making. But she prioritized her independent, fun full, and luxurious travel life.  

5. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn started blogging much before it has become cool. He was ahead of most people who did not have any idea that one actually can make money from blogging. Currently, he is running smartpassiveincome.com, which is an empire of content production. He started his business just to prioritize time with his family. These are some of the common motivations for most lifestyle entrepreneurs. From his blog, he makes more than millions on a yearly basis. 

6. Melyssa Griffin

As a graphic designer Melyssa Griffin felt burned out while selling services. And when she started selling products instead of selling services and experienced huge success. She started selling online and started riding the stairs in popularity of online courses. This has brought massive success to her. Melyssa does not publish her income report anymore, but as per the report of December 2016, she has managed to make a profit of around $200,000 in that particular month alone. 

7. Brian Dean

The initial story of Brian Dean is pretty much similar to Melyssa Griffin, and that is he also started with selling services. But later on, he realized that in order to live the life he has been dre4aming of, he needs to sell products. In present days, he is running backlinko, which is an SEO blog that is highly successful. He sells online courses as well, like Melyssa. In case you want to know more about him, you can read the article on Forbes

8. Shelby Church

Being a west-coast based vlogger and Youtuber, Shelby is another example of an aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur. She does not make millions only from her lifestyle business, unlike other entrepreneurs on this list. In her 2019 income recap Youtube video, she unveiled that her channel managed to earn revenue of $140,000. If we cut down the taxes and other expenses, it would be nearly $100,000 or less than that. Yes, it is a decent income but not near to the income of other lifestyle entrepreneurs. She has always been transparent about her income. 

9. John Lee Dumas

Have you heard of the podcasts Entrepreneurs on Fire? Yes, the one where entrepreneurs are interviewed. John Lee Dumas is the person behind it. His advice is worth to listen. He always asks F.O.C.U.S, which means Focus on One Course Until Successful. On a regular monthly basis, he nets profits of six figures only from his podcasts. He is the perfect example of that it often takes years to earn a living from a lifestyle business. He, as a lifestyle entrepreneur, always believes in slow and steady wins the race. 

10. Lindsay Mostrom

Pinchofyum.com is the food blog that is run by Lindsay and her husband. As per a report of early 2017, this lifestyle entrepreneur managed to make around $70,000 on a monthly basis. After that, their business has grown, so it is clear their income is more than that in current days. It also took many years to reach this point. So, you see, as a lifestyle entrepreneur, you get a wide array to try. 

Bottom Line

These top lifestyle entrepreneurs never fail to inspire us with their journeys and words. Maybe they are the reason why more and more entrepreneurs are rising, leaving their boring desk jobs by following their passions. But the list does not end here. It goes on with the names of Pieter Levels, Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, Daniel Vassallo, and many more.

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