Best Paying Jobs In Energy

Over the last decade, job requirements in the energy industry are proliferating in leaps and bounds. Especially when it comes to the renewable energy industry, a sharp hike is observable in their popularity. 

In this context, one of the most frequently asked questions is what are the best paying jobs in energy? You may also wonder if energy is a good career path! These are quite natural to ponder upon if you choose the energy sector as your ultimate career destination.  

Indeed, these are super tricky questions if you take your personal skills, career goals, and existing industry opportunities into account. There is no need to pressurize yourself; because we will speak about the best paying jobs in Energy industry in 2021. 

Background Information About Jobs In Energy

Background Information About Jobs In Energy

Choosing a career is critical, but what’s more difficult is verifying whether a particular career direction is opportunistic or not. Is energy a good career path? What are the best jobs in the energy field? Do energy jobs pay well? What is the best solar energy job salary? All these questions might be forming clouds in your head – right? 

Well, leaving aside the negative and positive sides, the energy sector is one of the most prospective career directions. Owing to the social and political support, this sector is of utmost importance in every country. Do you want to explore some merits and demerits of it before hopping on to the best paying jobs in energy? Let’s go!   

Advantages Of Careers In Energy

Undoubtedly energy jobs are prosperous; particularly, renewable energy jobs have endless career directions with lucrative remunerations. Let’s pinpoint some core benefits of the best paying jobs in energy:

  • Attractive salary packages 
  • Development of technical and soft skills
  • Strong career goals due to robust industry infrastructure
  • There is a steady growth in this industry
  • The energy sector is ever-changing with lots of new opportunities. 

Disadvantages Of Careers In Energy

No job sector is perfect because of the potential challenges residing in every industry. Energy is also not an exception in this regard. Some demerits of energy-related careers are as follows:

  • There are high upfront costs
  • As it is evolving consistently, you have to keep updating your skills and knowledge.
  • Only people with specialized and high technical attributed get chances
  • High probability of exposure to fatal rays and chemicals  

What Are Some Best Paying Jobs In Energy?

What Are Some Best Paying Jobs In Energy

Now that you have some sound ideas on careers in energy, it’s time to know what are some best paying jobs in the energy sector. In the table below, we have jotted down the top 7 best paying jobs in energy you must know in 2021. This section will guide you to your end question – is energy a good career path?

Job Profile Educational Criterion Salary (per annum)Experience 
Chemical Engineer Master’s in chemical engineering or industrial chemistry $108,770None 
Green Construction Manager Bachelor of Sciences, training in green construction.  $145,0005 years+ experience in similar fields
Data Scientist Master of Technology in Information Technology, or computer sciences $97,8702-5 years of experience in similar fields
Solar Project Manager Bachelor’s in Science, Pro level training in solar project management  $138,5005 years+ experience in similar fields
Petroleum EngineerMaster of Science in Petroleum Engineering$137,720None 
Materials EngineerMasters in computer programming, chemical sciences, mathematics. $93,360None 
Environmental EngineerBiological or chemical engineering, Master’s in environmental sciences$88,860None 
Geoscientists Master’s in Geology, Geography, Applied Geology, Earth Science, and Geological sciences $120,2532-5 years experience
Wind Farm Site ManagerBachelor’s in Science, Pro level training in Wind installation and project management$125,780None 

Which Educational Backgrounds Are Preferable For Energy Industry?

Which Educational Backgrounds Are Preferable For Energy Industry

There is not a single job in the energy industry. For the millions of career opportunities here, the educational qualifications are also multidimensional. Check out what academic backgrounds you need to have for cracking some of the best paying jobs in energy.

1. Information Technology

The energy sector is heavily dependent on data. Energy giants BHP Billiton, Royal Shell, Chevron Corporation, etc., have expert IT teams who manage huge volumes of big data. So candidates with IT backgrounds are always welcome. 

2. Engineering

The energy sector is all about applying scientific understanding to solve real-world problems. So engineering candidates with practical knowledge have high demand in this sector.

3. Business Administration

You have to gain business administration degrees if you want to acquire leadership and executive positions in the energy industry. 

4. Mathematics, Chemical Science And Physics

Mathematical skills, analytical abilities, in-depth knowledge in physics and chemistry are MUST for joining best paid jobs in energy. As you have to deal with scientific elements, possessing expertise in these areas is mandatory.    

Is Energy Sector Worthy To Build Your Career? – The Judgement

Is Energy Sector Worthy To Build Your Career

I hope there is no need for any more explanation now. The above-discussed areas have answered all your queries. Firstly, to reply to your question “what do the energy jobs pay,” they pay extremely well if you have the desired skills and qualifications. 

Moreover, all the best paying jobs in power generation require intensive self-study and research. With the increasing demand for renewable energy resources, the number of best paying jobs in energy is also increasing. It is expected, in the upcoming years, renewable energy will attract 70% of the global energy investment. So, there are some incredible careers in energy, especially renewable energy jobs waiting for you. 

Considering all the above factors, it is possible to say that –

YES, Energy Industry Is A Good Career Path in 2021. Also, you will find some of the best paying jobs in energy if you meet all the criteria. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Skills Are Required For the Best Paying Jobs In Energy?

Some of the skills required to apply in the best paying jobs in energy are:

Q2. What Are Some Best Renewable Energy Jobs?

Remuneration is always high when it comes to renewable energy jobs salaries. Some best paying renewable energy jobs are:

  • Renewable Energy Designer
  • Solar Project Developer
  • Green Construction Manager
  • Renewables Estimator
  • Wind Operations Leader

Q3. What Do Energy Jobs Pay?

The average annual salary in the energy sector is $90,806. All the best paying jobs in energy fall under this category. Hence, this sector is good enough to kickstart your career. 

Q4. Are Energy Careers in high demand?

The shortest answer is Yes. Without energy, the world will never run. Moreover, the market is hoping to make significant value in the upcoming years. Therefore, careers in energy are expected to be in high demand in the coming years. 

The Final Verdict 

To summarize, careers in energy have limitless possibilities. Not only salary but also in terms of professional development, the jobs energy sector is a promising one. So what are you waiting for? Shortlist your preferences and start applying today. I am sure you will come out with flying colors.

I hope this article was able to provide you with the necessary information about the best paying jobs in the energy. Did we miss something? Drop your opinion or query in the commenting area below, and we will be resolving those in no time.

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