5 Best Smart Watches For Women That Will Absolutely Steal Your Heart


01 August 2021


smart watches for women

Watches have come a long way since they first became a must-have accessory for your wrist. Today, smart watches for women look more like a sleek, stylish addition to your favorite outfit rather than a clunky gadget.

Allowing you to pay, text your friends and family, and direct you to the nearest gas station all while tracking your heart rate, smartwatches pack all your must-haves into your ideal wrist companion.

5 Best Smart Watches For Women That Will Absolutely Steal Your Heart

Which smartwatches are the perfect female accessory that meets all your needs while also maintaining a feminine vibe? Here are the 5 best smartwatches for women.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch

With its sleekest design yet, Apple has created a watch that is both stylish and functional. The slimness of the watch body makes up for the growth of the watch screen itself.

It’s also user-friendly and includes functions like Apple Pay, an updated heart rate monitoring system, and dual microphones. Even if you’re afraid this watch might be too large on your wrist, Apple offers it in a variety of sizes.

It can keep up with women everywhere, in every phase of life. It also allows you to customize it to make it reflect your individuality.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

If you find that you’re more into tracking fitness than having a watch with all the gadgets, this is the smartwatch for you! With a similar design as the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Versa is a more budget-friendly option for those who are still interested in keeping up with their health.

This is the perfect option for those who don’t have an iPhone as it works with both iOS and Android. It gives you the ability to keep in touch with the world while also tracking heart rate, sleep, even your menstrual cycle.

The best part? Wear it while you sleep, even wear it in the shower with its waterproof design!

Kate Spade Scallop 2

If you’re looking for a smartwatch with a feminine touch, look no further. The Kate Spade Scallop perfects even the smallest details that give it an air of sophistication while also bringing you all the bells and whistles.

It packs a lot of punch into its sleek design featuring tools like GPS and a heart rate monitor. It also serves up 24 hours of battery life, while keeping you on top of your style game.

This is even a great option for a gift if you’re looking for something to outfit your girlfriend, best friend, or even your mom.

Fossil Q Venture HR 

Fossil didn’t come to play when it designed the Fossil Q Venture smartwatch. Its compatibility with Andriod makes users around the world rejoice.

Although it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, this watch still enables you to send and receive messages, control music and tracks your activity. Not only that, but it comes with various bands so you can make this watch reflect who you are. You can also change the watch face to make it even more individualized.

Michael Kors Access Runway

Still not sure if the Apple Watch interests you? Not to worry, the Michael Kors Access smartwatch provides very similar features while also bringing class to the table.

With a built-in heart rate tracker, GPS capability, and notifications, you’ll always be connected with this watch. There are different band options that allow you to decide what look you’re going for. While not ideal for a workout session, it still proves to be one of the more stylish watches available for women.

There are thousands of types of watches in the world, but the key is finding the right one for you.

So Many Smartwatches for Women, So Little Time

As a woman, you don’t have to sacrifice style for features. List out your watch must-haves plus your budget, then get to shopping!

With all the smart watches for women out there today, you can be a conqueror in the gym while maintaining your fashion sense!

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