Is Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores A Good Career Path [2021 Updated]


05 August 2021


is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path

Fashion retailing is one of the trending career choices across the globe. What comes to your mind when you hear the term fashion? I am pretty sure you think about three things – Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories. It is because these 3 are the most common fashion categories that we deal with almost every day. 

But do you actually know the accurate meaning of the word ‘Fashion?’ Is it only about fame, glamour, and celebrities? To be very precise, fashion is much more beyond these.  

As per different reports, the market value of the fashion industry in the United States is US$385.7 billion. 

This million-dollar fashion retailing industry is a choice of many people as a career path. But ‘Is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path?’. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Are Actually Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

What Are Actually Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

Clothing/shoe/accessory stores are some core components of the entire fashion retailing sector. But do you think that fashion retail is only about purchasing trendy fashion commodities? Yes, certainly, it is, but the process is not as simple as it sounds. 

Fashion retailing is the industrial sector that serves as a bridge between producers and consumers. It is basically the process of “purchasing clothing from a producer and selling it to clients.”

So, if you are planning to get into clothing/shoe/accessory stores, you will be entering into the fashion retail industry as a whole. One of the crucial facts about it is that this sector is ever-changing in nature. As fashion is not stagnant, fashion industries keep moving.

So if you want to secure your future in clothing/shoe/accessory stores, you must consider the question – Is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path?

Reasons To Work In Fashion Retail?- Is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path?

  • Is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path? – This question is related to numerous sub-questions among which the ‘reasons for choosing it’ are notable. So here are some potential factors that will compel you to dive into this job:
  • Good Pay As a Beginner: In the entry-level positions, the payscale is moderate to good. As you get seniority with experience, the pay starts to rise. 
  • Intense But Healthy Competition: The fashion retail industry is a cutthroat actor, but the competition is healthy. With the continuous evolution of fashion trends, you work hard to achieve success by nurturing yourself. 
  •  Skill Development: As working in clothing/shoe/accessory stores involves performing several roles, it kicks your skill base and sharpens them. 

How To Secure A Job In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

This is an important section that we have to cover to give a robust response to the question – ‘Is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path?’ Therefore, here are some aspects that you need to consider before applying for any position in clothing/shoe/accessory stores.

1. Educational Backgrounds:

If you want to get a Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores job, the educational background is not a bar. You can come from any graduation program and still go for this position. However, specialization in fashion retailing or fashion marketing would be an added advantage for you.

2. Core Skills:

The responsibilities in clothing/shoe/accessory stores can be multifaceted. You may have to take care of the marketing part or attend to customers simultaneously. So excellent communication skills are the primary criteria. Similarly, some other mandatory attributes that you just have are decision-making ability, perseverance to meet targets, a positive outlook, a sound sense of fashion and lifestyle, good etiquette, and grooming habits.

3. Internship:

Internships provide you practical knowledge alongside theoretical understandings. Internships in the fashion industry are beneficial if you want to acquire some hands-on experience before moving on to the real thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores A Good Career Path For People Above 35 Years’ Age?

Definitely, people of any age can get a job in clothing/shoe/accessory stores. There is no age limit to it as long as you meet the other eligibility criteria that vary from one store to another. However, there are a few stores, or companies, who want a young, stylish, and vibrant group of employees.

Q2. Is There Any Minimum Time Limit To Flourish As An Employee In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores?

In general, there is no such time limit to become successful in clothing/shoe/accessory stores as an employee. But the reviews of the eminent senior associates and managers of internationally popular stores may give you a hint about this. You will find that none of them has reached a higher position before six months of joining. 

Furthermore, it depends on the promotional policies of different entities that you must abide by if you decide to grow there. 

Q3. What Are The Most Important Criteria For The Career Opportunities At Fashion Retail?

If you have a target of working in clothing/shoe/accessory stores, the foremost criteria that the recruiter would look for are your communication skills. If you are multilingual, then it is a plus for you. 

Then comes your knowledge of different fashion trends, including shoes, outfits, and accessories. The last skill that you must possess is a sharp attitude and high grooming standards. 

The Final Lines

Now that you know ‘Is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path?’, why don’t you start planning from today and give it a try? I’m sure you will come out with flying colors. 

Indeed, it is a good career to pursue but always decide wisely before hopping on to something. Instead, it’s better to compare your existing skills and future career objectives with the scope of this work. 

Please share this post with those who will benefit from it if it has given you a fresh glimmer of hope. Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this post, please leave a comment in the box below. We will respond as soon as possible. 

Finally, stick with us and keep supporting us; we’ll be back with more thought-provoking articles soon.

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