7 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Create a Positive Culture

Most people will spend roughly 40 hours per week at their workplace. Yet despite spending so much time at the office, the average worker is only productive for less than three hours per day.

Less productivity means wasted time and less profit. Additionally, an unproductive workplace is often caused by a lack of happiness.

If your office is struggling with employee productivity, it may be time to look at some ways to boost it by creating a positive culture

7 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Create a Positive Culture:

Here are seven ways you can promote a happier, more productive workplace.

1. Set a Good Example Through Body Language:

When it comes to office decorum, we often think about things like polite conduct.

But one of the biggest signs that employees are unhappy may not be verbal at all.

Often, unhappiness manifests in physical ways, such as body language.

Psychologists believe that the way we present ourselves physically through our body language has a major impact on how others see and interact with us — even if we aren’t always aware.

If you’ve noticed a change in employee morale for the worse, set a good example by focusing on creating a warmer, happier environment through physicality.

Something as simple as making eye contact to show interest or smiling can have a big impact on the work environment.

2. Facilitate Team Activities:

Team Activities

To reach peak potential, an office must be a well-oiled machine. Every employee must do their part to put out the highest caliber of a workday in and day out.

For some, though, they may feel less like a team and more like a series of individuals.

Reinforce teamwork through regular group activities. Once a month or so, take the team out for a night out.

Getting to know one another in a semi-professional manner outside of the office can instill a sense of belonging that many offices lack.

3. Provide a Space to Relax:

The day-to-day grind can wear even the most dedicated of employees down.

According to the American Institute of Stress, workers are more stressed than ever, with 46% of workers chalking their stress up to a burdensome workload.

You can combat workplace stress by providing a safe, relaxing environment where employees can take a quick break.

Consider building a rec room. For those who prefer fresh air, implement a community garden or talk to Shelters Direct about smoking shelters.

4. Let Employees Voice Their Opinions:

A good employer is someone who listens to what their employees have to say.

Make sure that employees feel they can voice their opinions and that they feel heard by their bosses.

5. Offer Incentives:

Another great way to encourage employee efficiency is to offer out-of-office incentives.

Partner with local businesses like gyms and health clubs to offer discounts or free memberships to employees. Perks matter more than employers think.

6. Choose Team-Building Language:

Many managers aren’t sure how to treat employees. Should they be stern or friendly?

While the solution lies somewhere in the middle, how an employer talks to their employees does, in fact, matter.

Use team-oriented language with words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ to create a stronger sense of community.

7. Give Employees The Tools to Succeed:

Productive employees can only be productive if given the proper tools.

That includes providing a clean and safe workspace, as well as up to date software and hardware.

If you’re not sure what employees need to be as productive as possible, simply ask.

Improve Employee Productivity With These Great Tips:

In order to establish a happy, efficient workplace, where employee productivity is at an all-time high, you’ll want to follow these tips.

Remember, you as a manager have the ability to make a difference, so the change starts with you.

For more great tips on how to lead by example, check out our post on people management tips.

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