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01 June 2021


Brand Ambassador

Having a brand ambassador who will represent your brand and company goes a long way in increasing sales and goodwill among the people. They are able to win the hearts of people due to their influence and the trust which has been placed in them.

Knowing that you need an ambassador is one thing, finding one is another matter on its own. With the competitive nature of the industry, many companies require these influencers. Hence, you must employ certain methods to find these talented individuals.

In this article, we will discuss one of the main ways to find a corporate ambassador. And to ensure that you exhaust every means available, we will also discuss 5 other ways to find these influencers.

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1. Brand Ambassador Application Form:

This is a major method that firms employ when seeking a representative. Your company’s brand ambassador program can be promoted using this method.

All you need to do is publish the brand ambassador application and wait for interested ambassadors to contact you. The application form or the form’s link can be sent via targeted emails, pages on your organization’s website, post-sales messaging, etc.

The ambassador application form should contain questions that query the potential influencers why they purchased your product or patronized your service and the reasons they adore your products.

Furthermore, ask them if they would like to share those products consistently with their network. From the answers you get, you ought to be able to determine if the customer is fit to be your company’s representative.

An interesting thing about this method of finding ambassadors is that only truly interested people will fill the form. Include a website application once you are done with your section to further streamline the top candidates.

Tip: An NPS survey can be used to ask the kinds of questions contained in your application form.

2. Informal Application:

This is informal in the sense that it doesn’t carry an official format. It is more or less like a referral platform that invites almost everyone to be brand representatives.

Customers who join do so using a basic form published on the company’s website. After signing up, a link or code is sent to them. This code can then be shared with their network. When anyone employs the link to buy a product, the ambassador will receive an incentive.

While this is informal, there is still a need for you to contact your customers personally to inform them of the ambassador program. An informal application can be sent to every customer so that they can join. Then, the top customers or those that do well in the informal program can be invited to join the formal program.

The only difference is that the formal ambassadors should receive more incentives than those who belong to the informal program.

3. Search on Social Media:

3. Search on Social Media:

This is the simplest way to find influencers; however, it requires your time investment. Start with individuals that have posted about your company or brand if you know any.

If you don’t know anyone like that, then you need to go through the process of searching. Run a search using your brand name or hashtags. But bear in mind that not everyone who makes use of your hashtag is suitable to be your brand influencer. Visit to learn how to use hashtags.

4. Use Software Programs:

There are some software programs you can use to help you get the best brand ambassador. This is advantageous as it saves you precious time and stress from manual searching.

These programs reveal individuals that are mentioning your brand and company. They can also filter through these mentions to make the process easier.

Once you find a potential ambassador, some software programs can aid you in reaching out to them.

5. Use Customer Data:

This is dependent on whether you have collated customer data over time. So, you can sieve through your previous data to find out who has been loyal to your brand. You must select only loyal customers as they would be eager to promote your brand since they’ve used your products. Click here to learn more about customer data.

6. Ambassador Marketing Platforms:

6. Ambassador Marketing Platforms:

Since the number of influencers has been rising, many of these individuals have created platforms where they can interact and also be easily reached by brands.

So, you can make use of such platforms and just go through the list of influencers there and make your pick. You can use filters to streamline your choice of what you are looking for.


After you get your ambassadors, establish a rapport with them. Then make sure you follow their social media accounts and like and comment on their posts. You can also share their posts that will be impactful to your followers.

Which of these methods will you employ? Or have you employed any of them in the past? Feel free to let us know…

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Do you rent out event space? Or are you a field manager for a company that is involved in a lot of exhibitions? Either way, a structure-style tent can provide you with a convenience that saves cost and makes your life a lot easier.You have lots of guests coming into the party, and when you need extra space to accommodate the influx, you shouldn't worry. You can make an addition by using Structure-Style Tents to Expand Event Space. These sturdy temporary structures can be customized, and you can even convert a parking lot or even a rooftop to an event space.There are many good reasons why you need to consider having a structured-style commercial canopy tent for your event space. Here are some suggestions below: Branding visibility Are you hosting an exhibition or a training workshop? Why not pitch a branded structured style canvas at the entrance. That is not only good PR but also good branding of the organizations. Most canvas manufacturers will have customized branding of your structured style canvas for companies that are keen on branding their merchandise and properties.Having a branded tent is not only free advertisement, but it also saves on the cost of requiring a banner every time you pitch one in a location. Its wall can have a well-printed brand message. Versatility (ideal for all events) A tent is not limited to a specific event only. From weddings to birthdays, reunions, and even barbeques, to name a few, a structured style tent will ideally expand your event space to make it comfortable as it can get.When planning for an event away from the office, one of the options that you should inquire about is the availability of tented spaces. Outdoors function is fun compared to when enclosed in a building. Also, the fee for gathering in a tented area is always affordable.Also, companies can have their own structured style canvas to be pitched in the garden or rooftop to hold group birthdays for their staff or event award parties. Ideal for any themed eventCanvas is a blank canvas that gives you lots of room to play around with your creativity in terms of décor. It is more convenient to decorate a tent than it would be with a brick and mortar structure. With canvas, you have a blank slate, and you can customize the same from the ground up to realize your ideal theme.Tents have no solid walls or layouts compared to a building, which has its color, lighting, and floor design, among others. With a tent, you can quickly achieve your vision 100% without having to compromise to blend with the existing layouts as with events held indoors. Easy to manage spaces Tented spaces are easy to manage and organize. If you are a site manager using a structured style tent to expand the event's venue makes not only the area more significant, but it also makes your work even more relaxed.There is no floor space to clean. You only need to pick up the trash. If you instead rented out a ten, you can talk with the canvas company to clean the space as they pack the tent. It's that convenient.There is no wall, and moving furniture around to design a theme according to a client's needs is quite convenient. You can add or reduce event space by reducing the ground surface covered by the tent. Weatherproof The tent protects outdoor events guests from all sorts of climatic conditions. If it's cold, you can lower the canvas wall and let the guest have it warm inside the tent while feeling the ambiance of being outdoors. Same to when it rains.If it’s hot out, you can bring up the walls and let fresh air breeze through the crowd. Also, the tented rooftop is dome-shaped to reduce the heat from the scorching sun.What about the durability in all climatic conditions? You should know that anodized aluminum is used to make the skirtings and frames of the canvas to ensure they are corrosive resistant and durable. The structured style canvas nowadays is light but quite sturdy against strong wind and is not likely to tip over during an event.Read Also:How to Make Your Store Look More Put Together? Terrible mistakes you are likely to encounter in diamond painting and the way out

Yacht Vat leasing tax

Yacht Vat leasing tax in Malta

Malta gives owners of Yachts looking to purchase a new boat reasonable savings on VAT. is recognized by the EU and the vessels will be free to navigate in the waters without restriction and are EU VAT PAID. This registry has extensively grown in the past and has listed prestigious yachts on the sail. Regarding guidelines by the VAT department of Malta, the leasing services supply is taxable basing on the extent of utilizing the yacht within the territory of EU waters.These guidelines establish a percentage of the lease based on the period that the yacht is in the territorial waters of the EU. The presumptions are tied to the length of the vessel and the propulsion means. The primary requirements are that the vessel needs to come to Malta at the commencement and end of the lease period when the option of purchasing is exercised. The agreement of lease needs to be completed between the lessor as the Maltese company and the foreign company or person as lessee.Before the approval of the of this agreement, the commissioner of VAT will have to confirm the applicable rate as per the EU territorial waters requirement and the acceptability of the value of the yacht. For this reason, the craft’s valuation certificate is submitted alongside its application to the department of VAT for approval. The VAT and lease installment are payable monthly and the period will not be less than one year and not exceeding three years. It is recommended to choose twelve months.The lessor of the yacht will make profits from the lease agreement above and over the boat value. The purchase value when the lease agreement comes to an end will not be less than one percent of the value of the yacht and is subject to an eighteen percent standard rate.It is relevant to discuss the relevant tax benefits applicable under the Maltese government in relation to shipping firms that operate commercial yachts. According to, commercial yachts owned by shipping firms and registered in Malta pay annual tonnage tax in the place of income tax. This option is the most attractive one for clients that are contemplating chattering their yachts for commercial purposes.The initial VAT paid by the purchaser at the source will not be payable to the supplier of the yacht by the lessor. In this light, there are three probable scenarios that might apply and the result might be refundable or nil VAT on the purchase of the yacht. The scenarios are; you purchase it locally, you purchase it from a member state, or if it is imported in the European Union. Distinct criterions apply on all scenarios and all clients in Malta will get details on all requirements.The thing that would attract VAT payment is the supply services in the lease agreement. The taxable services are taxable according to the usage of the yacht in the EU territorial waters. Malta VAT is payable on a section of the lease payment made on the leasing company that owns the yacht. The portion is fully dependent on the type and length of the vessel. A yacht with a length that exceeds twenty-four meters will derive high benefits because only thirty percent of lease payments are subject to VAT in Malta.The department that handles VAT will issue certification for being accounted for by the leasing firm after paying the first VAT installment. The Malta VAT department issues a VAT paid certificate after the lease if the yacht is given to the lessee. The assumption is that the yacht will be utilized partly outside and within the EU water territory. The length of the yacht shows the percentage of its use outside EU waters.Read More: Citizenship By Investment Program At CSB Group

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Connecting The Green Dots: Navigating The Cannabis Industry With A Business Social Network

In a world where innovation constantly reshapes industries, the cannabis business community finds itself at the cusp of an extraordinary transformation. Picture a digital hub where cultivators, distributors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts converge, breaking down barriers, and fostering collaboration. Welcome to the Cannabis Business Social Network, a virtual garden of opportunities where seeds of knowledge, commerce, and community bloom.If you have been searching for what a Cannabis Business Social Network is and how it can help you, you will find this blog to be of help. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more…A Budding Vision: Cannabis Business Social Network!The cannabis industry, once relegated to the shadows, is emerging into the light. As legal regulations shift, entrepreneurs sprout like resilient hemp, eager to explore this green frontier. However, navigating the labyrinth of cannabis commerce can be daunting. This is where the Cannabis Business Social Network comes into play.The Seed Of InnovationThe genesis of this network lies in a shared vision: to create a digital ecosystem where cannabis professionals can thrive. Imagine a space where growers can share tips on optimizing yields, where dispensary owners can discuss the latest strains, and where budding entrepreneurs can find mentors to guide them through the labyrinthine world of regulations and compliance.Central to this vibrant network is the continuous flow of cannabis news, keeping all members abreast of the latest trends, legal updates, and technological advancements. This stream of information acts as the lifeblood of the community, ensuring that every participant is informed, connected, and empowered to make data-driven decisions in this dynamic industry.Cultivating CommunityAt its core, the Cannabis Business Social Network cultivates a sense of community. It's a place where individuals with diverse backgrounds, from horticulturalists to tech gurus, can connect and exchange ideas. It's a platform for knowledge-sharing, where every member plays a vital role in nurturing the growth of this industry.The Greenhouse Effect: Features And BenefitsImage SourceNow, let's step inside the greenhouse and explore the features and benefits of this innovative cannabis business social network:1. Networking At Its FinestBusiness Matchmaking: Discover potential partners, investors, and collaborators who align with your vision.Events And Webinars: Attend virtual conferences and webinars to expand your knowledge and network.Chat Forums: Engage in real-time discussions with fellow enthusiasts, sharing insights and experiences.2. Resource LibraryRegulatory Updates: Stay informed about ever-changing cannabis laws and regulations.Growing Guides: Access expert advice on cultivating the finest cannabis strains.Business Insights: Learn from successful entrepreneurs who've blazed a trail in the industry.3. MarketplaceProduct Listings: Showcase your cannabis-related products or services.Reviews And Ratings: Make informed decisions based on user reviews and ratings.Job Listings: Find the perfect talent to complement your team.4. Compliance HubLegal Guidance: Seek legal counsel and insights to navigate the intricate web of cannabis regulations.Best Practices: Access industry best practices to ensure your business remains compliant.5. Community EngagementForums and Groups: Join specialized communities, from CBD enthusiasts to cannabis tech innovators.Mentorship Programs: Connect with experienced mentors willing to guide newcomers.Nurturing Growth: Success StoriesEvery flourishing garden has its success stories, and the Cannabis Business Social Network is no different. Here are a few tales of growth and prosperity:1. Marianne's MicrogreensMarianne, a dedicated microgreens cultivator, struggled to find a consistent market for her CBD-infused microgreens. Through the network's matchmaking feature, she connected with a local dispensary owner looking for unique products. Today, her microgreens adorn the dispensary's shelves, and Marianne's business is booming.2. Elevated EducationJohn, a recent college graduate passionate about the cannabis industry, lacked the connections to secure a job. He joined the network's mentorship program and was paired with an experienced cannabis professional who provided invaluable guidance. Within a year, John landed a dream job as a compliance officer at a leading cannabis firm.The Future Of The Green NetworkAs we look ahead, the future of the Cannabis Business Social Network appears brighter than ever. Here are some exciting developments on the horizon:1. Global Expansion: With the cannabis industry gaining traction worldwide, the network aims to connect professionals on a global scale, fostering international partnerships.2. Blockchain Integration: The network is exploring the integration of blockchain technology to enhance security and transparency in cannabis transactions.3. AI-Powered Insights: Expect AI-driven data analytics to provide members with actionable insights into market trends and consumer preferences.4. Legal Advocacy: The network is committed to advocating for sensible cannabis policies and supporting efforts to destigmatize the industry.Top 5 Best Cannabis Social Network That You Should Know About In 2023!In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, networking is crucial for businesses looking to thrive and connect with like-minded professionals. Fortunately, there are several dedicated cannabis business social networks that offer a platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and growth. In this guide, I will explore the top five cannabis business social networks, each with its unique features and benefits.1. LeafwireLeafwire is often dubbed the "LinkedIn of Cannabis." This social network is a go-to platform for cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals seeking to build connections and partnerships in the industry. It offers a user-friendly interface with features like business profiles, forums, and groups. Users can join discussions, share news, and even access a job board specific to the cannabis sector. Leafwire's focus on business networking makes it a valuable resource for those looking to expand their cannabis-related ventures.2. WeedLifeWeedLife takes a holistic approach to cannabis networking. It combines social networking features with a comprehensive cannabis information hub, making it an ideal platform for both businesses and enthusiasts. Users can create profiles, connect with others, and engage in discussions. Additionally, WeedLife offers a marketplace for products and services related to cannabis, making it a one-stop shop for industry professionals. This multifaceted approach sets WeedLife apart as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and consumers alike.3. Cannabis Associates Network (CAN)Cannabis Associates Network, commonly known as CAN, is a niche platform dedicated solely to the cannabis industry. It provides a space for professionals to connect, share insights, and collaborate. CAN's focus on professionalism and industry-specific content makes it a valuable resource for those seeking to establish themselves in the cannabis business world. Users can join groups, participate in forums, and access a directory of cannabis businesses, making it easier to identify potential partners or clients.4. MJBizConNEXT DirectMJBizConNEXT Direct is an extension of the renowned MJBizCon events, known for bringing together industry leaders and innovators. This social network offers a platform for professionals to connect year-round. It provides a space for discussions, networking, and accessing exclusive content. MJBizConNEXT Direct leverages the expertise and credibility of the MJBizCon brand, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to stay updated on industry trends and connect with influential figures.5. 420 MagazineWhile 420 Magazine is primarily a cannabis information portal, it also has an active and engaged community forum. This platform offers a space for cannabis enthusiasts, cultivators, and business owners to interact. Users can participate in discussions, share cultivation tips, and stay informed about the latest cannabis news. While not exclusively a business network, 420 Magazine's forum can be a valuable resource for networking within the cannabis community.Join The Green RevolutionIn conclusion, the Cannabis Business Social Network is more than just a platform; it's a movement. It's a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the cannabis community, determined to thrive in an industry that's finally stepping into the spotlight.Whether you're a seasoned cultivator, a tech innovator, or simply someone curious about the world of cannabis, this network welcomes you with open arms. Join us in cultivating a vibrant, thriving ecosystem where the seeds of innovation and community can grow, and where the cannabis industry can continue to flourish.So, come on board, dear reader, and be a part of this remarkable green revolution. Together, we'll nurture the cannabis industry to new heights, one connection at a time.Read Also:The Art Of Cannabis Storage: Keeping Your Green Goodness Fresh And PotentWhy Are Delta 8 Products Trending In The Market This 2023?Is It A Good Idea To Buy Delta 10 Flowers From The Sale?Choosing A Medical Marijuana Dispensary