How To Buy & Sell Jewelry Online

Do you still remember your Mom browsing Macy’s or Sear’s clearance to find a great bargain? Maybe
you also remember your family selling pre-owned fashion and jewelry by hosting a garage sale or a yard sale. Selling fashion and jewelry via garage sales or yard sales can be tough and time-consuming. You probably remember those events, thinking that you can do it better and more lucrative.

This is the ultimate guide for selling, buying, and trading jewelry in the 21st century. Millennials know great ways of selling for great prices and finding bargains online but this guideline summarized the best ways for you. Selling, buying, and trading can be adventurous and our author tested some great options for you to do so.

Find Jewelry Bargains Online: is probably the best bargain-source on earth. It offers absolutely unbeatable options for buying jewelry online – often for a great price. Just follow a simple rule: spend time on browsing eBay’s inventory and use the email notification tool which is sending brand-new deals directly to your smartphone. Our author spent just some minutes, five evenings long, to find a Pandora Gold Safety chain for $125 (free shipping) while the average selling price for exactly the same pre-owned Pandora chain is approximately $250 – WOW, what a bargain just by spending some spare time.

This is how it works!

1. Search for your desired item and click “Save this search”

desired item

2. Your searches are listed under “saved searches”

listed under

3. Bargains are sent directly into your email inbox

eBay is a really great marketplace and thanks to PayPal and money back guarantee, a very safe place for online shopping. It’s our favorite place for buying pre-owned jewelry online.

Too good to be true? Be smart before you pay for a bargain!

Too good to be true? Keep a close eye on seller reviews as “too good to be true”- offers are popping up all the time. What do you think if you find a Rolex Datejust 18K Gold Watch for $1,500 that usually sells for over $5,000 offered from a seller with almost no feedback? Turn your back away and let this opportunity pass as the watch is either a fake or it will never be shipped to you. eBay will certainly reimburse you for your loss but your money is blocked for 1 or 3 weeks and the hassle you probably have is not worth the tiny chance of getting the watch as described.

Other great sources for finding bargains online are consignment stores like The RealReal. They are
definitely not recommended for selling as the bargain you want to strike is paid by the consigner. The fine print in consignment agreements makes bargains possible. Usually, a consigner agrees to huge discounts without having the right to decline an offer or to reclaim his item(s). In a nutshell – consigners are powerless. If you browse consignment store inventories regularly you can take advantage of this situation. Keep a close eye on coupons and limited-time offers as discounts up to 70% are possible. It’s difficult to follow all the offers but you have a really good chance to find a bargain.

Sell Jewelry that you no longer need:

Selling jewelry requires some basic knowledge and the ability to describe items properly is essential.
Besides Wikipedia, the education academy is a rich resource for getting educated in gold jewelry. Understanding the meaning of terms like karat, purity, gold price, or clarity is the basis of providing an accurate product description for jewelry. If you describe your items wrongly you either end up having a hard time with the buyer as your item description was described to his disadvantage or you end up getting paid too less money for your items.

Alan Jensen, a reputable jewelry expert confirms that this kind of trouble happens really often to many people. Especially weighing-mistakes are pretty common as people need a precise digital scale for determining an accurate weight for gold jewelry. To avoid such troubles it may be helpful to consult an accredited jewelry appraiser. Does an appraisal make sense? Not always as appraisals can cost as low as $50 but they can go as up to $300 or higher. An appraisal is probably not the right investment if you get jewelry appraised that has a value of $100 but you have to pay $50 for the appraisal. In such a case the ratio is not well-balanced.

Definitely helpful are free appraisals online. Although they are not 100% accurate, getting a rough idea about the value of your jewelry can be very helpful to make a decision if it’s worth to get more information about a piece of jewelry with help of a written appraisal from an accredited appraiser. It’s always great fun and very exciting to buy and sell online and your opportunities are endless. Good luck for striking your next bargain, or selling for a great price.

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