Buying a Used Car? Few Negotiating tips, you can use


18 May 2019


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Negotiating a deal in your favor is indeed an art. Some people love to do it, and some hate the process of haggling. It depends who you are, are you the “dominating” party or you’re getting dominated? It’s a psychological game where both of the parties want to win, but only the dominating one smile at the end. And when it comes to buying a used jeep or car, the same rules apply here too.  Here re a few tips for you so that you can get the best possible car deal:

Here are Buying a Used Car, Few Negotiating tips, you can use:

1. Do not negotiate at all:

Seems a bit confusing, right? Let me explain. If you are confident that the price you determined in your mind is not heavily undervalued, you can politely decline the price that the seller has asked by putting your price on the table. Simply tell the seller that you would be buying the car only at your price. It’s a psychological tactic that works most of the time. Every seller has a price range of minimum and maximum, and obviously, they offer you the maximum at first. However, if your price falls within the seller’s min-max range, you can expect a call from him/her, and the actual negotiation would start from that point. If you get the call, you can be almost sure that you are now the dominating party and there’s a good possibility that you’ll be able to close the deal at the closest point of your proposed price.

2. It’s all about the timing:

Like every business, a car salesman also needs to fulfill his/her quota of sales or achieve a specific target every week or month. And like every business, they always hardly are able to make their sales goal until the last minute. So, if you can approach them at the right time, the game would be in your favor. Like, go to the salesman on the last day of the month, on a Saturday or Sunday evening just before they are closing and you’d be surprised to see how eager they are to close the deal. You’d have the upper hand in the deal at those timely moments, no doubt about it.

3. Research is your weapon, use it wisely:

If you’re in the used car market, I hope you already know exactly what type or which category of cars you want. First, make a list of cars which you’re interested in and research about those cars before you start visiting used car dealers. Get to know the pros and cons of those cars thoroughly. Google is your friend; you shall know everything you need to know about those cars from there. Once you have a good understanding, then you can start visiting the dealers. Show your interest only to those specific cars, and no matter how the salesman tries you to grab your attention to another or any other type of cars, just stick to your choice.

4. Stand on your feet firmly, but politely:

Salespersons are trained to judge a buyer very quickly by their attitude, and they usually judge very accurately. So, your best strategy should be to make them judge you as a knowledgeable buyer. Let them know that you know very well about your requirement and you have a fair idea of what that car should be worth. As it’s mentioned here already; research is your weapon. So, use that weapon here wisely. Listen to their price, and propose your own price, politely but firmly. Explain to them why you think that car is not worth more than what you suggested, and point out the pros and cons (mainly cons) to make your point. The more they understand that you’re a tough buyer to manipulate easily, the better deal you should arrive at.

If you bear the tips in your mind while buying a used car and do negotiate accordingly, you will get the best deal, guaranteed. And in case you’re looking for second-hand cars in Dubai or pre-owned cars in Sharjah, you should first look out for a good car dealership. Car switch is one of the preferred choices of car dealers in the region.

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Signs Of A Bad Transmission Valve Body And How To Fix It

For vehicles with an automatic transmission, you want to ensure the valve body will work, especially since this important equipment serves as the main control center of the vehicle. The process works by directing the pressurized transmission fluid to a network of valves that will assemble the right clutch packs. The valves will then draw on the pressure from the various hydraulic signals to determine the gear set to use. When it stops working, there can be some issues with your vehicle. Modern automatic transmission valve bodies will come with their own sensors. This helps to measure the different aspects of the transmission, including the engine load, throttle position, pedal position, brakes, and speed. It will then send this information to the onboard engine management computer, which helps the rest of the vehicle perform properly and alerts you when there is a significant problem with the transmission. It is essential to know the signs that your transmission is going bad. Recognizing some of the main signs of a bad transmission allows you to get it to a mechanic to fix it long before you are stuck on the side of the road. With the proper fix, your vehicle will shift gears, which can lead to a stall-out when on the road. What Are The Signs Of A Bad Transmission? The first items to explore are common indicators that your transmission is not working correctly for you. These signs are often noticeable, even if you do not realize that the transmission is the main problem that is causing them. Some of the common signs of a bad transmission include: You hear banging or knocking noises in the vehicle, especially when applying pressure to the brakes. The car slows down when you put it into reverse or try to drive backward. The shifting stick will often slip when you try to change the gears. When you downshift the vehicle, you may notice that the transition is not smooth. You face problems when it is time to change the gears to drive or go in reverse. The vehicle's transmission tends to get stuck when you put it into neutral. When you notice any of the signs above, getting the transmission checked out immediately is important. Ignoring the problem can make it worse and result in an expensive vehicle repair. Diagnosing And Replacing Your Transmission When you notice some of the signs above, it is time to look at diagnosing the problem and then getting the transmission replaced as soon as possible. Your local automotive mechanic will have the necessary diagnostic tools to check whether the transmission is the problem. You can take it to the body shop and have them run a test to see whether the transmission is the issue or not. They can also see whether it is an electronic or a mechanical failure and provide the right solution for your vehicle. The average cost for a transmission valve body piece is between $200 to $1000, depending on the type of vehicle. This can make the total cost of valve body work to range from $400 to $1500 for most vehicles. You will need to add in the labor cost of having the mechanic do the work, which can range from two to four hours, depending on their tools and experience. While this is an expensive vehicle component, keeping you safe is worth the investment. While it is possible to do the work on your transmission by yourself, this can take time, and many car owners worry they need to gain the skills to get it done. Working with a certified mechanic may be expensive. Still, it can help complete the work quickly and prevent further vehicle problems. How To Replace The Transmission? A few steps are necessary to help replace the transmission and ensure it continues working well in your vehicle afterward. The steps include: The vehicle is raised up and supported well. After you have positioned the jack stands to ensure proper safety and support, lower them so the vehicle rests securely. Remove the vacuum hose leading from the intake manifold to the transmission modulator valve. Pull the hose off here and check whether any transmission fluid is inside. If you find some in there, this is a significant indication that the manifold is defective. Remove your modulator valve. You can do this by carefully removing the bolts from the bracket that is holding them into place. Install the new transmission modulator valve. You can do this by placing the actuating rod into the hole of your new valve. Then take your time to insert the valve into the receptacle hole too. Reinstall the bracket on the modulator, taking the time to secure it with bolts. Reconnect your vacuum hose to the transmission modulator valve and the intake manifold. When you feel confident that everything is in the right place, remove the jack stands -- you are free to once more enjoy your vehicle. Replacing this part can help ensure the transmission is in good working order, and you will have no further problems. If you do not feel comfortable doing the work on your own, you can take it to an auto body shop, and they can help you replace your transmission too. The Bottom Line Your transmission is responsible for many functions within the vehicle. When it works well, you can enjoy a smooth ride that will take you anywhere. But when something is wrong with the transmission, you need to fix it immediately. The cost of fixing this issue will depend on the cost of the broken part and how much the mechanic you choose will require as a labor fee to get the work done. Getting the transmission fixed quickly will help your car last longer and can stop some of the harmful side effects of driving with a faulty transmission. Whether you do it yourself or trust the professionals, fixing the transmission can extend the life of your vehicle. 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