8 Reasons Why Canvas Is The Best Tent Material


23 August 2023


When it comes to choosing a new tent, most people consider its capacity and type first. And in most cases, this approach works perfectly, especially when talking about short trips for a few days once a year.

However, if you are looking for a tent that will last you a long time and keep you comfortable and safe while camping, the tent material is one of the most essential aspects to consider. And here canvas outfitter tents are a great option.

The main benefits of cotton canvas include:

  • breathability
  • water resistance
  • environmental friendliness
  • insulation properties

All this makes canvas one of the most optimal materials for camping in different weather conditions.

What Is A Canvas Outfitter Tent

What Is A Canvas Outfitter Tent

Outfitter tents, also known as wall or cabin tents, are popular among many campers. Being a semi-permanent structure, such a shelter type has excellent durability and roominess. This is often a critical consideration as the extra headroom gives you more freedom of movement and doesn’t restrict you when you’re inside the tent.

Typically, outfitter tents are made from canvas, making this an even more attractive option. After all, the combination of one of the best materials and the versatility inherent in outfitter tents make this type of shelter a perfectly balanced solution for camping.

Why Canvas Is The Best Choice

As mentioned, canvas is known for its properties that provide good insulation, water protection, and also breathability. In addition, this material is durable and resistant to harmful external factors.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look at why canvas tents are a worthwhile purchase and which benefits they may offer over most plastic (nylon, polyester) tents.


It is one of the main advantages of canvas. It keeps you dry and comfortable inside the tent, no matter the environment.

Since humidity and condensation are common in camping, canvas tents are a great option as this material provides excellent moisture protection, making it comfortable to be inside your shelter. Thus, these tents are perfect for both summer trips and camping in the colder months during fall or spring.

In addition, the air in such a tent does not stagnate due to its breathability properties, which maintain a feeling of freshness.

Heat Efficiency

Another benefit of canvas over plastics is its heat efficiency, making it the best choice for winter camping.

Such a tent warms up efficiently and retains heat inside, so you will not freeze even at low temperatures during the night. Also, canvas tents can be safely used with wood-burning stoves. Therefore, if you are looking for a decent tent for winter trips like ice fishing or hunting, then canvas tents are perfect for such purposes.


Canvas is a fairly dense fabric with good surface tension. This means raindrops or moisture will run down the tent without getting inside through the material.

In addition, canvas fabric fibres tend to swell during heavy rain, which creates additional protection from water. Thus, tents made from this material are one of the best solutions for camping in bad weather conditions, for example, during heavy rains or even storms. Regardless of the outside conditions, you can be sure to stay dry and protected with a canvas tent.


In addition to being waterproof, the canvas is also quite durable.

Tents made from this material are strong, tear-resistant, and maintainable. Therefore, by purchasing a quality canvas tent, you can use it for many years without any risk, especially if your tent fabric has been pre-treated.

With tear resistance, you can set up such a tent almost anywhere without worrying about its safety. At the same time, even in case of a break, such a tent can be quickly repaired; all it takes is a needle, thread, and a little candle wax for waterproofing.

If the gap is too large, for example, after a tree branch falls or a strong wind, then such a problem can be solved with a sewing machine because, as mentioned, such tents are very maintainable.


The inherent breathability of canvas fabric also contributes to the advanced tent’s ventilation.

Often outfitter tents made of canvas are designed as all-weather tents, so ventilation is essential in this case. Outfitter tents are usually fitted with large vents and mesh-covered windows. Alongside the fabric’s breathability and customizable ventilation in a tent, you can tune your airflow to suit the weather.

With good ventilation, the air inside stays fresh, and the tent maintains a comfortable temperature, which is especially valuable when camping on hot summer days.


Canvas outfitter tents can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy use, making these shelters popular with fishermen, climbers, and hunters.

With quality material, burly steel stakes, and thick poles, you don’t have to worry about the strength and safety of your tent, no matter where you would like to camp or what time of year to go camping.

That’s why canvas tents are the perfect option when it comes to durability and reliability.

UV Resistance

Another advantage of this material is its UV resistance. Canvas tents have a special protective treatment that makes them resistant to sunlight. This means your tent will retain its nice appearance, and the fabric will not lose its properties due to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.


As a bonus, the canvas is biodegradable. Therefore, if it means a lot for you to preserve the environment, then a tent made of natural materials is an ideal option.


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Holi Powder: How To Make Natural Eco-Friendly Holi Powder At Your Home – Step By Step Guide

The festival of Holi signifies the end of winter and the arrival of beautiful spring. The natural colors of Holi fill everyone’s life with joy and happiness. However, this does not mean that you will start flooding the market and your home with inexpensive synthetic colors.  The best way to spend Holi this year is by making your own Holi powder that not only prevents many health hazards but also will keep your environment neat and clean. Color is regarded as the synonym of Holi and these colors are very easy to make at home. According to the dermatologist, some synthetic Holi colors contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. This can cause several allergies because they are made up of chemical-based colors and are toxic to the environment. This is one of the disadvantages of artificial Holi color nowadays. This is the reason why you should choose natural eco-friendly Holi. Disadvantages Of Artificial Holi Color According to beauty experts, artificial Holi colors can affect your eyes, lungs, and skin. If your skin is very sensitive and suffering from certain skin allergies then you must never use artificial Holi color.  The common issues of artificial Holi color are as follow: The chemicals can cause serious injury to your skin. Chemical colors when applied to the hair can cause loss of hair (alopecia).  Irritation of eyes Overall fatigue and weakness Dehydration Skin rashes Dry scalp and hair damage. How To Make Natural Eco-Friendly Holi Powder At Your Home – Step By Step Guide The excitement of Holi is more among children and teenagers. So, it can be useful for you if you make natural colors at your home beforehand. You must always opt for natural eco-friendly colors to protect your skin and prevent your surroundings from becoming toxic.  Now, let’s start to make our natural eco-friendly Holi powder to celebrate this Holi.  1. Brown Color Holi is the time for family bonding, and this can be the best time to spend your precious moments with them. If you are willing to make some dark colors with natural ingredients, then Brown can be your suitable choice. Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength and loyalty. Moreover, it affects your mind and body by creating feelings of peace, confidence, and wholesomeness. To make the brown color, you need the basic ingredients: 1 part of henna powder  Four parts of amla powder Instructions: Mix 1 part of henna powder with four parts of amla powder thoroughly. You can also dissolve them in water if you want wet Holi powder. Soon you will get a brown color powder with which you can play Holi with your friends and family. 2. Purple Color There is a long history of Holi that very few people know. Nevertheless, people all over the world celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm and happiness. The purple color of Holi symbolizes pride, creativity, independence, and royalty. Actually, it is the color of mystery. Now, let’s start making the purple color Holi recipe to celebrate this colorful festival.  For the purple color, you need: 1 to 2 kg of Beetroot Instructions: Cut 1 to 2 kg of Beetroot and boil it in a cooker. After a few minutes of five to six whistles, remove the water from the pressure cooker as soon as it cools down. To dilute the same, you must use fresh water, or you can also preserve it in the fridge.  3. Blue Color The blue color symbolizes stability, wisdom, and inspiration. Simultaneously, it represents both seas and sky, and this signifies freedom, imagination, determination, and bravery.  It is believed that Lord Krishna is blue-colored as they fought against evil. Color is also a highly used color during the Holi festival.    To know the blue color Holi powder recipe, you need: Dried flowers of Neeli Gulmohar Instructions: The Gulmohar plant yields beautiful reddish-orange or blue color flowers. These are very attractive and long-lasting violet-colored flowers. You can take these flowers and dry them in the sun. When the flowers are completely dried, you can convert them into powdery form.  4. Yellow Color Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness. Moreover, this color stands for positivity, freshness, happiness, enlightenment, royalty, joy, etc.  This yellow color is also one of the most popular Holi color powders, and you can make this natural eco-friendly Holi powder at your own home.  To make yellow color powder for Holi, you need: Good quality turmeric powder Besan flour Instructions: The recipe of this Holi powder is the easiest of all. To make this, you need four parts of besan flour and two parts of turmeric powder. Your dry yellow color powder is ready! 5. Green Color The green color signifies nature and the natural world. Our environment is also green, and you should maintain this by using eco-friendly green Holi powder.  The green color also represents forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion, etc. It gives healing energy to the heart.  To make this color, you need: Heena powder Flour   Instructions: Take a pure henna powder, which is free from artificial ingredients. Then, you can mix it with flour to get a green color powder with which you can play Holi.  Closing Thoughts Holi is one of the most popular festivals for Hindus, and later it becomes popular among non-Hindu communities as well. It signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading love and happiness. To make this festival more memorable, you can make homemade natural Holi powder and save yourself as well as your environment from pollution. More Resources:- 8 Effective Natural Stain Remover. 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