6 High-Paying Career Paths for Creative People


21 October 2021

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Sometimes, it may not be easy to choose a suitable job path after graduation. This is particularly true for creative types, who are more likely to pursue a career that they are enthusiastic about rather than one that pays well and has many employment possibilities.

Check out these 6 unique careers, organized by talent and passion:

1. Web Design

Web Design

By popularity, web design comes first. According to Glassdoor, web designers earn an average of $53,000 a year (ranging from $38k – $74k) and are often referred to as the digital world’s graphic designers. They are in charge of planning, creating, and developing websites, which requires a combination of technical and artistic abilities.

What is Web Design?  Web design is the visual appearance of websites on the internet. It generally relates to web development rather than software progress. Since 2010, web design has become more essential for mobile and tablet browsers.

This includes the appearance, layout, and occasionally the content. It is a matter of looks. A structure defines how data is categorized. A good site design is easy to use, attractive to the eye and targeted. To avoid confusing or distracting visitors, many websites aim to be essential. A web designer’s primary aim is to gain and maintain the target audience’s trust; thus, removing user annoyance is critical.

2. Soc-Med Specialist

Some believe that social media specialists upload pictures and react to private conversations. In reality, the work needs more creativity than practical abilities. It’s annual

Your job as a social media expert is to develop ideas for material that will boost interaction, reach, shares, likes, etc. This role aims to utilize channels to grow sales or market share. Thus strategy and innovation are key. To understand how to monitor leads/conversions and traction, you may complete a short certificate course.

3. Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Business development managers assist companies in discovering new income sources. New markets to sell into, strategic partnerships with other companies, and new markets to sell into may help their organization accomplish its financial goals.

To attract new customers, cooperate with other businesses, and finish big projects, expect to spend much time interacting with existing and potential clients and partners. According to Jacoby, a company development manager will require imagination to debate deals outside and propose new methods within.

This job requires strong social and public speaking skills and research, analytical, organizing, and writing capabilities. To earn a manager’s salary and title, you must first work as a business development associate or representative.

4. Copywriters

One of the most superficial creative professions is copywriting. It’s ideal for anybody who enjoys writing and creating catchphrases or slogans. You may work for a marketing firm with many clients or a single business as an in-house copywriter. Expect to write anything from website copy to Instagram captions to text for posters and brochures, all to inform consumers about the company you’re working for or advertise the goods or services they offer.

Copywriters often collaborate with designers, social media managers, product teams, and even CEOs, making this a fantastic job for individuals who like working as part of a creative team. Senior copywriters usually work on more significant projects or supervise teams of less experienced copywriters. If you want to start as a junior copywriter and work your way up to higher-level (and better-paying) positions, a degree in English or creative writing can assist.

5. Soc-Med Specialist

Compared to other decades-old marketing tactics, social media is still a newbie. Marketers and communicators are just now recognizing the potential of social media.

Around 3.6 billion people worldwide use social media, many to research products. As more businesses use social media for promotion, the need for social media specialists grows. Before, social media managers were uncommon. Indeed, it now lists thousands of jobs in the US with “social media” in the title.

This is a challenging and rewarding profession. Social media listening tools track user engagement and brand mentions. To increase brand awareness and loyalty.

6. Game Designers

Game Designers

Video game creation is one of the highest-paid professions in the business, which is excellent news for gamers with a creative streak. The average annual income for video game designers is around $90k, with a very diverse and fascinating job to go along with it.

Storytellers, programmers, and graphic artists are all wrapped into one for video game creation. They’re in charge of creating video game ideas depending on the target demographic and then bringing them to reality. This may include crafting storylines and characters, designing user interfaces, and entering scripts to create interactive gaming components.

So, have you decided yet?

Being a famous actor or singer is one of the first professions that come to mind. But such occupations are few and challenging to prepare for. The careers listed above may not seem creative at first sight, but they provide many chances to utilize your artistic skills – and make a difference in the world. All you need is passion, skill sets, and the right mindset. Best of luck!

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Hotel Jobs NYC

Hotel Jobs in NYC – Top Reasons to Explore This Opportunity

It is famously said “In New York, they like winners. They don't like second place.” This quote perhaps sums up the character of this city which has witnessed hundreds of ‘rags to riches’ stories over the years. For more than a hundred years this city has attracted people from around the world who come here to realize their dreams.The hospitality industry in NYC is no different and it has helped hundreds of thousands of people build a great career. , New York City sits top on everyone’s radar.  Here we discuss some of the reasons for you to explore hospitality jobs in the city. The Odds Are High: As a job seeker, you would always want to work in a place that offers you maximum career options. And when it comes to stats, there can be no better option than New York City if you are looking to make a career in the hotel industry. The top 250 hotels in NYC have a total of about 70000 rooms and employ about 35000 people. Apart from this, there are hundreds of other smaller hotels, inns and B&Bs in the city that employ more than a hundred thousand people. The city being the center of the global economy is visited millions of people annually creating a vibrant hospitality industry. So your odds with hotel jobs in New York are substantially higher than anywhere else in the world. It is Constantly Growing: If you thought that the above figures are mind boggling and the growth has stabilized, think again. Since 2007, an estimated 35000 hotel rooms have been added to the city and each year more than 4000 rooms are being added. This has resulted in constant demand for new talent in the industry. In 2014, a record 55 million people visited the city with the majority in the corporate travel bracket. These figures are all-time high in the post-recession world and has stimulated the construction of new properties and hiring of fresh talent. Higher Wages:  Working in one of the biggest cities in the world comes with its own perks. As per the latest figures released by the New York State Department of Labor the basic hourly wage for people in the hotel industry stands at $9 per hour which is among the highest in the United States for entry level employees. Apart from this employees also receive other allowances for Uniforms, Food and Lodging. And here we are only talking about minimum wages. If you are passionate about your job and possess the right skills you will never have a reason to feel disappointed about your remuneration in New York. It Adds To Your Resume: If you are planning to explore hospitality jobs in other parts of the world, the experience of working in a hotel in New York would act as a huge plus in your Resume. Finding hotel jobs in NYC involves going through the most stringent selection process where only the best make the cut. There is an aura about working in such a competitive ecosystem where you would have to deal with people from different parts of the world that come with their own expectations. This works as a great learning experience for any professional irrespective of his/her role. So even a small stint in New York improves your future prospects in this industry exponentially. As you can clearly see the hospitality industry in New York offers you an ocean of opportunities to explore. Irrespective of your skills and expertise you would find an opportunity that would lay a strong foundation for your long career. To scout for the most lucrative opening, you need to choose a job portal that is dedicated to the hospitality industry. These would keep you updated on the latest job openings across various hotels in the city and let you apply at your ease.

Project Manager

How to Spot an Elite Project Manager

Every entrepreneur wants to achieve growth and success in their businesses, one aspect that is very important in every business is the people who work for it and especially their leaders. A project manager must ensure that every project that the business is working on succeeds without failure or waste of resources. In this case, a project manager is expected to have topnotch skills and be strategic in everything he does. Being a leader, they are also expected to not only direct their respective teams but also exercise collaboration with everyone involved. Learn how to identify an elite project manager by checking for the following attributes. 1. Reliable Judgment: A project manager is like any leader and is expected to make many important decisions in the company. He must also be able to strategically prioritize tasks at work to ensure that every aspect of each project is taken care of. His judgment in every decision is very important, and this includes his ability to determine project scope, budget, job scheduling, resource allocation and job assigning to every person in the team among other responsibilities. Brian Setencich warns that if a project manager makes a poor judgment in any of these responsibilities, the entire project is affected. 2. Communication Skills: The project manager is expected to direct other people involved in the project and therefore must communicate all of his directives effectively. Also, a project is usually carried out by different people and everyone involved including the leaders is expected to work on building a positive relationship with other members of the team. The project manager should be able to communicate his directives and instructions in a result-oriented manner. An elite project manager should be able to ask the right questions, address everyone respectively and also listen to his team members because when they are free with their leader, it becomes easy to express their opinions and creativity. 3. Enhance Other People’s Skills: An effective manager is one who can spot a strong opinion from his subordinates and is willing to listen and implement it in the organization if considered viable for the project. People feel more motivated to do more when their opinions and creativity is valued. A project manager should, therefore, give these people the freedom to showcase their skills and talents without limitation. If possible, he should also push for training and development of his team members for better results with the project and the overall performance of the organization. 4. Ability To Think And Act Strategically: A project manager holds a very strategic position in an organization and therefore must be very tactical in every decision he makes. Brian Setencich insists that a project manager should be able to see the big picture in every aspect of the project he is managing and then direct others towards that vision. He is supposed to be very strategic when making every administrative and financial consideration. Another important consideration an elite manager is supposed to make is on how to assign jobs in the project whereby he matches skills and tasks in question without being biased. 5. Ability To Manage Risks: The world today is changing at a high rate, and it is only those who are prepared for change who will be able to survive and thrive in such times. For instance technology advancement is very rapid and the internet keeps on introducing new aspects to people’s personal lives and businesses. Some of these changes might come as risk factors for a specific project, and a good project manager should be prepared before damage happens. An elite manager should remain active and agile in their mindset so as to effectively manage risks as soon as they are anticipated. Recruiting leaders in a business can be more overwhelming than when acquiring any other employee because of the solidity of skills required. If you are hiring a project manager and you are not sure how to acquire an elite one, then consider working with an experienced employment agency. Read Also: Perfect Resume Samples For Every Job How To Live Healthily Even If You Have A Full-Time Job Is Your Company Offering Enough To Potential Employees?  

Cyclical Unemployment Refers To

Cyclical Unemployment Refers To? – A Detailed Guide

What is cyclical unemployment? What does cyclical unemployment refers to? How to determine the cyclical unemployment rate? When does this unemployment rate rise and what are its effects? Let’s discuss these queries in detail below. Individuals who lose their jobs during the recession are known as clinically unemployed. The jobs are created after the recession ends. Moreover, this is one factor among several that contribute to total unemployment, including institutional, frictional, structural, and seasonal factors. Cyclical Unemployment Definition Cyclical unemployment is an element of overall unemployment that results directly from cycles of economic downturn and upturn. In this unemployment, the labor forces are eliminated as a result of business fluctuations or cycles in the economy. The rate of cyclical unemployment is low when the economy is at its tip or undergoing constant growth. The number of unemployed workers surpasses the number of job vacancies in the job market. Due to a drop in production, fewer workers are required resulting in job layoffs. Examples Of Cyclical Unemployment The best example of this unemployment is when construction workers were laid off during the Great Recession following the financial crisis of 2008. Another example of cyclical unemployment is the increase in layoffs as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. During this period, many loosed their jobs and wages and the US government passed an economic stimulus package to assist those hit by the pandemic pay their bills. You can also check: How to Choose the Right Commercial Collection Agency. Cyclical Unemployment Refers To Cyclical unemployment refers to a year to year fluctuations in unemployment around its natural rate. Besides, this is closely associated with the short-run ups and downs of economic activity. In this unemployment, you will see the regular ups and downs, or cyclical trends in growth and production, as measured by GDP, that occur within the business cycle. Those workers who are no longer needed will be released by the company, resulting in their unemployment. Thus, this unemployment is highest during an economic recession and is lowest during an economic expansion. How To Calculate The Cyclical Unemployment Rate? The formula for the cyclical unemployment rate estimates for the other two kinds of unemployment and their rate as well. Cyclical unemployment rate = Current unemployment rate - (Frictional unemployment rate + Structural unemployment rate). The rate of unemployment constantly changes when the economy enters and reenters business cycles. The average time frame for a sales cycle during a return may be only eighteen months or so. However, when the economy settles down into a hole, the cycle could take ten years or more to be achieved. At the same time, keep in mind that high or low cyclical unemployment is only temporary. When Are The Causes Of This Unemployment Rate And What Are Its Effects? Cyclical unemployment occurs during a recession. The causes of this unemployment are the same as the causes of recessionary periods. In this period, a temporary increase in economic activity is fulfilled. This newly unemployed have more layoffs, less business revenue, lowering demand, and less disposable income. It was not enough when monetary policies were executed at the time. The primary causes of this unemployment rate are: Market Crash The recent market crash contributed to causing cyclical unemployment. The financial impact was far-reaching and millions of people who were employed in big firms lost their jobs. These crashes led to a decline in employers and expand as a level of uncertainty is produced. Negative Multiplier Effects  The multiplier effect determines the chain reaction that a decline in demand has. This demand not only affects the local store or supermarket but also the goods, butcher, and the farmers. Hence, a decline in demand ends up affecting more industries and numerous areas at the same time.  Decline In Demand The primary cause for Cyclical unemployment is when the demand throughout the economy fades. Once demand starts to fall, firms don’t need to buy as many products and services as needed. You may like: Dutch Locksmithing Company Reveals How to Get Best Prices. Other Types Of Unemployment The other types of unemployment that economists recognize are described below: Frictional Unemployment Frictional unemployment determines the time that elapses when an employee is transitioning from one job to another. Many individuals consider this as a positive cycle of unemployment as it symbolizes that people are going into new and usually higher positions. Seasonal Unemployment This unemployment occurs due to periods of high interest in certain sectors and also happens as requirements shift from one season to another. This category can accommodate any worker whose jobs are dependent on a specific season. Institutional Unemployment This unemployment includes the components of unemployment attributable to institutional arrangements, such as high rates of unionization, discriminatory hiring practices, and high minimum salaries. Structural Unemployment Structural unemployment is caused by major shifts in the makeup of the economy. It is a mismatch between the demand and supply for specific skills in the labor market. Read more: How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired During A Pandemic. The Final Thoughts Cyclical unemployment refers to a year to year fluctuations in unemployment around its natural rate. Many individuals even described that cyclical unemployment as a result of businesses not having enough demand for labor. Hence, this is all about this unemployment type that you must know at the earliest. Read Also: Clicka Jobs USA – Why It Is Making Headlines? 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