Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?


03 September 2022

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is consumer services a good career path

Each and every occupation has its perks. Consumer services offer a good headstart for people starting their careers in the field. Also, there is a promised and good growth potential in this sector.

The service sector of an economy is divided into three different categories.

  1. Business services.
  2. Public services.
  3. And consumer services.

Many of us tend to confuse consumer service with customer service ( which is about helping customers before and after purchase). Consumer services are intangible, and they are often produced, served, and consumed at the same time.

But, is consumer services a good career path? What are the good sides and the disadvantages of a career in the consumer service platform? If you have similar queries, then this article might be helpful.

What Is Consumer Service?

What Is Consumer Service?

Consumer services (again, not to be confused with customer services) focuses on intangible services that derive value from different intangible experiences, outcomes, or processes. Such services have no physical experience.

If you want examples, we can name a few familiar consumer services that we are familiar with,

  • Computer software,
  • Consulting,
  • Health care,
  • Accounting,
  • Education,
  • Insurance,
  • Investment banking etc.

Some jobs in the consumer service sector might also require you to work in call centers, and they might be based in retail stores. In some cases, you might be required to work from your home. A basic skill needed in the consumer service sector is good communication and problem-solving. Industrial services and consumer services differ from each other. Below is a detail,

Consumer Services Examples

Some examples of consumer service jobs can be found in different industries. Below are some industries you might want to check out,

1. Retail


In the retail industry, businesses create and sell products and services for personal use. If we calculate in the US, there are more than 3.8 million retail businesses. These consumer services in the retail sector employ around 44 million people. As a result, it is one of the biggest private sectors.

2. Healthcare


Health care services also come under the consumer service sector. The healthcare sector offers an assured answer to your question – “is consumer services a good career path?” there are different consumer services in this sector that are indispensable. You can find consumer service jobs in these sectors under healthcare services,

  • Rehabilitative
  • Emergency
  • Home care
  • And long-term treatments

3. Education


There are plenty of job opportunities in the healthcare service sector. But, the education sector is not devoid of consumer service occupations. You have jobs in universities, colleges, and schools.

4. Hospitality


Hospitality is the host of a huge service industry and is comprised of food and beverages, travel and tourism, lodging, and more. All of these feeds are interconnected to each other. There are many job opportunities in hospitality as a consumer service professional.

Similar to these sectors, consumer service jobs are available in Information technology, finance, product as services, and professional service sectors.

So, Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path In 2024?

Consumer services is a good career path in 2024 for those who enjoy interacting with people and solving their needs. Consumer services is a broad sector that includes a wide range of careers focused on delivering consumer services and support, such as customer service, sales, retail, marketing, product development, research and development, and operations. 

Of course, there are also some challenges and drawbacks to working in consumer services, such as dealing with difficult customers, working under pressure, and facing competition. However, these can be overcome with the right skills and mindset, and by seeking training and support from employers or colleagues.

Some of the benefits of pursuing a career in consumer services are:

Job security

Many consumer services, such as health care and banking services, are essential for people’s daily lives, so the demand for these services is likely to continue regardless of economic conditions. Consumer services industries are also constantly evolving and innovating, creating new opportunities for skilled workers.


Many jobs in consumer services offer flexible work schedules, making it easier to balance work and personal life. Some jobs also allow remote work or digital delivery, which can increase convenience and efficiency. There are also various types of jobs in consumer services, allowing candidates to choose positions that suit their interests and strengths.

Growth opportunities

There are many career growth and advancement opportunities in the consumer services industry, with many entry-level positions leading to management positions. Consumer services roles also help to develop transferable skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, which can benefit any profession.

Meaningful work

Consumer services roles play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and building brand loyalty, making it a meaningful career choice. Consumer services professionals can also make a positive impact on society by supporting local businesses and communities, reducing waste and clutter, and promoting health and wellness.

Jobs Available In The Consumer Service Sector

Now, with a clear idea about the consumer service sector, we are ready to explore the job opportunity in the consumer service sector.

This type of service has a wide range. The consumer service sector is the largest sector in the world, where jobs range from garbage cleaning to offering brain surgery. In the US alone, this sector has a wide range of jobs lined up, taking up almost 50% of the total available jobs in the US.

Different types of jobs are available in education, health, retail, and other different sectors. Teaching students, student counseling, and financing loans for students are intangible services produced and consumed simultaneously.

So, is consumer services a good career path? Yes, it is a viable option, given the number of variable job opportunities in different sectors. Salespersons and customer service representatives also come under consumer service.

Pros And Cons Of The Consumer Service Sector

Here are some pros and cons of the consumer service sector –


  • There are countless opportunities of working in the consumer service sector.
  • Low academic degree requirements make it a great place to start your job.
  • You can build interpersonal skills dealing with different types of clients.
  • Workers have opportunities to earn bonuses and commissions.


  • Sometimes it may not seem consistent. You have to deal with multiple and frequent changes in the business. This could often seem frustrating.
  • The working hour is not regular sometimes. You might have to work on holidays and weekends.
  • Professionals in this industry often face burnout and stress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some frequently asked questions about the consumer service sector that I have answered below.

Q1. What Career Path Is Customer Service?

Consumer service is a good career option. If you have good communication and problem-solving skills, you can choose customer service jobs. As a customer service provider, you have to help customers before and after the purchase of a certain product or service.

Q2. What Are Examples Of Consumer Services?

Consumer services are the type of job where employees offer intangible services. These services are typically produced and consumed simultaneously. Some common examples would be auto repairs, haircuts, healthcare, education, landscaping, or pet sitting.

Q3. What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field?

Here are some companies that we can take as examples of consumer service companies,
. Talkdesk
2. Kasisto
. Acorns
. Walmart
. Apple
. Amazon
. Innovaccer
. Pfizer
. Thumbtack
0. Babylon Health
1. N26

Q4. Is Customer Service And Consumer Service The Same?

Consumer services and customer services are different. Customer services aim to support customers before and after the purchase of a specific product or service. However, consumer service is about providing intangible services like auto repairing or haircuts.

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path? – Verdict

There are some pros and cons. But consumer service industries are great to start your career in. You might start at an entry-level job, and you will rise through the ranks and can eventually make a profitable career out of it. Truthfully, consumer services are a good career option. In this sector, you get to work with new people and multiple people every day.

In this article, I have explained several reasons why it is a good career path. Also, the number of jobs in this sector is multiplying every year. Did this article help? Please share y our feedback with us in the comment. You can also leave your queries regarding the same.

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Non-Physician Career Opportunities

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Healthcare is a field that stretches to every region and sector. Gone are the days when only surgeons and physicians claim the spots of significant career paths in this domain.Previously, when anyone would think of a successful vocation, doctors would instantly come to mind. The amount of work and commitment that the jobs mentioned above require is astounding.Years and years of critical studies, practical learning, and research enable individuals to set foot in this particular field.However, now with the depth in healthcare, the number of career opportunities has multiplied tenfold. You can strive towards your desire to work for society in this area and avoid an immensely challenging process. All you need is commitment and dedication, and you will have innumerable opportunities at your doorstep.Here is a list of a few of the non-physician career openings in the healthcare field in 2021. 1. Paramedic:They are mainly on the front line and provide support in situations that need immediate medical attention. From transporting patients to hospitals to treating them with instant care, these people manage and see it all.The kind of experience and requirements that are essential for a paramedic depends on the prospective position. An initial and critical prerequisite in paramedical science helps individuals get employed as graduate paramedics or qualified. It could be a degree or even a diploma depending on the career path a paramedic is willing to pursue.A convincing reason why this field is rapidly on the rise is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world has been requiring urgent medical care, and only paramedics can come through and help in such situations.  2. Clinical Administrator: A clinical administrator is one of the most illustrious careers in healthcare.A crucial medical criterion like a master in healthcare leadership is the ground basis for it. It mainly includes guiding and providing professional leadership to medical staff and ensuring compliance with all essential medical standards. Being in the administration can give you a competitive edge.It helps you fully understand the operations and management of the entire system. Through the ultimate handling of risk management, you can train yourself to work in critical conditions. It can be very beneficial if you decide to switch jobs.The opportunity to grow further as clinical administrators are vast and can eventually lead to directorial positions in facilities. 3. Veterinarian:We live in a dehumanizing society. In a time like this, opting for a selfless profession is truly rare.Working for the welfare of the people is not sufficient, as working for animals is equally important. A career that has been gaining immense popularity in healthcare is a veterinarian. Most of them work in the private sector and ensure that our furry friends' health remains in optimal conditions.Additionally, other sectors also require this profession, such as rural veterinary work, under government agencies' supervision. With many people interested in animal adoption, the need for a vet has also increased rapidly over the years.However, becoming a certified vet is not easy. One has to go through rigorous training and experience to fulfill the basic requirements. 4. Occupational Therapist:One of the tremendous things about occupational therapists is that they have several career options and a satisfying salary. It makes them one of the top professions in the healthcare sector. They work in normal settings or on fields with their patients.With degrees like masters in social work online, there is ample room to work in different locations and explore the prospects. It equips a person to indulge in social work while developing the community and serving various sectors.Furthermore, they help people to recover from undesirable living conditions and improve their living standards. Between 2018 and 2028, the occupational therapists' field will grow by a whopping eighteen percent. For instance, occupational therapists help patients that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.Thus, with an aging population, this field is bound to flourish. 5. Pharmacist: The job of a pharmacist is far more critical than we can imagine. They not only allot prescription medicines to patients but also carry vast knowledge about medical drugs.They regulate and monitor the use of safe and effective medications that circulate in the market. Every medical facility that has a hospital or clinic requires a qualified pharmacist inside the premises. Apart from this, they perform a crucial role in giving vaccinations and managing health and wellness inspections.Pharmacists are the ones who are authorized to verify the instructions passed down directly by the doctor, reading medications and other procedures. They not only prescribe medicines and monitor their flow but also research and develop new drugs.Furthermore, they work alongside vaccine researchers to develop vaccinations and immunizations against deadly viruses Conclusion: In today’s era, the healthcare field is rapidly gaining immense recognition and popularity. And for all the right reasons.Without the research and drastic developments in this field, we would not be able to tackle the pandemic and lose millions of lives, as was the case during the Spanish flu epidemic.However, due to healthcare professionals' diligent work and efforts worldwide, we could stand our ground and reduce the virus's fast spread.Among these healthcare professionals are many non-physician workers without whom the sector could not flourish properly.We have shared some of these positions above; however, there are many others out there. Nonetheless, all of them contribute directly or indirectly to the development and growth of communities.Read Also:B.Sc. Agriculture- An emerging career option in India Finding Your Dream Career: 5 Useful Tips for you to Research about a Company Before You Apply Tips to Explain with Your Web Designer for Starting the Job