3 Characteristics of The Best Wine Clubs You Can Join as An Avid Wine Drinker!


21 May 2021


Characteristics of The Best Wine Clubs

One way to sample various international and domestic wines in the comfort of your home is through a quarterly or monthly wine club membership.

Since most wine clubs concentrate on featuring small boutique vintages and wineries, you will get to experience really unique wines that you never would find in a local wine shop. Below is a discussion on the 3 characteristics of a good wine club:

Offers Multiple Options for Membership:

Besides providing flexible shipping schedules, most wine clubs offer several membership options without any minimum purchasing requirements.

Nearly every club also will enable you to cancel at any point without incurring cancellation fees. Based upon your budget for wine, you’ll initially be choosing between membership to a premium wine club or a value wine club.

Costs greatly vary depending upon the club you select and your membership level, yet the least expensive clubs begin at about $30 for a 2-bottle shipment. A premium wine club may cost as high as $700 for a 2-bottle shipment, learn more about wine clubs.

The kind of wine you need to receive will narrow down your search further. If the membership includes two or more bottles per month, the best wine clubs will enable you to select if you want to get shipments only of red wines, only white wine, or a combination of the two.

The best wine clubs will provide various international and domestic wines, while other ones only concentrate on specific varieties or regions.

The Best Wine Clubs Are Selective About Their Wine Selection Process:

The Best Wine Clubs Are Selective About Their Wine Selection Process:

Something to take a closer look at is how a wine club makes its choices every month. It’s important while researching the value clubs since you may not want a discount or bulk bin deals.

Usually, the best wine clubs have a panel of specialists who pre-screen wines for value, quality, and uniqueness every month before sending the best bottles out to members. Some wines have a numerical rating assigned to them.

While the point system is a helpful guide while judging the quality of a wine, remember that those ratings are subjective, and you should always consider the source.

Are Able to Reorder Favorite Wines:

Unfortunately, some clubs do not provide a convenient re-ordering system online if you want to purchase more bottles of a specific wine you like.

Liquor laws differ depending upon what state you reside in, so it may be really annoying if you attempt to re-order wine directly from the winery or from a different distributor.

When you’re reviewing the best wine clubs, you definitely should verify to see if you will have the ability to reorder specific bottles and what type of discounts are given. Occasionally those discounts may be as high as 50 percent off direct winery prices.

Wine club memberships are the ideal gift to provide yourself or any wine lover in your life. Since most clubs just feature boutique vintages and wineries, it’s a suitable method of discovering incredible wines that you’d never have otherwise had the chance to try.

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