Your Cloud Kitchen Essentials: From Licenses to Restaurant Softwares

Published on: 11 March 2021 Last Updated on: 14 May 2021
Cloud Kitchen

The pandemic has been a woe for a few, while a blessing for others. Several restaurants closed down while others have been constantly bearing the brunt. However, during this time taking commercial kitchen on share or cloud Kitchens gained immense popularity as COVID-19 disrupted the restaurant industry.

So, What is a Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchens are famously known as delivery-only restaurants. They cater specifically to online orders placed through virtual delivery companies such as Swiggy and Zomato. Cloud kitchens bring with themselves the opportunity to conveniently reach a wider audience of foodies. Sounds simple right? Well, setting up your own cloud kitchen is as uncomplicated as its definition.

In this blog, we will specifically dig deeper into the licenses and essentials required to run a Cloud Kitchen.

1. Location:

Finding the perfect location for your cloud kitchen shouldn’t be a challenge considering you don’t have to take into account factors such as accessibility, design, and parking, among others. You can opt for a place that is close to your target delivery locations. In comparison to dine-in restaurants, location acts as a prime differentiator for bringing down the cost of investment.


Obviously, there is always a legal compliance requirement! Obtaining the apt licenses and certifications are important to conduct your business as well as provide customer satisfaction.


FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) :

FSSAI Licenses are mandatory for every food business operator in India. This license ensures that the kitchen is maintaining the food safety standards of India. After you file your application for the same, an inspection of the premise is conducted. The license is granted within 60 days if the procedure is successfully completed. The cost for a new license ranges between Rs. 2000- 5000.

GST Registration:

GST is levied on everyone dealing with the supply of goods and services across the country. In order for cloud kitchens to partner with food delivery platforms, they require a valid GST registration. GST Registration is required only if your aggregate turnover exceeds Rs.20 lakhs. At first, you need to file the enrollment form on After which, you must submit the necessary documents and you will receive an acknowledgment number. The government does not charge any fees for GST Registration.


Shop and Establishment Act:

All commercial establishments nationwide come under the purview of this Act. You must file for this registration within 30 days of commencing your business. The registration certificate can be obtained by applying through the official website for your state. Registration fees for the same depend specifically on the location of the restaurant. It costs approximately Rs.1000 for a single registration in various cities.

Trade License:

Trade license allows you to start your cloud kitchen within a particular municipal limit. This helps in keeping up with public health concerns. Trade license fees include a fixed one-time payment along with renewal fees.

Fire and Safety License:

This license requires the kitchen owners to take precautions in case of the risk of fire. The license is issued within 7 days from the date of application. You can fill out the signup form and get started here-

3.  Restaurant Software:

Restaurant Software

While running a cloud kitchen you ought to have a quick automated solution and smart technology. Petpooja’s cloud kitchen software is your one-stop destination for an efficient and user-friendly Point-of-Sale System(POS System). Having a restaurant POS system or a restaurant software aids in integrating online orders, inventory management, customer engagement, employee performance, and restaurant analysis. Given the current situation, it is integral for restaurants to set up their own POS System.

It goes without saying that setting up your own cloud kitchen with Petpooja is easy and convenient. Follow these 3 basic steps to set up your cloud kitchen and you are good to go. Reach out to us on 7046223344 or for more tips and guidance. We would love to help you grow your restaurant business!

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Setting up your physical shop or office is not an easy job. You should put away huge time and cash and put a lot of difficult work to guarantee that you have an amazing retail facade or working environment that mirrors your image and will pull in your objective clients or customers. Relocating business along with packing and moving can be the toughest jobs of your life, but movers in Phoenix can help you get rid of this task. With all the exertion and cash you put resources into opening your store or office, relocating your business will absolutely be the farthest thing in your brain. Notwithstanding, regardless of whether your business is new or effectively settled, there will come a time, when moving your shop or working environment will be the best choice you can actually make. If your organization is planning to move to another state or country, here are a few tips to read that could possibly be one of the main reasons for relocation: # 1. To secure more space. The No. 1 explanation an organization will move to another office is on the grounds that their present office no longer has enough space for them to do the things they need to do. One of two components becomes an integral factor: either the encompassing property needs more open space to oblige an actual extension of the structure, or the executives have established that such an office development on the current site would not be financially savvy. # 2. To bring down working expenses. While the requirement for more space might be the No. 1 explanation, directly behind the reality high working expenses have made an organization or plant uncompetitive. In some cases it's the expense of work: normal compensations, benefits, laborers comp and joblessness protection costs, and so forth Or then again it very well may be the difficult natural guidelines or high assessments. # 3. To modernize hardware and offices Now and again an organization's current office, its gear, or both, have become so outdated that the organization is put at an inconceivable hindrance contrasted with its rivals. # 4. To draw nearer to an enormous section of their market Significant distances to advertise mean two things: time and cash. In the event that a huge segment of an organization's market is in a specific district, that organization might have the option to set aside a ton of cash in transportation costs — and furthermore lessen their item conveyance times — by setting up an activity in that locale. # 5. To combine into fewer offices. Some of the time an organization simply has more assembling offices than it needs. # 6. To be nearer to specific providers or common assets. Similar market influences that apply to an organization's client base additionally apply to its providers. Significant distances mean higher transportation expenses and longer reaction times. # 7. To get to a superior or bigger work pool. Nowadays, work is the topmost concern for growing or migrating organizations, when they take a look at the areas. Here and there, an organization or office develops to where the neighborhood or local area, at this point don't supply a working power in adequate numbers and quality. # 8. To kill explicit work-related circumstances. Here and there an organization or office is having a terrible involvement in associations — ongoing strikes, expensive advantage bundles, or whatever — and the solitary arrangement is to move as distant as they can. # 9. To be nearer to comparable sort organizations (grouping). Numerous organizations like to bunch around different organizations inside a similar industry. Silicon Valley and Detroit are exemplary models, yet there are a lot of different models everywhere in the country. # 10. To improve personal satisfaction. A few organizations simply need to improve their personal satisfaction. This might be the individual decision of the proprietor for certain secretly held organizations, or it could be with the goal that the organization can all the more likely draw in particular kinds of workers (engineers, researchers, visual specialists, or whatever) by being in "high caliber of life" area. Before you start to move out, here are a few tech details you should know about relocating a business. We all vibe that the spot we live in has the best personal satisfaction on the planet. The significant thing is the way others see personal satisfaction in a specific area. In the event that an organization enlists broadly, or globally, for high-ability representatives, at that point being in an area by and large saw to be "cool" is an unequivocal resource. Read Also: Mistakes that Expats Make when they Move Overseas Plan Moving Houses Ahead: 7 Essential Tips 7 Helpful Tips During an Emergency Moving Process Moving Companies and How they Determine Cost Finding The Right Moving Company