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22 May 2019


Audience that works effectively for business Function

Imagine this for a minute. Your boss has asked you to plan a product launch for an up and coming product that you’ve been working hard on. While this is your chance to prove your capabilities and stand out in your team, it can also be a source of unwarranted stress. Your Business function plays a vital role in upgrading your business to the next level.

So, how do you plan a successful business function if your event planning experience is only limited to those frat parties you used to throw back in college? Who are the people you need to work with and what are the things you need to prepare to organize a corporate event?

In this short guide, you’ll learn just how easy it is to put together a successful event – with the right mindset and strategy.

Essential Components Of Business Function Are As Follows

There are several essential components of business function that you need to take care off while improving your business to the next level.

Pre-event planning:

Pre-event planning

The basics:

Before you book those suppliers, the first thing you need to do is understand the who, what, why of the event you’re planning. Without the basics, it will be hard for you to put the different components together.

  • Who are you planning an event this for?
  • What is your company trying to achieve with this event?
  • Why is this event important for your organization?

Understanding that the company’s vision and mission come before your own personal goals will enable you to deliver the message that the company wants to communicate. Organize a meeting with the event stakeholders to discuss the questions above and hopefully, it will help you make the event more meaningful.


Part of planning any event is deciding on a date to have it on. Make sure that your event doesn’t fall on the same date as any major industry conferences. You should also steer clear of holidays and civic celebrations.


Your budget will dictate how well you will be able to execute your plans so don’t just pull a random number out of thin air. Consider both your expected costs and actual costs when asking for a budget so that you don’t end up broke.


While you might prefer to hold your event at the hottest spot in town, you need to make sure that your location reflects your company’s main purpose for the event. Your location shouldn’t just be a great fit for your event, it should also accessible enough even with public transportation.


Let’s face it, planning food and drink for any business function can be nerve-wracking when you’re trying to impress the head honcho. For big events, it’s always best to hire a catering specialist who can meet your specifications and expectations.


You can’t run a successful event as a one-man show. You need the help and support of a great team to get your event off the ground. Since you’ll be handling pretty much everything from event promotion to on-the-day coverage, look for people who are not only creative but also willing to work overtime for the pre-event preparations.


Promoting the event should begin as soon as you have the materials from the marketing team. This way, you’ll have enough time to get send your invites out and secure any VIPs you want to invite. As a rule of thumb, you should send out your invites at least 4 weeks before the event date and send out reminders weekly.

Program flow:

Having an event without a program flow is a recipe for disaster so try to come up with an event checklist before the date. Create a “run of show” document that lays out the whole event as you plan it to happen. Make sure to include contact information of the persons involved for each part.

On-the-day event execution:

event execution

One of the most challenging parts about managing an event, especially a big one with plenty of guests, is keeping track of the onsite registration. While there’s nothing stopping you from doing this manually, you can make the process easier and faster by using the right tools.

Here are some innovative ideas to make the check-in process flow seamlessly.

  • Self-registration using tablets
  • Face recognition
  • RFID
  • On-site badge printing

At any event, you want to make the right first impression, especially with the VIPs. Make sure that you have a team dedicated to welcoming guests as they enter the door. You also want to have enough space between your venue’s entrance and the registration table so that you can minimize jams at the entrance.

Expecting a lot of VIPs at the event? Don’t be afraid to ask the corporate heads for help to usher them into a designated area where they can have the best view.

Post-event follow-up:


A successful event doesn’t end once the doors close. You need to have a system for the follow-up to keep up with the guests who made it to your event. Depending on your event, you can utilize social media, email marketing or even snail mail to let guests know that you appreciate the time and effort they put into coming to your event.

While you’re at it, you might as well ask your guests for input or feedback. The information you gather will be extremely helpful for your next corporate event planning.

Here are some ideas to make follow-up a breeze:

  • Using the emails from the registration process, you can schedule an email drip campaign for the people who attended your event. It’s a great way to make special offers on your new product or send them useful tips on how to use the product you just launched. Try not to go overboard with the offers though.
  • Even before the event date, you can already put together a content packet that you can give away to guests right after the event. A good way to digitize printed content is to use a QR code that will quickly give guests access to a landing page you want them to visit.
  • You can also build a social media following around your event with a dedicated hashtag. Encourage guests to like and follow your social media accounts and use the dedicated hashtag in their posts. Make it even more exciting by offering a special prize to the best post about the event.

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If your business ships a lot of packages, whether in a B2B or B2C capacity, whether part of an eCommerce platform or a brick and mortar building, you understand the value of inexpensive shipping. Ship Packages to make things easier for you. However, how can you find the lowest rates on international shipping? How do you even go about finding the right courier service, one who will ship your packages reliably at a cheap rate? The answer is: you need a courier broker. This article will break down what a courier broker is, how to choose a courier service, and the benefits that couriers have over the standard post. Why You Need Courier Broker To Ship Packages What is a Courier Broker?  Take netParcel for example, a courier broker that negotiates discounted shipping rates with a number of top couriers – they are able to do so by leveraging the volume of their shipments, which they do by getting businesses to use their agglomerative service. It is, essentially, a “power in numbers” approach to shipping, which is pretty ingenious. But when using a courier broker for reliable international shipping services how will you know which courier to choose? What Should I Look For In A Quality Courier Service? Many companies use a courier service to make sure their clients get their products in a safe and timely manner. Separating the good from the great, therefore, is a matter of personal preference: what exactly does your business need from a courier service. Ship Packages that can work well for  your business. A quality driven courier service might include dedicated routing services, overnight delivery, fast distribution, possible warehousing, fast flights, expedited shipping, white glove shipping, discounted bulk shipping, stats on delivery process, and they will publish real-time shipping rates. Of those, you have to choose which are most important and work from there to find your perfect service. Standard Post Vs. Specialized Courier Services: Standard post is packages that are shipped through a public postal service and can have slower shipping times, with a greater risk of package damage. A courier service’s packages, on the other hand, are directed through a private company that cares about each individual package, shipping rates, convenience, and speed. Ship Packages that can work well for you. Sending your company’s product through a courier service will also allow your customers to feel more secure that their package is being handled with the utmost care and security precautions. To top it off, when you partner with a courier broker, you can get the lowest rates on international shipping through a courier service, so all this added care and security won’t cost an arm and a leg. Final Thoughts: In conclusion, finding a courier service that specializes in client satisfaction will help your business succeed by displaying professionalism and prioritizing customer needs. Ship Packages that can work for you better and in all aspects. Join with a courier broker service to see published, real-time shipping rates for a number of different couriers, and choose based on convenience and price, passing those savings on to the consumer. For any business that ships packages frequently, a courier broker is a real godsend – a service that allows you to reap the benefits of a courier service without paying the high prices. Read Also: Important Things To Consider When Packaging Your Product Simple Packaging: Your Guide To Branded Design

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The Need For Modern-Day Lobby Spaces For Your Business

In today's dynamic business landscape, the demand for modern-day lobby spaces takes center stage. It represents more than just a conventional waiting area. These modern lobbies have emerged as indispensable assets, wielding profound influence over visitors' and clients' perceptions, promoting synergy among employees, and catalyzing overall productivity. The Significance Of Initial Encounters Your lobby, often the inaugural point of interaction for clients, partners, and potential stakeholders, transcends its role as a mere reception area. A thoughtfully crafted modern lobby sets a memorable tone for all ensuing interactions. It exudes professionalism, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. View design ideas for your lobby to find the perfect one for the right first impression. Manifesting Brand Identity Modern lobby spaces offer an exceptional canvas for the manifestation and fortification of your brand identity. Through a deliberate fusion of design, branding elements, color palettes, and decor choices, you can sculpt a lobby that harmonizes seamlessly with your brand's essence and messaging. This harmonious alignment engenders brand recognition and forges a deeper emotional connection between your brand and its visitors. The Showcase Of Technological Mastery In an age characterized by technological prowess, modern lobbies offer a platform to exhibit your technological acumen. Interactive displays, touchscreen kiosks, and strategically positioned digital signage serve as beacons of innovation and sophistication. These elements transcend mere information dissemination; they actively engage visitors in immersive and meaningful experiences. Streamlined Accessibility And Convenience The contemporary lobby design places a premium on accessibility. Meticulous spatial planning, unambiguous signage, and the provision of accessible amenities elevate the overall experience for visitors and employees alike. This meticulous attention underscores a dedication to inclusivity and the utmost in customer satisfaction. Space Optimization Mastery In many business scenarios, space is an invaluable resource. Modern lobby designs excel in efficiency, artfully optimizing the utilization of available space. Through sagacious planning and the flexibility of furniture arrangements, lobbies ingeniously accommodate diverse activities without succumbing to the stifling specter of congestion. Aegis Of Security And Safety Security occupies a paramount position in contemporary business concerns. Modern lobbies are fortified with advanced access control systems, vigilant surveillance cameras, and visitor management solutions to instill an atmosphere of security. These measures transcend the mere safeguarding of physical premises; they imbue visitors and employees with a profound sense of confidence. Adapting To The Changing Work Paradigm The contours of the modern workplace are in perpetual flux, with remote and hybrid work arrangements emerging as commonplace. Modern lobbies deftly adapt to these shifting dynamics, offering flexible seating arrangements, readily accessible power outlets, and lightning-fast internet connectivity. This accommodation empowers employees to harness the lobby as a viable workspace as needed. Forging Memorable Experiences A meticulously crafted modern lobby possesses the innate capacity to forge indelible memories among visitors. Whether through captivating artwork, interactive installations, or distinctive architectural features, businesses can etch experiences into the visitors' psyche, leaving an enduring impression that reverberates and is eagerly shared. Augmenting Customer Engagement For businesses that directly engage with customers, modern lobbies present an opportunity to elevate customer engagement to unprecedented heights. Interactive displays, product showcases, and information-rich content avenues educate customers, respond to inquiries, and craft a more immersive and enlightening experience. Catalyst For Business Expansion The modern-day lobby transcends its physical confines to emerge as a strategic asset propelling business expansion. By conceiving a welcoming, innovative, and productive environment, businesses galvanize the attraction and retention of top-tier talent, impress clients, nourish collaboration, and, most critically, ignite the engines of success and expansion. The exigency for modern-day lobby spaces within the ambit of business is not a mere trend; it stands as an inescapable mandate. Through judicious investments in meticulously conceived modern lobbies, businesses stand poised to outpace competition, adapt to the fluidity of evolving work paradigms, and catalyze growth in a business milieu forever in motion. Enhancing Networking Opportunities Through Innovative Design In the business world, networking is crucial, and office lobbies help garner opportunities for professional relationships and new connections. A lobby that is inviting and well-designed offers a hub for all kinds of networking conferences, events, and meetings. It brings together people from various industry backgrounds. Hosting these gatherings in lobbies creates an ideal environment for professional interactions, the exchange of ideas, and the set up of meaningful connections. Touch Of Art And Decor In Office Space Adding art to your lobby not only helps enhance the visual appeal but also an overall sense of distinction and culture. You can incorporate local art or something more urban to showcase whichever vibe suits your workspace and its members. Local art highlights heritage and talent while creating an innate connection between the surroundings and the establishment. Adding sculptures and other artsy installations serve as accents that enhance the aesthetic beauty of your space. Your incorporation of art and decor into the workspace must be meaningful and have a purpose. Considering the target audience, location, and desired ambiance will create a visually inviting space that leaves an impression on each visitor. Offering Amenities And Technology Office lobbies are the first point of contact an outsider has with an organization. This makes it a crucial space for setting up a reputation and image. Your lobby could be simple organized yet welcoming in the most subtle ways. The lobby can help reflect the company’s brand story in its design. This helps businesses reinforce their brand identity, which leaves a lasting impression on the visitors. Allowing your lobby to become more than just a physical space can help you take soft charge of your brand identity. Your lobby becomes a powerful tool to establish a positive first impression in the workspace. It will also help build credibility that will, in turn, drive potential clients. Positive Work Ambiance A well-designed office lobby creates a positive vibe in the workspace by making it inviting and comfortable for the employees. The lobby should feature seating areas for in-between comfort and lounging space for both employees and visitors. It will help brew impromptu conversations, which will, therefore, foster a sense of camaraderie and community in the workplace. Wrapping Up An inviting lobby atmosphere is crucial when it comes to creating a memorable first visit. Office lobbies must have a setting that is well-planned and matches the tone of your brand. You must focus on the mood, amenities, design, and overall feel of the entire experience. This will help you create an engaging environment that will leave your clients and visitors with a positive outlook about you and your organization. First impressions are a key to business growth. When you prioritize a welcoming lobby setup, your business will ensure that guests have a good experience from the very moment they enter the premises. When you invest in the correct design, amenities, elements, and safety measures, you will be able to offer your future business acquaintances an experience they will likely never forget. Read Also: What Is The Pinterest Creator Fund & How Can It Help Your Business? 5 Best Practices To Manage Pharma Business Transport 20 Manufacturing Business Ideas And Insights