What is a confidence level when using a sample size calculator? Find out what this important stat means

To best understand how to conduct a survey for maximum effectiveness and learn the most regarding your ideal clientele base, you need to know what the confidence level and sample size are for your survey. By understanding the sample size – which you can determine using a sample size calculator – and the confidence level, you can then compile the best way to undergo client outreach.

A confidence level is basically the level of “confidence”, trust, and reliability that you have in a measure of analytics. If you are 100% sure that you have conducted a part of your research correctly, then you have a 100% confidence level. Of course, when someone conducts surveys, having 100% confidence is very rare – typically, you will find that the most common confidence levels are between 90 and 99%.

Let’s see more details about the confidence level and why you should use a sample size calculator to help increase your level of confidence in your analytical measures!

How sample size calculators can help improve your confidence in the survey – learn more about your target market

So, now that you understand confidence, you need to know – how does a sample size calculator influence your confidence in your survey? Since confidence level is the measure of reliability, trust, and certainty that you have in a measure of your study, you can always improve this percentage by being more assured of your methods. Did you make a mistake during the one part step process? Did you find that you used the wrong sample size for your survey?

If you used the wrong sample size, this can lead to a higher margin of error in your study. If you used an inaccurate sample size and it shows that you made a mistake 5 out of 100 times, this shows that you have a 95% confidence level in this survey. If you understand or overestimated your survey size, then you may find that you made a mistake 10 out of every 100 times conducting this survey – this leads to only having a 90% confidence level in your statistical analysis.

When trying to figure out the best sample size to use for your survey, you should consider using a sample size calculator. By figuring out the sample size, you can improve your accuracy, response rate, reliability and confidence level! The response rate is the number of customers who do, or do not, respond to the study and the survey being conducted. When it comes to doing statistical analysis, you want to keep this number as low as possible!


As you can see, using the sample size calculator is the best way that you can increase various factors within your study and survey – you want to keep the response rate, reliability, and confidence level as high as possible to ensure accurate results! By using the sample size calculator, you can keep the confidence level between 95 and 99%, meaning that you will only make a mistake 1-5 out of every 100 tries at this survey method.

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