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Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path? I think you are searching for more reasons to consider your career in the utility industry. Meanwhile, in order to work in this industry, you will be asked to work at a big power station in the North Sea or the center of nowhere. 

On the other hand, the future of public utilities is bright, and there are various opportunities in the same. The individuals who are working in public utilities provide all the essential stuff to the public. 

What Do You Mean By Public Utilities?

A public utility is an organization that maintains the infrastructure for public service. These services are meant to fulfill the basic needs of the public, such as electricity, gas, water, and other communication systems that illustrate much of the public utility market. 

Public utilities generally include some parts, i.e., basic utilities, energy, and natural gas. This modern world would not be able to survive without this. Now, the key players in the utility sector consist of:

  • Service providers and retailers: These are the last segment in the supply chain, selling to the final consumers directly
  • Traders and marketers: These individuals purchase and buy the actual goods and create further complex derivate products, combined services, and structured products.
  • Network operators: Distribution network operators, regional network operators, and grid operators sell access to their networks to retail service providers.
  • Generators: Collect or create the particular product to be used by customers. Example: Water & Electricity.

Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path In 2021?

Public Utilities A Good Career Path

Yes, a public utility is absolutely a great career path who are looking for long-term benefits and high rewards. Besides, many jobs in this area need some technical expertise, such as considering a career path in electric utilities

Working in these sectors is a dream of many due to the several benefits that each employee gets upon retirement. The most popular benefit is the flexibility of the position. Actually, this work enables public utility individuals to determine their own schedules and select their own hours. 

Thus, these jobs are suitable for those who are willing to stay on the job and complete the work on time. The skills required in this sector also fit other industries.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities

In the United States, there are a total of 172,232 individuals who worked for the utility industry, according to the reports of 2020. So, there are more jobs in public utilities than you can ever imagine.

Now, let’s proceed to know the best public utility jobs in 2021 that may interest you in the long run.

i). Audit Director

The Audit Director is an important member of the Business Services Bureau leadership and collaborates closely with senior executives and many more. This is one of the best positions in the public utility sector.

ii). Oracle Database Developer

Oracle Database Developer is also a good career path in the public utility sector. This role allows the financial systems team to respond quickly and be more efficient to order to increase the capability of Seattle Public Utilities’s financial systems.

iii). Government Relations & Legislative Affairs Advisor

Another most important role in public utilities is Government Relations & Legislative Affairs Advisor. This position plays a strategic role and has the main responsibility for regulatory agencies and state legislative.  

iv). Part-Time Lecturer

The Part-time lecturer is responsible for planning the work and how it should be operated. There are also many categories of jobs that fall in this role.

v). Utility Billing – Customer Service

You can also choose this customer service job in a public utility sector that will develop your skills to a great extent, and you can use the same if you are willing to switch your career to other sectors such as finance consumer servicesprecious metalsaccessory stores, electrical utilities central path, etc. 

vi). Field Foreman – Water Utility

A field foreman in the water utility department performs supervisory work to assist with implementation, scheduling, and planning activities designed to provide quality water services. 

vii). Administrative Technician

The Administrative Technician possesses great customer service skills and provides comprehensive administrative support to the utility department. At the same time, there is an excellent package for this role and thus, describes why the public utility is a good career path.

The Final Verdict

Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path in 2021? Now you know the reason behind this query in a large number. The above listed are the top job positions that you can consider if you are interested in the public utility sector. Besides, you can mention your other queries in the comment section below if you have any!

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