Demystifying the common GDPR Myths


23 October 2018



As one of the most common discussions around the internet today, data protection has seen huge changes in 2018. Indeed, the introduction of the European Union’ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) program is making companies finally face up to their corporate responsibilities. While this has been more than a long time coming, it has not been dealt with well for the most part in the recent decades.

This step from the EU is a merciful way to help make the regulation change as soon as possible. However, like all major regulatory changes, some half-truths and full-blown myths have emerged. What are some of the common tall tales told about GDPR that you need to look out for?

1. GDPR is just a mechanism to fine companies!

Absolute hogwash, to put it bluntly. GDPR is a mechanism to send data protection back to the people who the data actually is about, not the company. A company can be fined as much as £17m, or 4% of their annual turnover, by the GDPR. However, this isn’t some committee looking to pay for their holidays and Christmas party: this is here to stop citizens being ripped off any longer by companies.

2. GDPR fines are handed out without warning

We don’t know where these kinds of ideas come from, but it’s just not true in any capacity at all. fines in GDPR will be proportionate to the issue at hand: a small company with a GDPR breach will be fined a reasonable amount. Also, you are given two – almost three – warnings about GDPR compliance failure.

You won’t just find a team of armed guards in EU flags turning up, don’t worry!

3.GDPR came from nowhere

For years, GDPR was reported on and discussed at length. It was not a surprise. Companies were given the best part of a full calendar year to get their systems into spec before the May 2018 roll-out.

Companies that missed the GDPR call-out would simply have not been paying attention to data protection policy changes. This was not a surprise for anyone who followed the industry. If you were a business that did not see GDPR coming, then we recommend that you spend some more time looking at European law changes: this was not a surprise!

4. GDPR is constraining businesses

Again, not true – GDPR merely makes businesses take responsibility for the data that they have. GDPR is making it harder for consent to be presumed, and instead, it has to be clearly provided. The days of pre-ticked boxes for consent are gone. It’s also going to be much easier for people to withdraw their consent if they so choose.

This is not constraining businesses, it’s merely making a part of the web that was thoroughly amateur in its people protection a bit more stringent in the way that you think and acts like a business.

5. GDPR was not necessary

This is also quite untrue: GDPR was absolutely necessary. It’s simply putting in place a foundational program that reinforces key terms such as the Data Protection Act, and also makes companies more likely to care for the data they hold instead of using it recklessly.

This myth, that GDPR is not necessary and was just added in to add more ‘red tape’ is not the case at all. All of the data breach stories of the recent years would have been almost impossible under GDPR: in a bid to give people back power over their own data, GDPR was essential.

GDPR compliance is a fixed process

This has been around for some time and is not the case at all. While it may have rolled out in 2018, the EU is fully aware that getting ready for it will take some time and effort. While the two years to get ready was more than enough, with ICO regulation kicking in as of May ’18, there is going to be change to it as time goes on.

This is not like the Y2K bug; out of all the painful misconceptions about GDPR, this may be among the worst. You might not like the need to be more specific with data regulation, but GDPR is a good thing – the myths make it sound like the end of the world. All it is, in reality, is an end to lawlessness in data protection and regulation.

Final Take Away   

Hence, these are some of the crucial facts that you have to take care of while you want to improve your business in the correct order at the correct point in time. Do not make your choices in grey while you want to develop your current business in the right direction.

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Email and various online tools have become a valuable means of communication among business users and individuals over the years. Many of us now use email daily for work purposes and get in touch with friends, family, or businesses that we are dealing with. When you use email, you can benefit from a convenient and speedy method of communication, and you can even send attachments and documents instantly to people.Unfortunately, another group of people who turn to email technology is scammers, and there are all sorts of email scams that have done the rounds over the years. On top of this, email technology is also used by people with similarly questionable motives, such as those sending abusive, malicious, and even threatening emails to others. Naturally, steps need to be taken in all of these situations. Among many AI-powered online tools, online email lookup is an excellent example of a perfect online tool to provide a fast solution. Why Are Online Tools A Simple And Effective Solution?These online tools are the solution that provides valuable and simple clarification for both businesses and individuals who want to learn more about malicious emailers and scammers. It can possibly provide a range of information that can help identify who is behind the emails. Some of the information that you can find out by using these tools could include:     The real name of the person linked to the email address      Age of the person      Any criminal history      Address details      Social media profiles of the personWith all of this information in hand, it makes it far easier for you to identify whether suspicious emails you receive are from scammers. In addition, it makes it easier for you to find out who has been sending the emails, which then means that you can take action with far greater ease and speed. The Advantages Of Using The Online ToolsOne of the great things about using these tools to help identify malicious and scam email senders is the simplicity involved in using them. In addition, you can access the tools with ease online, which means that you can conduct your research from the privacy and comfort of your own home or place of work. All you need to identify email senders is the actual email address you are suspicious about, and you can then run a search against this online using these tools.Once you have done the search, you could have far more detail about the sender, and this can make it much easier to make informed decisions. You will be able to tell whether the emails are scam ones rather than from bona fide emails.  In addition, if you have received malicious emails, you may be able to find details of the person linked to that email address. Once you have details such as these, you can report them to the relevant authorities to take action. Online tools are helping you to identify the suspicious activity on your accounts and find the source of the mails. However, spam emails are the biggest challenge for any personal and professional mail handers. Even the spammy mail, the hackers are also trying to enter into your system. When you are using the online AI-powered tool, you can block and identify the source of the spam emails. Often the young people face many troubles, and the stalkers are tracking them down from their social media profiles. When you are using online tools to track the source of spam emails or malicious emails, you will find the stalker’s address, social media profiles, and many other documents that are enough to file a report to the police authority.Conclusion: As you can see, these online tools can prove invaluable in terms of helping those who are being subjected to these types of emails. This can help reduce the stress of this situation and get them sorted out with speed and efficiency. Your safety is the most priority. From your social media profile, everyone can track down many other details about you. So if you are facing this type of trouble, first identify the source then take legal actions against them.Read Also:6 Benefits of Microsoft 365 Security 5 Tips to Improve Your Internet Privacy Ways Of Protecting Your Privacy Online

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They all work differently. Each of them is designed to fulfill a distinct security need.For instance; there are dome, bullet, and IR day/night cameras. Bullet and dome cameras can only be installed in indoor areas, while IR day/night cameras can only be put in outdoor areas. So, a dome camera is effective to monitor your staff; while an IR day/night camera is effective to prevent burglary.Also, IP security cameras can record a video of the ongoing activities of an intruder; while other normal surveillance cameras cannot.There is no security camera which can fulfill two roles at the same time. So, you should know your major security problem which you intend to address. With this problem in mind, you can then choose the most appropriate type of security camera. Security Cameras Are Super Heroes: When some people purchase a security camera, they tend to think that they have solved all their security issues. They believe that their houses will be fortified by the virtue of them possessing a security camera system. They equate home surveillance cameras to superheroes in regard to matters of security.This is a very wrong perception. As much as you buy a security camera, you should still take other appropriate measures to safeguard your home.Security cameras can be limited in discharging their functions. For instance; bullet and dome camera types will not function well in dim lighting. Also, when you don’t position your camera well; you may create a blind spot. This blind spot will give a leeway which will allow criminals to operate in. It Is Very Easy to Install a Security Camera: You cannot learn to install a security camera after watching some few DIY tutorials. Installing a security camera is a difficult task that requires some specific skills.You will have to be equipped with basic scientific knowledge. You will also have to understand how to match the lighting conditions and the recording angle with the camera capabilities. This is not something which you can learn within a few minutes.So, never attempt to install a security camera by yourself. You can only attempt to do so when you have received appropriate guidance. You may tamper with it right from day one. Instead, as provided for by Tweak Your Biz; you should contact your security company which will help you out with the installation. You Can Use a Dummy Camera Instead of a Real One to Keep Off Intruders: Of course, there are some foolish robbers who can be frightened off at the sight of a dummy home security camera. However, this trick will not work well with an experienced thief.In fact, most thieves can detect a non-authentic camera at an arm’s length. So, never go for shortcuts. Use real home security cameras, not fake ones. Home Security Cameras Are Expensive: It is only in the past ages when home security cameras were a reserve of the rich. Nowadays, surveillance cameras are affordable to all and sundry.There are many security companies today. This has enhanced market competitiveness. Different companies are using different strategies to have an edge over each other. This has significantly reduced the costs of security cameras. Moreover, their operation and installation costs are cheap. Home Security Cameras Are Only Used to Keep Off Intruders: Apart from preventing the entry of intruders, surveillance cameras can serve others more purposes. For instance; you can use them to monitor your employees in your servicing business. You can also use them to check on your kids’ activities when you are away from home.Though security cameras are mainly used to prevent crime, they can improve your general living standards. With them, your daily tasks will be simpler and more effectively done. Conclusion: All in all, surveillance cameras will grant you immense assistance in safeguarding your home. They will keep off intruders, reduce crime rates and, prevent robbery and burglary. Therefore, you should not allow these myths to restrain you from owning one.Read Also:How To Improve Workplace Security WiFi Security: Mediocrity To Excellence Why DRM Is the New Standard for Document Security

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Does your business need IT consulting services? Information technology consultants create strategic roadmaps for their clients by laying out their goals, objectives, and business drivers. Such a roadmap is essential for making sure your technology organization is aligned with your overall corporate strategy.The demand for cybersecurity consulting and digital transformation is becoming stronger as companies embrace artificial intelligence, mobile technologies, cloud migration, and big data. Almost seventy percent of business owners claim that their cybersecurity risks are on the rise. Hence, professional assistance is more than welcome. The Guide Below Will Introduce You To IT Consulting Services:1. IT strategy and planning IT strategy and planning are frequently requested by businesses. Strategic information technology is the core value of companies, as it helps them invest in the best technologies to be prepared for the upcoming challenges. IT consultants work with businesses in devising a strategic plan that sets their short-term and long-term goals, as well as a plan on how to achieve them. 2. Budgeting Another service that’s closely connected to strategic planning is IT budgeting. Many companies face challenges in trying to build an IT budget because of not understanding their information technology needs.Professional IT consultants will assist you in developing a realistic budget that incorporates your resources and assets. Besides your own resources, the budget also comprises the estimated costs of the new technology that delivers the greatest value to your organization. See this page for some tips on creating a budget. 3. Security risk assessment Another IT consulting service of tremendous assistance to businesses is security risk assessment. Since companies rely more and more on technology, security risks increase as well. Consequently, a data breach or a ransomware cyberattack may cause significant legal, reputational, and financial damage. Anyhow, by conducting a security risk assessment, these consultants will define the level of risk and create a mitigation approach for its minimization. 4. Cloud and data migration services Cloud and data migration services help companies transfer their applications and data from physical data centers to public and private clouds. Such transfer is usually performed to improve security and reduce costs. Professional consultants are experienced in developing the perfect strategy for cloud migration by discussing both the advantages and disadvantages of each cloud provider, calculating the costs, and then implementing a plan to ensure a smooth migration. 5. IT assessment Another type of consulting service for businesses to consider is the IT assessment. As time goes by, your network keeps on developing by adding hardware and software layers, which might lead to overlooked security gaps. Fortunately, information technology consultants are capable of performing a detailed review of your computing environment. This article,, includes the top five security gaps in hybrid IT.In the course of these reviews, consultants perform an examination of the current technology to see its effect on your business development. Your existing technology is either hindering or assisting your business to grow, meaning changes have to be made in the former situation. Once the evaluation is completed, you will receive it in writing. The written version of the evaluation identifies the crucial areas that would benefit from an improvement.Related Resource: Standard Consulting Updating Businesses Now On ISO 9001 Changes 6. Business continuity and disaster recovery This consulting service is indispensable for preventing business interruptions from affecting the flow of work. Such interruptions are bound to happen, which is why a disaster recovery plan is of vital importance in times of crisis.Information technology consulting firms are experienced in the formulation of such plans, which explain how employees are expected to communicate during a crisis, access the necessary tools, and find the data they need. These plans are of great value when business interruptions occur, as the process of work should keep on flowing. Reasons to hire IT consulting servicesThese consulting firms are worth hiring because of providing businesses with numerous advantages. The majority of IT consulting firms place the focus on the optimization of core business processes. These processes can be optimized by improving employee productivity, tracking performance, achieving maximum efficiency, and building an effective strategy.Information technology consultants help their clients improve their organizational structure by some of the burdens off their shoulders. As not all employees are equipped with knowledge of technology, the chances of them making errors are much higher. By hiring professional consultants, your staff members can get back to their daily tasks and be much more productive.Another reason for companies to consider hiring such consulting services is the cost-effectiveness of making such a decision. The act of hiring full-time information technology employees involves paying salaries, compensations, perks, and other benefits. Even when there are no challenges for them to address, you will still have to pay them.Consultants, however, aren’t hired on a permanent basis. They work on given projects and leave once the work is entirely performed. You won’t be obliged to pay any additional expenses, just the agreed cost for their services. Additionally, these specialists will use fewer resources compared to the resources used by in-house teams. Once their job on a project is done, you won’t need to keep them on the payroll.Another reason why many companies consider hiring such specialists is the experience they bring to the table. They are experts in the information technology field and know every nook and cranny of the market. These experts devote most of their time to doing research on the IT industry so as to get familiar with all the new products and upcoming trends. Learn more useful facts about the information technology sector.The availability of these consultants is usually 24/7, meaning they are on the job at any time of day or night. Given most of them work with clients from different parts of the globe, you can get assistance whenever necessary.Nevertheless, instead of assuming that your provider offers 24/7 assistance, make sure to confirm this assumption during the interview, as well as ask whether you will get charged extra for making calls in the middle of the night.By hiring such a consulting firm, you will also be able to train your staff. Consultants can assume the role of mentors for your in-house personnel by sharing their knowledge and experience. The areas in which your employees would benefit the most from receiving IT training are related to security and troubleshooting issues.It’s useful for your personnel members to know how to troubleshoot the most basic IT issues instead of immediately seeking assistance. In contrast, the security training will help them identify the most frequent cybersecurity risks in order for them to report these threats or, even better, block them.Increased employee productivity is another benefit of partnering with an IT consulting firm. In small businesses, it’s common for in-house teams to have too many projects on their plate, which leads to increased stress and reduced productivity.Professional consultants can free up your team of employees to get back to their core functions. Consequently, their productivity will improve significantly. See this URL,, for the key to increasing productivity. To sum up Hiring such a consultant is a necessity for any business relying on information technology.A trusted advisor can translate the newest technologies into a competitive benefit for your company!Read Also:Is Other Consumer Services A Good Career Path In 2021? Do You Need A Restaurant Consultant to Open A Restaurant? 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