Ecommerce Software Development Trends

In the past year, eCommerce has expanded from being something that would guarantee convenience to become somewhat of a necessity. In fact, according to experts, it has been one of the major avenues that have kept the global economy going.

When the pandemic hit and lockdowns ensued, policymakers quickly realized that Ecommerce could be a major way for enabling people to access resources.

Even before the pandemic hit, Ecommerce commerce was growing at staggering double-digit growth rates. According to UNCTAD, global Ecommerce has hit 25 trillion in 2018!

For businesses, this means an exciting new opportunity. You can either take your physical brick-and-mortar store online or you can simply start an eCommerce platform and become an aggregator.

In this resource article, we are going to focus on the best Ecommerce software development trends for businesses.

List of 5 Major Ecommerce Software Development Trends

1. The Rise of Ecommerce Platforms-

1. The Rise of Ecommerce Platforms-


Retail software development has benefitted from the emergence of easy and simple eCommerce platforms. You do not need to spend a ton of money to start your own venture. You can easily choose between great platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, and BigCommerce. This has made it easier for people with lower investments to get into business in a short time.

2. The Growth of PWAs to boost Ecommerce-

Ecommerce is all about the app experience. The rise of smartphones and internet technologies have made it possible to create immersive shopping experiences in apps. However, just like the last point, small businesses cannot afford to break the bank in terms of custom app building. Enter PWAs or Progressive Web Apps. These mimic the website experience like an app.

3. Voice Search Influencing Ecommerce-

3. Voice Search Influencing Ecommerce-

Look around you. There is a huge proliferation in the number of smart devices we are using to communicate with the internet. From home assistants like Alexa to connected Car technology and Google Assist on our phones, we are speaking to search engines and allowing them to help us. Ecommerce software development should take into account the role of voice search.

4. Social Media and Omnichannel Ecommerce Sales-

You would have heard your friends or relatives bragging about how they got a great lamp from Facebook’s Marketplace. In fact, for experts, this is the next logical step in the evolution of eCommerce. As a business that is looking to get into this field, you must focus on omnichannel eCommerce sales and marketing. This can open up entirely new avenues for sales.

5. The Impact of Augmented Reality on Ecommerce-

Tech innovators and software developers are now looking at ways and means of creating as realistic an eCommerce buying experience as possible. This is why Augmented Reality or AR is going to become the next big thing in eCommerce software development. People want to see how they would look if they would be able to have a virtual try for the products they buy.

The Ecommerce Software Development Support System: What is it?

While the above technologies are some of the biggest trends in the eCommerce software development ecosystem, there is more that meets the eye.

Every developer or entrepreneur who has started an Ecommerce venture knows one thing for sure- it is all about the experience.

To support this, there are three major verticals that you need to take into consideration. In this section, we are going to list them down-

The Cloud Support

When you are hosting an Ecommerce website you are handling tons of data and details that not only need lightning-fast processing speeds but also guarantee a safe and secure environment. This is where the Cloud becomes important when it comes to creating a good user experience for the platform.

Payment Solutions Providers-

Payment Solutions Providers-

The growth of Ecommerce happened around the same time when the Fintech industry started booming. The better the payment solutions providers, the easier and comfortable will be the user experience. As a business, you will have to pick the ones that can benefit the business to the greatest possible extent.

Mobile Commerce-

Do you think that the Ecommerce industry would have taken off in the way it did if smartphones did not exist? Probably not. This is why mobile or M-commerce has become such an integral part of Ecommerce software development. Mobile responsiveness, experiences, and speed are what make a good platform great.

The Bottom Line:

There is a reason why the advent of new technology is taking Ecommerce software development to new heights. In this article, we have tried to look at some technologies that are redefining the Ecommerce ecosystem. We have also looked at technologies that are considered as the bare foundations that help in setting up an Ecommerce platform that is solid in terms of UI and UX. If you have any other questions that you want us to answer, drop them in the comments section below.


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