Top 3 Most Entertaining Educational Games


04 March 2019


Educational Games

Learning, especially when you are a child who goes to school daily, can be quite a chore. But as a parent, it is especially a task to make your kids learn their basics and a bit more. It can get quite boring at times for your ward, and he or she might just refuse to cooperate. It is here that the concept of fun education can be brought to the place. It is in no way or form necessary that knowledge only has to be through the means of books. With the advancement in technology, it has become especially easy to get kids to learn their lessons in a more interactive and fun manner. Educational games- both online and offline can be a great way to learn- and retain knowledge- in a more entertaining manner. In fact, there are custom writers who create the base of these educational games. Here is a list of the top 3 most entertaining educational games to help your children learn better!

1-2-3 Farmyard:

This is an offline game that will teach the basics of math to your kid in a fun and easy manner without scaring them about numbers for the rest of their lives. With the help of this game, children learn how to identify numbers, count them and most importantly compare between two or more numbers.

The method of playing this game is quite simple. You have to build up a complete farm by using the animal cards that you pick out at random. The catch is, you cannot use the same animal twice. There is an added advantage to the game as well. Not only will you kids learn their basic math with the help of this game, but they will also be able to identify the animals that are there on the farm. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

Robot Turtles:

We all know how important data and coding is in this day and age of the internet. So why not start a little early and teach your kids about computer science and the logo programming language with the help of this very entertaining game? The players of this game use code cards to move the character of the robot turtle all around the playing board. There are many levels to conquer, and it will definitely help keep your kid or kids engaged without any distractions.

As far as it’s about the skills they will learn with the help of this game, then this game helps them understand and correct the bugs that might occur during coding and programming. It also helps kids understand about sub-routines and loops and most important of all; it helps your kids understand all about planning a strategy.

Rivers, Roads, and Rails:

Do you remember how difficult it was to master geography? Well, make sure your kids have no problems with the help of this game. There are 140 colorful cards that are used to create a complete transportation system. One has to create maps by comparing and matching the pieces of the puzzle. This is great if you have a single child since this game can be played solo as well. You kids get to learn all about the transportation system and maps with its help! They also will be better at matching pieces.

Thus, if you play these games with your kids today, in their later ages during the exams, they will have just one thing to say: “I’ll definitely ace my paper today!” And that would be the best thing to hear when your kids are in high school, isn’t it?

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3 Amazing Online Resources for GMAT Prep

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of GMAT prep courses and institutions to choose from when it comes to finding the course that makes sense for you. As you probably know, much of it costs money, and the GMAT is not a cheap investment. For example, it’s $250 just to take the exam alone, not including private coaching prior to or even gas money on driving to the testing center! (Okay, we won’t go overboard with the fees, but you get the idea.) Have you spent time exploring free online resources for GMAT prep? While you can get creative and spend time speed reading dense academic journal articles and newspapers for additional verbal practice, wouldn’t it be more convenient to take advantage of the GMAT-specific resources online? We happen to think so, which is why we’re very excited about three amazing resources not to be missed by serious GMAT learners. These resources are not only free but also highly informative and extremely useful in the GMAT learning process. Who doesn’t want to supplement their test curriculum with free resources that can only help them enhance their score? Let’s examine these three amazing resources and all that they have to offer prospective students. GMAC: When you’re looking to study the GMAT, why not go to the source directly? The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) creates the GMAT and offers a variety of free resources on its website, In particular, they have a great section titled “An In-Depth Look at the GMAT Exam” that breaks down the test and its different elements in one of the most comprehensive ways available. Any questions to have about GMAT          specifics can be addressed on GMAC’s website—even articles about Integrated Reasoning as a predictor of future success. com: Thankfully, has a handful of free resources to take advantage of in the world of GMAT learning. In addition, to the “find a tutor” tab that helps you find a GMAT instructor or class by geographic region, this site also features a lot of free GMAT practice. Their “Tips and Tricks” section will help you buff up on some very useful test day strategies; the Idiom List is particularly helpful for non-native English speakers; the Math Basics portion is a very useful brush up on all relevant quant skills. is a perfect resource for helping devise your GMAT prep game plan and enhancing the skill set you already have. Manhattan Review: Manhattan Review has been a global pioneer in GMAT preparation since its early beginnings in 1999. Now operating in nearly all corners of the world with students from all around the globe, Manhattan Review has a plethora of free GMAT resource materials to choose from. If you’re looking for quality practice questions, you’re in luck. Manhattan Review features 42 free practice questions in its GMAT Practice Question Bank. This is of enormous value, especially since they dissect each answer and explain why the incorrect choices are wrong. Furthermore, they provide a free GMAT practice exam, which is invaluable to get the “test day experience.” Truly, you cannot look to a better GMAT resource than Manhattan Review, and lucky for prospective students out there that they provide these resources for free! As is evidenced by these three amazing examples, finding online GMAT practice that’s also free is accessible, easy to find, and highly useful to implement in your course of study. It’s never a bad idea to mix up diversify your materials with additional free material since it can be tiresome using the same workbooks and guides over and over again. Also, since most people take the GMAT on a computer, it’s always advised to practice on a screen to mimic the real-life circumstances of test day. An additional resource worth investigating is, which provides some good preparation materials and practice exercises, despite being slightly aged and out-of-date. Finally, while free materials are highly beneficial and a welcome change of pace, it probably goes without saying that nothing can really beat the value of enrolling in a GMAT prep class. Manhattan Review, for instance, has a variety of courses both in-person and online that can add valuable test insight and applicable strategies. Regardless of the plan of action, you choose to take, know that you have options, both in terms of reference guides and the GMAT core curriculum. Read Also :  5 Counseling Specializations Undergraduate Students Should Understand 4 Emerging Trends In The Education Sector