JEE Main 2018- Importance of Practicing with Previous Year Questions


13 January 2018


JEE Main 2018

JEE Main is the largest engineering entrance exam of the country. Due to sheer competition in the exam, it is not easy to crack it. However, there are many things candidates do or can do to get an edge over others. One of these things is to solve past year question papers for Joint entrance Examination which has become an important, rather essential part of preparation. Solving previous year papers can be beneficial in the following ways:

Best Guidance about Important Topics

The biggest question in the mind of JEE aspirants is that which are the most important topics. Well, you can have a lot of teachers and seniors telling you important topics and they can give accurate guidance as well. But isn’t it better to know these things directly from the papers? If you scan through the papers of the last 15 years, you will never need to ask anyone about the important topics for the exam.

Therefore, while you are looking to start your preparation, just go through the past year papers once. Just note down the number of questions coming from each topic (don’t solve those papers for now), and there you go. You will have a self-made list of the weightiest topics for the exam.

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Perfect Source of Practice

There are numerous sources from which you can practice questions for the exam such as books, mocks, coaching material and whatnot, but actually, the best source of practice will always be the past year papers. See it this way, on one side you have some random questions from all the topics, and on the other hand, you have questions that have actually appeared in the paper, and you know which one is better.

Thus, previous year papers become the best source of practice. But we suggest that you do not start solving them right at the start of your preparation. Practicing with these after completing your entire syllabus will be a better option.

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These Boost your Confidence

Most people join coaching for JEE Main but coaching institutes generally provide study material that is way beyond the level of the exam as JEE is about concepts and not about all the toughest science problems of the world.

Due to such high-level questions, many candidates tend to lose the confidence and past year papers can be the savior for such students. The questions asked in the actual exam are not as tough as those witnessed in mocks or coaching material. Thus, relevant questions take your confidence to another level, which is a very important factor of preparation.

These are the Best Mocks, Ever!

Taking mock tests have become an essential part of preparation these days. Many students enroll for national level mock tests to practice and know the level of their preparation. But there is always a problem with mocks regarding the relevance of their level of difficulty. Some candidates feel that the mock tests they enrolled for were not up to the mark, and some say it was above the required level.

But what if we tell you about the best and the most relevant mock test series. Yes, the past year papers are undoubtedly the best mocks you can appear for. If you solve 10 papers as mocks, you would have appeared for the exam 10 times before the actual test. Isn’t it great? So use past year papers as mocks and you have the optimum level of practice you need.

The ‘Repeated Questions’ Scenario

Although it is not the ideal way to think, many a times questions from past year papers get repeated in the exam so if you go through these previous year papers, you will be able to solve such questions quickly.

Although such repetition is not very frequent, even if you get just 1 or 2 questions repeated, isn’t it a great bonus of 4-8 marks. So why miss those 8 marks?

How to Make the Best Use of Past Years’ Papers?

Well, solving past years papers is always of great benefit, but you can maximize the benefit by applying some simple tips. Here is what you can do to make the best use of these papers-

First: At the beginning of your preparation, scan through the papers of at least past 15 years. Note the important topics here.

Second: After completing your syllabus, these papers should be your first preference for practice.

Third: If you see any type of question(s) getting repeated, note it down separately, go through it during your final revision.

Fourth: You can also prepare some strategies by referring to these papers.

Fifth: Solving every question is not necessary (until of course, you want to score 330 or more). Look out for questions which are the most doable ones.

We hope you have understood the importance of past year papers from above-mentioned information. So go through these and nail JEE Main 2018. Good Luck!

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4 Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from E-learning Courses

Content marketing is one of the most dynamic marketing disciplines because it involves engaging consumers through a piece of content you create for boosting website traffic and sales for your business. This isn’t easy to achieve because consumers constantly change, meaning that the parameters for creating good content that will engage them to change accordingly. This is one of the key reasons why content marketers need to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest techniques and learn the right way to approach content creation. In this article, we will talk about what content marketers can learn from online courses. If you are not convinced, stick around for a while and learn about the connection between content marketing and elearning courses. 4 Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn Through E-learning Make sure that your writing is concise and absolutely clear and leave no room for readers to misunderstand it. The content that you put out should be easily understood by everyone reading it, and give readers a sense that they are accomplishing and learning something important. Here is the name of four lessons that content marketers can learn from eLearning courses. 1.  Being Topic Relevant And Staying On Topic Learning courses include relevant and meaningful content that engages learners and motivates them. The same logic can be applied when creating content for marketing purposes. You need to include specific information that will engage the audience. Consumers will be deeply engaged in your content if they find valuable information that revolves around the general topic. If you are providing information that is not closely related to the topic or simply talking about unimportant things, they will lose interest in your content. So, make sure that you don’t lose perspective and stick to the main topic. This is not always easy to do because of the fact that you simply won’t know what people would like to learn from your content. Working hard on putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience is essential in order to create engaging and concise content. 2.  Segmenting Content And Giving Readers The Freedom Apart from the fact that you need to create content that can be intriguing to your target audience, you also need to give them the option of exploring your content the way they see fit. Elearning is effective because learners create a hypothesis and they try to prove it. You must allow people to navigate through your content, test ideas, and give them the time to make their own conclusions. By segmenting content into clear paragraphs and subheadings, people will also be able to decide on their own which information is new to them, and which isn’t. For example, if we are talking about an instructional blog post, a reader can quickly skip over the steps they know already and find the information they are looking for. Try as best as you can to avoid creating linear content that has no scope for interactive involvement. Let your learners choose what they want to learn. For instance, online management training courses give learners the option to make choices that will affect their training outcome. Although you don’t have the option of allowing too much freedom and action, you should look to simulate similar structures within your content. 3.  Building Engagement On An Emotional Level People whom you are targeting with your content need to have those elements that resonate with their personalities. A person won’t be able to learn if that learning content doesn’t engage that person emotionally in a positive way. The same rule applies to content marketing as well. In order to be effective and keep the target audience engaged while being memorable, it needs to invoke positive emotions in those consumers. If a person thinks that some information is unimportant, they will probably not remember it. You need to learn a lot about your target audience and fight some broad characteristics that most of them share. For example, you can use their job or level of education to your advantage and include relatable information within your content that will have them connect with what they are reading or looking at. 4.  Make Your Content Digestible Simplicity is the key in content marketing and this doesn’t mean that you shouldn't focus on some more complex topics. Always explain them in the easiest possible manner. Learning courses always try to deliver knowledge in a simple and understandable way, and your content should be similar. First of all, make sure that you split up your long paragraphs for added clarity. Include bullet points, divide information, and highlight information that is essential. This way, you won’t exhaust your readers and allow them to digest your content, piece by piece. It is also important to learn the right type of content for explaining certain topics and not to stick bluntly to one type of content just because it is easier for you. Use charts, infographics, pictures, illustrations to quickly explain something without having to write long paragraphs that have the potential to be misunderstood. Wrapping It Up: The business management training can be very complex and it slowly introduces learners to the terms and techniques until they have all the knowledge they need to participate in advanced training lessons. These are the key features of eLearning courses and the main reasons why they are so effective at teaching people. Engaging people in your content and allowing them to memorize it quickly is vital in content marketing, and these above-mentioned four things will help you achieve that without fail.

Benefits of Tutoring

8 Important Benefits of Tutoring for Your Child

As of the 2015-16 school year, the graduation rate in the U.S. was 84%. If that sounds pretty good, it's because it is. But, there's one area of education where kids still struggle -- STEM. Science, technology, engineering, and math industries are growing. In fact, it's expected STEM jobs will increase significantly by the year 2020. The Dept. of Education is going all-in on these crucial fields. In 2018, the DOE invested $279 million in STEM grants. Parents can help, too. How? With professional tutoring. The obvious benefit of tutoring is your child is more likely to get good grades. But what if your child already gets good grades? Are they being challenged? Are they developing critical thinking skills? Believe it or not, there are benefits of tutoring that go beyond grades. Take a look at eight of them below. 1. Child Gets Individual Attention: The average class size in the U.S. is 21.6 students. Doesn't sound too bad, but again, that's the average. States like Oregon come in with 26.7 students per classroom while Vermont averages 16.7. Even at 17 students per class, that's for one teacher. Doesn't a ratio of 1:1 sound much better? The advantage of tutoring is that your child gets individual attention. You can opt for a group-type tutoring program but most professionals offer one-to-one learning. 2. Distraction-Free Learning: It's easy for kids to get distracted. It happens quite often. With 20 others students in the class, it just takes one to throw off your child's focus. In a tutoring program, your child is able to focus on their work. They're able to invest 100% of their attention into each lesson plan. There are no bells ringing, kids laughing, extracurricular announcements -- it's only your child and their tutor. 3. Child Grasps Concepts at Their Own Pace: School districts and schools devise year-long lesson plans. There are certain criteria teachers need to cram in every week. There have state testing and subject exams to prepare their students for. But not everyone is ready to move on with their class. Some kids struggle during one area of a subject. In school, it's a bit of sink or swim. Tutoring allows them to take the time they need to understand the content. They do it at their own pace. For example, programs like Mathnasium draw up individualized plans that ensure your child understands what's taught in class. 4. Encourages Good Studying Habits: You encourage your child to pick up a book and study. Sometimes, they throw a fit. Other times, they may flat out refuse. Many kids don't like studying because they don't know how to study. Tutors give your child the tools they need to study more effectively. They'll learn study strategies for making the most of their time. You'll start to see your child is more organized. They'll have a study plan. They'll start learning and using active listening skills. You'll start noticing they find quiet places to study and do their homework. These are all behaviors they'll learn through tutoring. The chose online tutor or teacher should be flexible to work with your schedule and learning style. 5. Challenges Advanced Students: Tutoring has a bit of a negative connotation in the sense that people think it's only for struggling students. The truth is, tutoring is for everyone. The same way some kids fall behind, others jump ahead. Just like teachers can't abandon entire class plans to devote all their time to a struggling student, the same goes for those who are ahead. When a child gets ahead of the class, they can get bored. Parents enlist tutors to keep gifted children motivated. Because of the individual learning plans, the tutor will design lessons that challenge them. This keeps them interested in school and out of trouble. 6. Helps Children with Learning Delays: Not all students struggle because they don't understand what is being taught. Some children can't understand lessons due to learning delays. Yes, there are special education programs in the U.S. But, not every child has a medical or psychological diagnosis. In some cases, even when they do, the school district may not have a program designed to help their specific delay. Tutoring is a way to combat this issue. Some tutors are teachers who retired. Others have special qualifications to help kids with delays. This means they're able to assist your child to understand the concepts getting taught at school. With the individual plan and the ability to learn at their own pace, children with learning delays benefit greatly from tutoring. 7. Beats the Summer Blues: Every spring, your child starts to get a little antsy. They see the school year is winding down and may even mark the last day on their calendar. Their brains start focusing on summer fun. You may have done the very same thing when you were their age! Over the summer, we tell ourselves our kids need a break. They've worked hard all year and deserve a few months off. Except, the next grade rolls around and they're a little rusty. Without the constant pressure to read books and work on math, they regress a bit. It's called "summer learning loss." One way to ensure your child isn't affected is through summer tutoring. It's a refresher and primer course all in one. They'll go over what they learned in the previous year and get ready for what's next. 8. Improves Self-Esteem: One of the biggest benefits of tutoring -- if not the biggest -- is it improves self-esteem. Kids are sensitive. When they're struggling in a subject everyone else grasps, it makes them feel bad about themselves. They shouldn't -- everyone struggles at some point -- but it's hard to explain that to kids. Tutoring helps remove these feelings. Your child will start to see that no one's perfect. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. They'll also start to believe in themselves when they conquer challenging lessons. Over time, their confidence will grow. You'll see their grades start to improve. This boost in confidence may carry over to extra-curricular activities or social situations. Consider the Benefits of Tutoring: The benefits of tutoring go beyond grades. Tutoring improves how your child learns. This gives them the confidence to overcome obstacles -- both in school and out. It's important you know the proper steps to take to ensure your child has the best chance to succeed. Tutoring is one of them. Another one is knowing different learning methods. Check out four emerging trends in education. Read Also: 10 Effective Homework Tips For Your Kids 5 Strategies For Parents To Help Kids With ADHD Perform Better At School

Online Education

Online Services to Help Student

If students have modern gadgets and stable Internet connection they can't complain about the lack of assistance because the number of online services exclusively designated for this purpose is enormous. Some of them haven't realized that yet because they haven't spent time discovering and exploring all the advantages of the Web learning sources and management services. Review the types of online remedies with actual examples to organize the studying process and improve your academic performance. Study planners : When you're not aware of what you have to do how can you complete it? The system and order are essential for any undertaking. These attributes save time and contribute to performance quality. Online services like MyStudyLife will help you to set and achieve your learning goals. Improve your time-management by creating classes and individual learning session’s schedules, keep track of your progress to stick to existing and come up with new studying strategies. Besides the website and browser extension, you can access your account on any portable device with the network connection since it has multi-platform compatibility and online synchronization. Specialty dedicated websites : There are many online services that provide information repositories, special task execution instruments and tutorials for the majority of the fields of study. Consider also sites for the professionals to learn by their experience and extend your overall knowledge range. For instance, if you study statistics the site like Stat Trek will come in handy. It provides various task manuals, definitions dictionary, formulas with their application examples, statistical tables and tools, etc. Other like Wiley’s Statistics for Dummies will supply you with straightforward written materials that will be useful especially for undergraduates. Writing checkers : Academic papers require a multi-stage reviewing and revising process. After hours of the tedious research and the content completion to perform a quality checkup of grammar, punctuation, semantics, authenticity, etc. is hard without assistance. Tools like Grammarly provide more developed writing improving mechanisms in comparison to classical text editors and suggest words, marks, and formulations corrections. This online service available as a browser extension, add-ons for Microsoft Word or Outlook and a desktop application. It can also be applied as a plagiarism checker to increase the percentage of your work uniqueness. Online libraries : Paper books aren't as convenient now for studying as their digital versions. The last ones are always available, more portable and easily quotable. You can access even copies of rare editions that are preserved in museums or private collections. Online repositories like provide thousands of free eBooks in different languages and categories. The books at all or already aren't protected by copyright law. Other services like adhere to the conventional borrow-return library system and contain textbooks and MIT press publications. Homework assistance : Every now and then students struggle with their assignments. The reasons can vary from the lack of organization or exploration skills, limited spare time due to the employment to unclear material and regulations representation at classes. There are online services that provide help from tutors that will assist them to overcome difficulties with tasks completion and clarify puzzling concepts. For instance, Homework Lab - student collaboration platform that also supplies students with study tips and learning-management instruments to adhere to well-known or develop individual efficient homework accomplishment methods. Routine helpers : It's hard to concentrate on studying when your other life is chaotic. Constant money problems, accommodation changes or health issues significantly affect the educational process and can cause its premature ending. The Internet is filled with websites and applications that can help organize and refine all life aspects thanks to helpful advice and tools. Manage your finances, save money with discounts, find a permanent home, learn how to cook, switch to healthy meals, explore various lifehacks, etc. Other services like Evernote can bring order to your daily routine and other undertakings. Create notes, reminders, lists, team projects with multiple instruments and various attachments types. Keep a finger on your day's pulse with it's mobile or desktop app. Exploit to the utmost your devices to find assistance during your studying you are looking for. Don't forget about moral support. Receive it via social networks and various chat and video calls applications from your relatives and friends. Read Also : Ten Ways Technology Is Impacting Modern Education Google And Digital Promise Team Up To Make Teachers More Tech-Savvy Than Ever Perfect Day: How To Manage Everything You Have Planned?