How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney On Any Budget


26 December 2018


Personal Injury Attorney

Every year, more than 3 million Americans are injured in car accidents. Millions more are injured in slips, falls, and other accidents.

A large number of those victims choose to file personal injury claims.

Personal injury cases won’t resolve themselves. If you want the best shot at getting the justice and compensation you deserve for your injuries, you need to the help of an experienced attorney.

But when money is tight and you’re already facing unexpected medical bills, hiring a lawyer may feel out of reach.

If you’ve been injured and are thinking of filing a personal injury claim, keep reading. We’re breaking down what you need to know to hire a personal injury attorney on any budget.

Don’t Fall for the Gimmicks:

One of the biggest reasons that many people end up overspending on a lawyer is that they fall for the gimmicks.

Loud television commercials, eye-catching ads, and catchy taglines can make even a sub-par lawyer look like a hero. When you’ve been injured in an accident and you’re feeling alone, it can be even more tempting to fall for these gimmicks.

But choosing the right personal injury lawyer means looking past all of this.

You need to do your research and make sure that you are choosing a lawyer that is not only in your budget, but who will also have the skills and experience that it takes to win you a settlement and the compensation you deserve.

Search Out a Local Lawyer:

Local Lawyer

A simple way to save money when hiring a lawyer is to hire from a local firm.

While a lawyer in a neighboring region or a big, distant city may seem cheaper up front, you may have to pay their travel costs.

If your trial drags on and you have to meet with him or her multiple times, these fees will add up quickly. What appeared to be a less expensive lawyer may suddenly become far less affordable.

Before you resort to hiring a lawyer who you’ll have to pay travel fees for, check your area for a well-respected, experienced injury lawyer to see how their rates and track record compare.

Find One With Experience in Personal Injury Law:

Personal Injury Law

Choosing the best personal injury lawyer starts with actually searching for one who specializes in personal injury law.

While any lawyer may be qualified to take on your personal injury case, that won’t necessarily mean that they have experience or the right skill set.

The last thing you want to do is hire a lawyer and spend a lot of money only to lose your case because your lawyer was unprepared.

Even if you save money by hiring a lawyer with only minimal experience in personal injury law, if you lose your case, it’ll cost you big time. Depending on the amount of compensation you’re fighting for, you could end up losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Narrow your search right from the start. Only lawyers with experience taking on personal injury cases should make your list of finalists.

Check Online Reviews:

Online reviews have changed the way we shop for everything from electronics to local services. In fact, 84 percent of adult shoppers now trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from friends.

Law firms should be no exception.

Checking out online reviews of any law firms you’re considering for hire can help you get real opinions from their previous clients.

Keep in mind that lawyers sometimes take on clients who have little hope of winning their cases. When they inevitably lose, these clients are likely to be disgruntled and may leave negative reviews that may or may not accurately represent the firm or its individual lawyers.

One or two negative reviews shouldn’t keep you from hiring a law firm that has dozens of other positive reviews. At the same time, a couple of good reviews may be a sign that one lawyer with the firm has a good reputation while others don’t.

Trust Your Instincts:

The best thing you can do when choosing a lawyer is to trust your instincts.

With a personal injury lawsuit, your health, well-being, and finances may all be on the line. Without compensation, you may not be able to get the necessary medical care. Or you may be forced to pay for care on your own, which can be devastating to your finances.

Before you trust your health and future finances to a lawyer, make sure you feel comfortable working with them.

Warning signs such as difficulty getting responses or a few rude interactions may be a sign that a lawyer isn’t right for you. No matter how experienced they are, if you’ll be on edge working with them or you feel they aren’t committed to your case, they aren’t the right choice for you.

Look for “No Compensation, No Fee Lawyers”

If your budget is so tight that even following these simple tips feels impossible, there is another solution.

Many lawyers are so confident in their abilities to fight for your case that they offer a “no compensation, no fees” agreement.

This means that if they fail to obtain a settlement for your case, you won’t owe them anything.

This type of agreement allows anyone, regardless of their financial situation, to afford an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you do win your case, you’ll be guaranteed to have the funds necessary to pay your lawyer, as their fee is often a set percentage of your settlement.

Check out this segment of The Mastrangelo Minute to learn more about how anyone can afford an attorney.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney:

Following these simple tips can help ensure that you not only find a personal injury attorney that’s within your budget, but also that you choose one who will best represent your case.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you need the help of a personal injury attorney at all, check out these reasons why you owe it to yourself to hire one.

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When you have to go to court, a million thoughts are running through your head. You are probably feeling insecure, panicked, and even terrified to go into the building because of what is about to happen. That fact can be authentic if you don't have the best communication skills or patience. This is where a trial consultant comes in to help.  The professional trial consultant can discuss the case with you and help you understand how to speak in court so that there are no problems later on with the client or the lawyer. Let’s see first who a trial consultant is. Who Is Trial Consultant? Every new law practitioner is facing a mental dilemma on their first day at court. Presenting your case the first time in front of the judge and many audiences will never be an easy task. But when you are appointed a professional trial consultant prior to your case, you can try the mock trial session for you. The professional trial consultant is not only organizing the mock sessions. They are also boosting up your mental strength and improving your communication skills. The trial consultant appointing is always bringing more benefits on your professional front. They are helping you prepare your witness and the paper presentations along with the improved argumentation skill. How To Speak Properly On Your First Day At Court? One question that you might have for your trial consultant is how to speak in a way that helps the judge and jury understand your case. A great example would be to think about someone who has a heavy southern accent and be in a trial in California.  Would they think less of him if they couldn't understand him? Or judge him based on where he is from? That is not supposed to happen, but there are times when it does. A trial consultant like Rick M. Goldberg & Associates can help you with language barriers and the most effective ways to communicate while ensuring that the lawyer is asking you the right questions credibly.  A witness should be confident and persuasive though never altering the truth and should be able to understand their role while providing credible testimony.  Your Trial Consultant Will Hold A Mock Trial For You Another question that you may have for the trial consultant is how the trial will take place. In many cases, witnesses only base a prosecution on what they have seen on television, and it goes pretty differently in real life.  As such, a trial consultant will have you hold a mock trial so that you understand how effective you will be in a formal setting. It also allows you to fine-tune your posturing and how you present the information of the case. They are practical and highly beneficial to witnesses because it helps them become more confident and helps to ensure they don't walk into a trial blindsided.  However, one note of caution that you will need to keep in mind is that you always need to remember to be fair. It can be harder to understand with the opponent because you are not usually allowed to replicate the mock trial or presentation or know everything they will be doing when they present the case.  Be Calm And Present Your Case Carefully A trial consultant is more or less efficient to ensure that when you walk into the room, you understand what is expected and how to present yourself in the best manner so that you can have a judge and jury know where you are coming from.  Presenting the facts in the best way possible ensures that you have the most substantial chance of success and winning your case. Using a trial consultant also ensures that your story is truthful, and you get to tell your side of what happened. Having that benefit ensures that you will maximize your chances of winning the case.  Conclusion: When you are taking your first case and face court the first time, you will face many challenges. The most important factor is that most law practitioners are facing challenges preparing for juries, papers. The most important factor is an argument in the court is challenging, and when you are taking the help of a professional trial consultant, all your hardships are turning out to be an easy and smooth process. Read Also: Three Practical Tips And Techniques For New Trial Lawyers Under What Circumstances Can You Bring a Claim Against an Employer? Under What Circumstances Can You Bring a Claim Against an Employer?

Insurance Broking

UAE Insurance Authority Sets New Regulations for Insurance Broking

The UAE Insurance Authority has rolled out new draft regulations for insurance brokerage and online transactions. This draft has 13 chapters and 38 articles that explain insurance broking like governance, registration and licensing, the insurance broker and insurance company roles to the broker, insurance broker’s roles, solvency, mergers, financial reports and disclosures, supervisions, dispute settlements, and penalties. Who is an Insurance Broker? The new draft law defines an insurance broker as a juridical individual who intervenes in insurance or reinsurance activities between the insurance/reinsurance proposer and an insurance/reinsurance company and receives a commission from the insurance/reinsurance company. The provisions of the new draft apply to distribution channels, companies, and any other insurance-related business approved by the authority. These regulations focus on shielding policyholders and guarantee that they receive value for their money by purchasing various products. The New Insurance Law Provisions The new insurance law requires an insurance broker to adhere to these regulations for electronic transactions. Criteria for Insurance Brokerage Licensing A company must be established in the United Arab Emirates and registered based on the Commercial Companies Law. The company should own a share capital of AED 3 million or more. You need to pay AED 10 million or more and register with the UAE Commercial Law if you run a branch of a financial Free Zone or a Foreign Company. You can consult a law firm in Dubai to help you with these procedures. It is mandatory to submit an unconditional Letter of Guarantee from a bank; this is paid on demand to the Insurance Authority chairman board of directors. This can be fully or partially liquidated to guarantee the broker’s settlement of transactions and obligations. You must obtain an insurance policy to cover your profession at a value of AED 2 million for UAE companies and a minimum of AED 3 million for a financial Free Zone or a Foreign Company branch in the UAE. You must appoint the administrative and technical staff continually. You need convenient headquarters, software, and technical systems for your profession. It is also mandatory to have an internal control system to govern applications of laws, regulations, resolutions, and circulars in adherence to the Insurance Authority regulations. The next step is to submit the agreement between you and the bank, pay the full fees, and comply with any extra regulations. The Insurance Authority approves or rejects the application within 20 working days. Technical and Administrative Staff The technical staff of an insurance broker has specific regulations. It is a requirement to appoint at least 1 General Manager, Internal Auditor, Operation Manager, and 1 qualified worker for each type of insurance. Below are the qualifications for the appointment of technical and administrative staff; A natural individual enjoying full capacity An individual of good conduct; never been sentenced for freedom restricting punishment in a moral decadency crime without rehabilitation. Pays his commercial debts even if not declared bankruptcy. You need to notify the Insurance Authority of appointments, transfers, terminations, or modifications within 60 days. Roles of the Insurance Broker You must make internal by-laws and submit a copy to the Insurance Authority Dubai offices within 3 months after obtaining a license. You must review and update the internal control system continually; this ensures that you have proper laws, regulations, resolutions, and circulars. It is necessary to design an Operations Guide for periodical updates, risk management, and review it according to the rules. Create a professional code of conduct for the staff and supervise and plan their duties according to the Insurance Authority (AI). Collaborate with the internal controller to enable employees to perform their tasks and report any violations to the authority. You can only dismiss the internal controller by the board of management or board of directors’ decision; this happens if you notify the internal controller and IA of the dismissal at least 30 working days before the dismissal. Penalties The IA developed penalties so that insurance brokers do not violate the instructions, regulations, laws, and circulars.  If you violate any laws, you receive a warning that compels you to remove the infringement and ensure this does not happen in the future.  The IA might suspend you from practicing for a maximum period of 1 year. The Insurance Authority cancels licenses in the following incidences; Violating any license conditions Gross breach of your obligations Failure to renew your license (delay paying fines or failure to pay renewal fees) A final bank declaration associating you with bankruptcy The dissolution and liquidation of your practice Failure to practice your licensed profession within 6 months after obtaining the license If you obtained your license through false information. The insurance sector in the United Arab Emirates is expected to rise; this is why the Insurance Authority issued new regulations to govern insurance brokerage. Brokers have to adhere to set regulations or face penalties. Technical and administrative staff also has to meet various qualifications. This allows brokers to have a set of laws to refer to. Read Also: Insurance- Need of the time 5 Top Tips to Help You Hire The Perfect Attorney