Food Allergies in Dog and How You can Prevent it?

Published on: 05 February 2018 Last Updated on: 21 October 2020
Food Allergies

Is your dog itching and shaking like hell? Does he suffer from a recurring ear infection? The symptoms point towards food allergy and a visit to the vet might be in order.

Allergies, be it skin or food, can be devastating and frustrating for you as well as your fluffy-friend. The non-stop scratching of ear, face, and paws can drive him crazy. Make sure you are covered with dog insurance if you want to be prepared for these situations.

Now, you must be wondering where did these allergies come from when your pet is vaccinated regularly and eats healthy?


Is your pet really having a healthy diet?  Ponder-upon! Unlike humans, a dog’s food is different. You could be taking your pet toward distress if you are feeding him food he is allergic to. For many dog owners, dog allergies related to food are a rising concern.

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As a dog owner, it’s important to know that food allergy and food intolerance both are different. While food intolerance leads to poor digestion, food allergies are the result of your dog’s immune system’s response to an invading problem.

How do you know he is suffering from a food allergy?

If your dog is showing the following symptoms, he/she might be suffering from a food allergy:
  • Itching
  • Paw biting
  • Obsessive licking
  • Poor coat quality
  • Chronic ear inflammation
Some other symptoms of food allergy in dogs are:
  • Skin Rashes
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Itchy rear end
  • Vomiting
  • Chronic gas
  • Nausea
  • Hives

Now, if your dog is showing the above symptoms and is diagnosed with a food allergy make sure you keep him away from foods like:


Some dogs are dairy intolerant and have problems digesting lactose. This further can lead to problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and gas which a dog suffers from.  A dairy allergic dog may also have skin itchiness or paw itching.


People have so many misconceptions about carbohydrate-containing foods such as grains that are made for dogs.  Some dogs show an allergic reaction to wheat, so if your pet is one of them, consult a vet and treat your loving fluffy pet.


Egg allergy in dogs means your dog’s immune system is overreacting to the protein which presents in the egg yolk.  However, for this allergy, you don’t have to visit a vet, just avoid giving them and your monster will be fine.


Dogs mostly suffer from protein allergies. Also, if you are feeding the same food over and over, the chances are that your dog will develop an intolerance or allergy to those foods. And food like beef is one such. However, to avoid this, don’t repeat the same food over and over. Instead, run the repeat cycle after 4-5 days.


Like beef, offering your dog only chicken over and over will make them intolerant to that.


Since many dog foods are made from chicken or beef, lamb can be a healthy option for your pet. However, some pets still experience allergies to this meal. But you can try sweet potato, rice or mix with some other food to avoid allergies.


Offering soy to dog’s can cause various health issues that are beyond allergies. Your pet may face problems like thyroid, liver disease, and much more.

Which Breads are More Prone To Allergies?

Although no specific breed is prone to allergies, some of the most common breeds are:

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  • Collie
  • Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Springer Spaniel
  • West Highland White Terrier
  • Shar-Pei
  • Dachshund and much more

Although it’s overwhelming to have a cute, cuddly monster at home, taking good care of them is a job that needs attention and dedication. Following a proper diet can keep allergies at bay, but in case if your pooch does catch one, Benadryl is a good OTC drug that you can also give to your dog. CertaPet features a very detailed article covering everything you need to know about Benadryl for dogs – make sure you read it.

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Sofas For Dogs

What You Should Know About Mini Sofas For Dogs

A pet owner who loves their dog will do anything for it. If you own a dog, you understand that feeling. It will continuously look for new ways to please your pet. A dog can sense its owner's love and become quite loyal to them. That's why people love taking care of dogs so much. Moreover, pets usually have a preferred place to lounge. In most cases, this place is your furniture. This is because it is soft to sit on and relax. However, dogs can start to shed and leave hairs everywhere around the sofa. If you don’t groom your pet, you will have to constantly clean all the hairs from the furniture. This can waste a lot of time. Follow the link for more details about the topic: tips cleaning dog hair. Instead of doing that, you should consider investing in a mini sofa for your pet. Many owners have them in their homes. They are their best option for pets that want to lounge or sleep on. Also, a minute sofa is far more appropriate for a pet then your own couch. You won't have to worry about the hair anymore. Before you decide to purchase this particular product, here's what you should know about it: Soft and comfortable One of the main reasons you should consider purchasing a piece of furniture like this is because it is incredibly soft and comfortable to lay on. Dogs are usually quite active, but at some point, they will get tired and will want to sleep for a couple of hours. What better way to do that than on their very own mini sofa? This particular piece of furniture is specially designed for pets. All you have to do is select one for your canine and purchase it from a local store or order it online. It can really make your dog happy. All you have to do is teach it to lounge there. It might take some time, but it will definitely be worth it. Mostly, people look for a dog sofa or chair for their beloved furry friend. Your pup will have a place of its own to relax. How cute is that? The main reason why these products are so popular is that they are practical and comfortable. You will be able to notice that if your dog gets used to it. It is the perfect size for your beloved furry little friend. Just make sure to order it from a reliable store. There are many like those available online. Different designs As with any product, the mini sofa for pets also has various designs. Some are more expensive than others. What you should do is take your time and browse through several products. They all have different applications that you need to check out. To speed things up, it is advisable that you visit some reviewing websites because they usually have a lot of information on them, even for products such as these. They will be able to figure out what will work best for you and your pet. If your dog is quite heavy, you should definitely purchase a mini sofa that can endure heavier dogs. If not, you can select the smaller and dainty looking ones. They are quite adorable. There's a high chance you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to get. But a decision has to be made sooner or later. You can always ask for a recommendation from someone close to you that has the same mini sofa for their pet. The sooner you make a decision, the faster your pet will get used to it. You can take adorable pictures from your furry friend napping or lounging on the tiny sofa. Easy to clean The mini sofas are smaller and easier to clean. How fast can you do it depends on the material of what they're made oft. For example, if you purchase a mini leather sofa, all you have to do is wipe it if it gets very from your dog. But not all mini sofas are made from leather. Some are designed with a softer and more plush material that has to be removed and thrown in the washing machine to get properly cleaned. Either way, it won't take up much of your time. You can even use a steamer to clean all the germs and bacteria located inside the material. Let's face it, dogs can quickly get dirty. It is your responsibility to clean up after them. But you won't feel bad about it because your pet will love the new mini sofa you purchased for it. Some have a storage pocket Many mini sofa designs have an extra storage pocket where you can store all of your pet's toys and other essential things. A lot of owners buy different kinds of toys for their pets to play with. What better way to store them than to place them in their very own mini sofa? Some designs are practical and convenient like that. If you are looking for a similar one for your own furry friend, all you need to do is find the right mini sofa and purchase it. What better way to do that than to do some extensive research online? As mentioned above, you can go through several of the products until you find what you're looking for. Read Also: 4 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Service Dogs Can Dogs Make the Anti-Social Kids Socialize Better? Can Dogs Help Writers Stay Positive During Stress? The Best Dog Breeds For Fitness Fanatics