Fur Handbags Still in Style?


21 June 2017



There are few things that say fashion and style like a well-worn fur. While coats and hats often come to mind when thinking about a fur trend, handbags are now making their way back onto the scene. While these state of the art bags were once only for the well to do, they are now growing more popular among fashion buffs on a tight budget.

My little girl lost in time

With my daughter’s 18th birthday quickly approaching, my wife and I were at a loss on what to get her for a gift. We had wrapped our minds discussing what she would need when she left for college at the end of summer and what seemed to be cool among her friends.

One night, my wife and I sat around the kitchen table going through old photo albums of our family. It was hard to believe that it had been almost 18 years since our daughter made her way into our lives. We had a book for every year of her life, full of pictures from special occasions.

I was surprised when my daughter asked if we had any pictures from our own childhood years. I made my way through the boxes that had been tucked away in the back of our closet and found what it was she wanted to see. My wife and I each had a scrapbook of our own that was full of pictures from high school, and even a few as old as our elementary school years.

There was one photograph that caught my daughter’s attention more than the others. It was a picture of my wife with her grandmother on her last day of junior high school. My daughter had always joked and teased us about the style of clothing we wore in those days. However, she had absolutely fell in love with the fur handbag her great grandmother was sporting in the picture.

As soon as my daughter mentioned how badly she wanted one, my wife and I looked at each at the exact same time. We knew what we needed to buy her as a birthday present. As soon as we had wrapped things up for the night, my wife was on her computer looking at the Fur Clearinghouse handbags. She spent about half an hour going through the selection until she found what she thought would be the perfect one.

The perfect handbagimage003

As the last of the guests had left my daughter’s birthday party, my wife and I asked her if she would come out back to the sunroom with us. We had two last gifts for her that we wanted to give her with just the three of us. The first was the information for an account we had started for her on her first day of school that we had hoped would be enough to make it through college without her having to work a part-time job.

The second was the fur handbag my wife had ordered the night we had all been looking at pictures. She had been able to find an exact replica of the one her grandmother had been holding in the photo my daughter fell in love with. Never in my life did I think I would see the day that my daughter had something that meant more to her than a large sum of money.

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Top 5 Eyewear to Style your look at New Year

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Dress for Winter

Choosing a Dress for Winter 2021

The new fashion season lays down the rule. Although the cold weather sets in, designers tell women not to forget about elegance, sophistication, and brightness. Therefore, the wardrobe must-have beautiful and stylish dresses. Our friends from Joy-pup write about the fashionable dresses for winter 2020-2021, so you’ll get to know what style and prints a modern girl should choose to look gorgeous. We will also share some tips on how to choose an outfit. Winter dresses 2021- main trends In the season of falling leaves, you can be bright, bold, and interesting. Stylists recommend being open to experiments. But which dress to choose for the winter to look stylish and chic? Turn attention to the following models: Western-style dresses with fringe; Models with unusual cutouts; Dresses made of black lace, which look very seductive; Models with a turn-down collar, delicately pleated dresses. If you like a bright and unusual style, fringed models are a good option. Designers in their collections offer both mini and long dresses. They can be decorated with belts or asymmetries. When considering which dress is best to choose, look at warm and comfortable models. They will help you keep warm during the cold winter. These are wonderful knitted turtleneck models, dresses with belts, pockets, lace inserts. Leather dresses are also a good option. What dress to choose for winter - practical advice If you don't know what will suit you best, here are a few tips. Consider your body type. The dress should emphasize its benefits and hide its flaws. Don’t choose an immodest mini for everyday looks. Pay attention to the cut. Asymmetry, large cutouts, slits are in fashion. Dresses with prints are perfect for winter. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing models with floral prints, checked or dotted. What dresses are fashionable in the winter of 2021   Stylists encourage girls to dress brightly and stylishly. Explore the fashion trends of winter and be stylish by choosing an interesting outfit. Visit the Joy-pup website where experts share the top fashion trends and give advice on what to wear this winter. We would like to note the most interesting clothing this season. Fashionable dresses for winter 2021 are fringe and lace models that look very pretty. Leather models remain popular - with sleeves or straps, with a flared or fitted skirt. Cozy knitted models are a good choice for cold winters. Also, dresses are sequins, cutouts at the waist and draperies are among the fashion trends for winter. Flounces, which give the image a romantic look, remain relevant. In terms of shades, yellow is the most beneficial, but you can also choose other interesting colors. Read Also: Choose The Latest Collection Of Women Clothing For a Stylish Look Men's can now have a comfortable winter season What Not to Wear (and What to Wear Instead) How To Wear A Denim Jacket To Any Occasion Ladies Formal Styling Tips for Winter

Diamond Jewelry

Hottest Trends In Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry pieces are timeless. They will always be in style. They can give any kind of outfit a complete look, whether it is a nice pair of jeans and a trendy top or a beautiful evening gown. Diamond pieces can evoke antique romance. The recent fashion in diamond jewelry offers customers a wide range of options to choose from.  Here are some of the latest trends in diamond jewelry that you should know. These trends can guide you in the right direction and help you accessorize like a fashion expert. 1. Colorful diamond jewelry: In 2021, expect to see an explosion of color in the jewelry world. There is no doubt that colored diamonds are beautiful and fun.  Colorful engagement rings are an ideal option for people who are looking for something unconventional yet flamboyant. Other than colored diamonds, there is also a huge rise in other colored gemstones, including sapphire or emerald and diamond studs or diamond chandelier earrings. These timeless pieces will definitely add a touch of class and glamour to any look. Some of the colors currently trending are pink, sunny yellow, hue chocolate, and champagne diamonds. You can always consult your jewelry expert on the latest diamond trends so you know which piece fits you best. 2. Vintage-inspired rings: Whether you are intrigued by the look of a vintage ring or you are hoping to update a ring from your past, the heirloom-styled ring is currently trending. A lot of women are choosing new rings that replicate the look of a ring from the 90s. However, other women are incorporating a bit of a contemporary twist on their antique rings by simply adding a lab-grown diamond piece to a ring passed down in their families. 3. Stackable rings: A huge trend in diamond jewelry currently is the right stack. Whether you want to add to your ring finger or you just want to start a stack on your right hand, the best option would be the stackable rings. Since the ring stacking trend started, many women are now thinking about how they can fit their black diamond engagement ring into a stack. 4. Lab-grown diamonds: There are plenty of reasons why a lot of women are now opting for lab-grown diamonds, including the environment, cost, and their morals. The mining of diamonds is usually not environment-friendly. It destroys the planet and uses a large amount of water and energy. It also emits unnecessary amounts of carbon. But the lab-grown diamonds can significantly reduce the supply chain. In addition to that, these types of diamonds look as gorgeous as mined diamonds. But chemically, they aren’t the same. The benefits of lab-grown diamonds are endless. So if you want to save the planet, lab-grown diamonds are your perfect choice. 5. Chainlink diamond jewelry: Chains become quite popular in 2020. Not just limited to necklaces, the chain link design has also been redesigned in bracelets and rings. From thin diamond chains in several layers to big and bold singular diamond chain link bracelets, chain link is believed to be the coolest diamond jewelry trend that will take 2021 by storm. Read Also: 5 Tips To Enhance Your Personal Style With Jewellery How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Any Outfit Gold: Choose your Jewellery Carefully The Future of Women’s Fashion: Shopping Online