Should You Get A Glass Perc Bong & How To Choose One


21 April 2023


Glass Perc Bong

Ever since cannabis has been legalized in various areas, people have started enjoying their habit more freely. That led to the introduction of various types of products and devices you can buy and use so as to enhance your smoking sessions. Bongs have become a must-have for all smoking fans, and the fact there are so many different ones out there just means you’ll get to choose and find the one that suits you best.

The devices that have become extremely popular nowadays are those that have percolators. These percolator bongs function on the principle of providing you with an extra filtration layer, thus leading both to smoother and stronger hits. Having heard of these already, you’ve most likely started wondering if you should add a glass perc bong to your collection of smoking devices. Or perhaps start your collection with this device, if you’re new to the party.

Reasons to Get A Glass Perc Bong

Deciding whether to get a glass perc bong will, of course, not be easy for a complete beginner. Even those highly experienced smokers will stop and think about it instead of making any decisions on the spur of the moment. Regardless of what group you fall in, what you have to do is learn about the reasons why getting a glass perc bong is a good idea. And, that’s what you’ll learn when you read on, which will help you decide for yourself if you want to buy one.

Less Coughing

Has your smoking session ever been ruined by coughing? Well, okay, it might not have deterred you completely from smoking, since all the enthusiasts know this is a risk they have to assume, so they put up with it. Still, it would be nice if you could go through a smoking session without worrying about coughing that much, wouldn’t it?

Well, that’s now possible. Bongs featuring a percolator will, thanks to the additional filtration layer, make your hits much smoother. And, smoother hits mean less coughing, which is precisely what you’re looking for. You’ll get to enjoy your sessions without this annoying part, and that’s undeniably a big deal.

Coughing left out of the equation, you’ll only be left with the benefits of cannabis:

Less Toxins

Speaking of the benefits, we cannot fail to mention that there’s been a lot of talk about the negative sides of smoking. Toxic chemicals that can be found in bong hits are certainly not useful for anyone. With a glass perc bong, though, you’ll get to stop worrying about toxins too, because the additional filtration layer, i.e. the percolator itself, will clear out the toxins and thus allow you to smoke responsibly, without being concerned for your health.

Cooler Hits

Cooler hits are another reason why you may want to consider these specific devices. Given that the smoke will go through the percolator first, and then be released into bubbles, making that amazing bubbly sound in the process, the trajectory of the actual smoke is different than with regular bongs. The path is longer, leading to cooler hits. Impressive, isn’t it?

More Intense Highs

If you’re looking for impressive, then hear me out here. Trying a glass perc bong for the first time will lead to noticing that you’re getting higher and more quickly than with a regular one. You won’t know, however, if that’s all in your head, or if it is actually correct. Well, it’s definitely not in your head. While bongs in general, as defined on this page, provide for a great high, the ones with percolators will make it more intense.

Better Overall Smoking Experience

The above will lead us all to the same conclusion. Thanks to the extra filtration, you’ll get better hits that will be cleared out of any toxins and impurities, meaning your smoking sessions will not only be more enjoyable, but also healthier. You’ll get an overall better experience, and that’s the main reason why you should seriously think about investing in one of these devices.

How to Choose One

Having read up on the glass perc bongs, you’ll probably want to try them out. Buying them on the spur of the moment, however, is not the smartest idea. Instead of making such hasty moves, what you should do is go through the shopping process carefully, keeping the important factors in mind so as to choose the best product for you. Let me tell you what those important factors are.

Consider The Size

The size is, without a doubt, factor number one to consider, when buying any kind of bong, including this one. Thinking about size, you’ll have to ask yourself a few things. Where do you plan on storing the device, and where do you plan on using it? Furthermore, do you have plans to travel with it? Apart from that, considering the chamber size, as it has an impact on the capacity of the device, is also important when choosing your size.

But Don’t Ignore The Style Either

Who says you have to worry only about the technical aspects and ignore the fun ones? The benefits of using a bong are definitely vast, but there’s something about choosing the right style that makes the sessions even more beneficial and enjoyable. Checking out various different styles and going for one that you’ll find most appealing will certainly enhance your entire experience.

Cost Matters

The cost matters as well. After all, you want to buy something you can afford. And, while glass perc bongs may be a bit on the expensive side, compared to the regular ones, buying them is certainly worth it. Still, consider and compare the prices before choosing.

And So Does The Cleaning Process

Not thinking about the cleaning requirements and your cleaning habits, of course, could lead to you not being able to maintain the device perfectly. You need to keep it clean for the best and the healthiest sessions.

Check out how easy it is to clean those glass perc bongs you’re thinking of buying, and be honest about your own habits and persistence when it comes to regular cleaning. That way, you’ll choose something that works perfectly for you, and you’ll always keep it clean.

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Congratulations on your engagement! As a soon-to-be-wed couple, who's also ready to step into their new home, here's a revolutionary idea that might save you time, energy, and maybe even a few gray hairs. While you're in the midst of wedding planning - a crucial step right now is creating your wedding registry. So instead of having separate registries for your new house and the wedding celebration, simplify the process by combining them into a single list. This way, guests can easily navigate your gift preferences based on what you two value - for your personal sanctuary or starting a new chapter as partners - and enable you to craft a meaningful gift list with both everyday essentials and big-ticket items that you'd otherwise save for: be it a honeymoon fund or a piece of furniture. (Yes, your wedding guests are totally happy to finance your honeymoon.) This is actually the best way to utilize your gift list to its full potential. You can simply convey this new concept to your family and friends about how merging the wedding registry and housewarming gift list into one master wish list can eliminate the need for multiple gifts for each milestone celebration. And non-wedding or non-housewarming items can also be added to your wish list, narrowing the search and easing the entire shopping process while giving guests plenty of gifting options. Let your guests know what you need for your not-perfect but meaningful living using a wedding website where you can include all the details for the big day and a link to your gift list or by sharing a customized URL on your wedding or bridal shower invites. To ensure that items don't run out before the big day celebrations, or to help direct your guests to one convenient spot for cash funds, donations, or experiential gifts apart from what you add to the wish list, opt for a universal registry service, like MyRegistry. 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Another plus of a combined list is that guests can avoid gifting duplicate items or picking presents that may sit for too long in your closet without any use.  2. A ‘Note’ of Brilliance As we mentioned, the best way to inform your family is by including a fun and detailed note in your wedding invitations about your brilliant merging idea. Here's how it works - let them know about your registry service (preferably a universal one) and briefly explain the rationale. Assure them that by doing this, you're making the gift-giving process simpler for everyone involved and guaranteeing that their generosity will have a noticeable impact on your newlywed life. They'll appreciate your wit and consideration! 3. Tech-Savvy Consolidation Use a user-friendly digital platform to combine your wedding registry and housewarming list in one place and enhance the overall shopping experience for you and your loved ones. Look for platforms that allow you to create a customizable gift list smoothly and efficiently. Added features like easy-to-navigate, the ability to sync different store registries, partnerships with popular gift retailers, etc., can be convenient for couples to look after their needs and preferences. Make a single, appealing list with all necessary information, including descriptions, images, and direct purchase links. In this manner, your guests can easily browse and choose their gifts. 4. The Power of Flexibility Apart from being unique, your gift should feature a range of budgets, so it's best to add small and big-ticket items. Some people may be conservative with their gift preferences, while others wish to splurge. So the best way is to make your list accessible to all budgets and items - including memorable experiential gifts. Think honeymoon funds, kitchen remodel, charitable donations to your preferred cause, on an all-inclusive registry service - the options for a combined gift list are endless! 5. Beyond Tangible Treasures As mentioned above, gifts needn't be limited to physical items. Think outside the box, and include experiences or contributions to more significant projects or experiences in your wedding registry. A travel fund is a gift that you'll absolutely use, and it can easily be combined with other house essentials in your combined list. This way, your guests can give you a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience or even support a once-in-a-lifetime travel fund. Give your family & friends the option to contribute to your travels and become part of something big - which can build into a wild adventure, life-long memories, and a fun story for the future. 6. A Heartfelt ‘Thank You Note Gratitude never goes out of style! Once the celebrations wind down and the excitement settles, it's time to express your genuine enthusiasm and gratitude for their support. Send your guests unique thank-you cards to show appreciation for their generous contributions and to let them know how their gifts have upgraded your life - share some funny anecdotes too! This way, they’ll feel good about their contribution, and your relationship with them will grow stronger. End Note Merging your wedding registry and housewarming gift list into one is almost a stroke of brilliance. You can make the gift-giving process easier for your loved ones and ensure that each gift aligns with your passions and goals. Enjoy your double-celebrations as you unwrap each precious item, knowing how it reminds you of the love and affection surrounding you. Cheers on starting a new, magical life together! 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