Need A New Vape Pen? Everything You Need To Know About The Boundless CF Vaporizer

Published on: 21 October 2019 Last Updated on: 21 February 2023
Boundless CF Vaporizer

If you are in the market for a new vaporizer, then the chances are you have been using your starter one for a while – and are ready for a big step up. Well, say hello, the Boundless CF.

This is a hybrid vaporizer, a conduction/convection portable one at that. The CF isn’t too highly-priced, and have the quality of a much more expensive vape. It is hailed as one of the most consistent vaporizers in its price range – which is no easy feat.

It doesn’t have the fancy display that pulls many people in, but it makes up for its ease of use, price point, and the speed that it heats up.

Because of the amount it can hold, it works for both single person sessions or group sessions – which is great for social butterflies who like to share their dry herb.

Highlights/Comes With:

  1. 5 pre-set temperatures, so no guesswork required
  2. Ultra-fast heat uptime
  3. Large bowl
  4. 3-year warranty
  5. Dab tool and packing tool
  6. Cleaning brush
  7. Concentrate pod for solids


The Boundless Cf is really easy to sling in your pocket and go. It isn’t as slim as the pen styles, but it makes up for it with the sleek exterior. It is easy to pass around without anyone dropping it, and can be packed by a total novice. And another bonus is you don’t have to have a grinder on hand to use it. To turn the unit on, press the power button 5 times. Then when changing the temperature, tap the button twice to jump up a level. Great for herbs and oils.

When checking the battery, press the button 3 times.


It measures in at 9.5cms tall and 6cm wide. Which is small enough to fit in almost any coat or purse.


For the price point, you might be surprised to hear that the Boundless CF heats up in about 20 seconds. There are 5 pre-sets that you can use, and that will take you from 355F going up by 15 degrees until you reach the max of 415f. The bowl is actually brilliant as it can hold 0.5grams, or you can partially pack the bowl without the use of spacers or screen and get the same quality smoke. The vaporizer uses a mixture of convection and conduction heating. This means the ceramic heater gives an impressive cloud, smooth smoke, and remarkable vapor quality too.

Heating levels as follows:

1: 179°C / 355°F

2: 188°C / 370°F

3: 196°C / 385°F

4: 204°C / 400°F

5: 213°C / 415°F

You can track the heating up via the LED light; once it goes solid, it is at the right temperature – easy.


The CF has a medium resistance, which will give you a more free-flowing air than other vapes. The airpath is also isolated from the electronics – so there will be nothing that can taint your smoke.

Battery Life

The Boundless CF has a battery-saving shut off after 5 minutes. You can get somewhere around 10-15 5 minutes on a full charge, which is excellent if you take regular smokes during the day. It takes 3 hours to charge, and charges via the USB cable that it comes with.

Who is it for?

This vaporizer will work for a few people. People who are just starting to try out vapes will find this one to be very friendly. The dry herb doesn’t need to be ground up in any specific way, which means it is very easy to use. The bowl is big enough for people who like to smoke with friends or people who really just smoke a decent amount. The speed at which it heats up, and jumps up heat levels make it great for people who like a quick hit through the day. And the stealth-like design means if you don’t want to be spotted vaping for whatever reason, you can almost palm it.

It also works for people who like to switch between things like CBD oils and dry herb – because it can give the same high performance for both.

The rubber coating means you are unlikely to drop the unit even if you haven’t been lucky in the past.

All in all, the Boundless CF is a good all-rounder that for the price point really outperforms many in the same bracket. The ease of use and fast heat-up make it an unmissable smoking experience.

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