5 Ways to Have a Productive Day at the Office


10 October 2019


Productive Day

The majority of office workers spend more than eight hours in an office cubicle. For most, their office cubicle is their “home away from home,” a place where they have no choice but feel comfortable outside of their own homes.

Did you know that the word “cubicle” comes from the Latin word “cubiculum,” which means “bedchamber?” It’s not a surprise that the cubicle can also serve as the sleeping or napping area, especially for those working on 24-hour shifts.

It just goes to show that office furniture cubicles have gone a long way from the first cubicle that Robert Propst designed in the 1960s. As a furniture designer, he studied how people worked and envisioned a better office space. At that time, offices utilized the open-bullpen concept, wherein employees work in an open area without offices or partitions.

5 Ways to Have a Productive Day at the Office:

How would you make full use of your cubicle to work more productively? Here are five tips.

Tip#1 – Reduce Distractions

Reduce Distractions

Although cubicles are built for privacy, there can still be distractions caused by noisy co-workers. Some attend meetings with their speakerphones on hands-free mode. Others huddle for short meetings in their cubicles.

What you can do is use noise-canceling headphones to concentrate on your work. A few drawbacks are that you may not hear your ringing phone or be surprised by people sneaking up on you.

Make sure that you can still see the light from your ringing phone. If possible, position yourself so that you face people.

Tip#2 -Be Honest

Be Honest

A more direct approach is to talk with the co-worker involved. They may not be aware that they are already distracting others with their work habits.

Tip#3 – Make Your Work Area Unique

A cubicle is your personal space. Most employees display their treasured possessions, much like what they do in their own homes.

It is not unusual to find these personal items in a cubicle:

  • Family photos
  • Travel souvenirs
  • Posters with inspiring quotes
  • Certificates and awards
  • Bulletin board
  • Magazines
  • Coffee mugs
  • Water bottles
  • Other desk trinkets or tchotchkes

Hence, office furniture cubicles are designed to “personalize” office space as more people are motivated to spend more time at work.

Tip #4 – Reduce Paper Clutter

Reduce Paper Clutter

Most cubicles are full of unorganized paper clutter. It takes time to search for essential documents when necessary.

The Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo suggested many tips on how to tidy up offices.

Paper clutter includes post-it notes, training materials, journals, and work planners. The answer is to move documents to the cloud as much as possible.

  • Use a password manager instead of keeping passwords on post-it notes or a notebook.
  • Use project management apps to be updated on project collaboration. Your bulletin board and work planner are automatically replaced.
  • Scan relevant documents and keep them in Dropbox folders for easy retrieval.
  • Request for access to online training materials.

Tip#5 – Be Healthy at Work

Healthy at Work

These are a few things you can do to take care of your health while in the office:

  • Try desk exercises during breaks.
  • Have a potted plant to provide the necessary oxygen and clear your mind.
  • Face a mirror and smile while on the phone.
  • Have a lamp to read better.

A productive work environment is one of the best ways to achieve that ‘work-life’ balance.  These five tips will increase your efficiency and make each working day an enjoyable experience.

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dating tips

Free Transgender Dating Tips for Those Who Want to Fall in Love Online and Offline

Humans have always survived due to the relationships that we form. For example, nature in its purest form is a danger to many of us. It is incredibly hostile that most of the living things and events in nature can actually just kill us. Catastrophes can just happen and there is nothing that we can do about it. However, due to our unique disposition and intelligence, we have evolved to survive such events. It can still kill us, but we have learned how to survive through it all. Our relationship with nature was supposed to be given and take, but it’s an imperfect relationship. There are still a lot of changes that we humans need to do in order to improve our relationship with nature.However, as we live in this green earth, we also form other relationships with other people. This creates one of the most common symbiotic relationships in the world. We try to live with one another and with each other. Theoretically, a human can survive on his or her own in the wild without any help. On the other hand, how long can this human stay sane? Even other animals need companionship in order to survive in this hostile world. We learn from each other as well, and with these relationships, we have created a society that we live in today. Relationships are in the very fabric of our society, and we need each other in order to survive.As people of today, we always think of a relationship with another person is considered romantic. Of course, there are other types of relationships, like the filial and familial ones. However, we always strive to find romantic love as it is not easily formed by anyone. There are a lot of ways that you can form that kind of relationship, but that is just half the battle. You also need to maintain the relationship and make something out of it. Romantic relationships almost always lead to the formation of the family. Children now come into the picture, and they will forge another type of relationship with you. Click here to learn more about children and their relationships.This type of relationship though almost always involves straight couples, as they have the ability to reproduce. For the LGBT community, we are still trying to tell the world that our relationships also matter. Many first-world countries have already recognized the validity of the same-sex marriage. However, discrimination and bigotry still exist. Fortunately, the LGBT community has learned to fight back and declare their need for acceptance and integration into society. Still, the hatred lives on, especially with dating. It is still a hot topic in the LGBT community, especially with transsexuals and transgenders.It seems that the transgender community is one of the most underserved parts of the LGBT community. Even though gays and lesbians are now very visible especially in the media but the Trans community is still underrepresented. In the dating scene, this is much more apparent. There are some people who really specify that they do not want trans people trying to chat with them in dating sites. This is such a tragic but common occurrence. This is why there are so many trans people who just want to have their own safe spaces to be themselves without the scrutiny of other people. Learn more about safe spaces here: voxIf you are someone who is trying to date transgenders or transsexuals, here are some tips that you may want to try especially in online dating: 1. Date Them Like You Are Dating Anybody Else If there is one thing that most transgender and transsexuals hate is the feeling that they are different or special. There is nothing wrong by making them feel good and special. However, there is a big difference between making them feel good and alienating them from other people.Dating a trans person is like dating anybody else. Try to act as normal as you can without making yourself or the other person feeling awkward. Ask questions about their sexuality if you want to, but don’t let your date or meetup turn into an interview or a research panel. They are already dealing with too many issues of their own. You are dating because you want to meet someone you want to spend more time with, with all the positives and negatives of both sides. 2. Try To Visit Websites Dedicated To Transgenders Meeting transgenders and transsexuals online is not easy since most dating websites do not have a lot of them. There are even some websites which totally ban transgenders and transsexuals. If you really want to meet them, look for websites that cater to that specific demographic. There are a lot of these sites online, you just have to find the best free ladyboy dating site which meets your dating site requirements. They are specifically looking for trans people and the people who love them. It is also not difficult to sign up for these websites. Most of them also verify the identities of their members to secure their identities. 3. Respect Their Body And Identity As you can see, transgenders are not that different from other people as they are human as them. If you want to ask about their sexuality and feelings about certain issues, ask with respect and sincerity. There is nothing wrong in trying to learn something The Best Dating Sites In 2019 ng about the community from a personal perspective. However, if you can see that they are uncomfortable about certain topics, back off and try something different. If you are uncomfortable, tell them truthfully and be clear about your intentions. Respect will always beget respect. 4. Always Be Ready For Hate And Ridicule If you are dating someone of the same sex or a member of the LGBT community, you must always be aware of the people around you. Be out and proud of who you are, but not for the sake of your own life. Unfortunately, there will always be people who will hate you for who you are. The only thing that you can do is be strong and work for a better tomorrow. Let their hatred pass over your heads and build your relationship with one another. Love is love, and there is nothing they can do about that.Read Also:The Holy Commandments Of Dating In College Dating Versus Courtship: Which Is Right For You The Best Dating Sites In 2019

Global Influence Of Cultures

How The Global Influence Of Cultures Is Growing?

The influence of various cultures across the globe is more pronounced than ever. The cross-cultural exchange linked by travel, media, and technology has led to a unique blend of global influences - some are more profound than others. Still, this growing influence shows the importance of cultural diversity. It's almost creating a global community.Read on to learn about the biggest global influences.What Is Cultural Globalization?Before talking about the major cultural impacts of globalization, we should first talk about what cultural globalization is in the first place.The process or phenomenon due to which one might feel that everyday life across countries is somewhat similar is a result of what we can call cultural globalization. Everywhere you go, you will feel that the new place also offers things that you get in your hometown. THIS is what Cultural Globalization is all about.According to Study.com, this is the “process through which the culture of one country or society is spread to other countries.”If we think of it this way, the fact that it affects almost all parts and aspects of our lives goes without saying. And these effects can be seen in the identity, cuisine, language, as well as fashion across the world.How is the Global Influence of Cultures Growing?When it comes to the influence of globalization on culture, there are several ways in which it is growing. For instance, we can clearly see its impact on fashion, cuisine, and language across the world.If you are wondering how, we have you covered! Here are some of the ways in which there has been a growth in the global influence on culture:CuisineWho doesn't love food? The exchange of culinary traditions across borders is one of the biggest we'll discuss. People (especially in the West) love to explore cuisines from different parts of the world.For example, the rising interest in Middle Eastern cuisine introduces diners to the incredible flavors of spices like sumac and za'atar. Or, the fusion of cuisines, where elements from different culinary traditions are combined, is becoming more popular. Fusing Japanese with Mexican? Who could complain about that?These culinary fusions result in innovative and exciting dishes and symbolize the blending of cultures in an increasingly interconnected world.FashionFashion is one of the most popular, along with cuisine. And you'll definitely see fashion's global influence thanks to magazines like Vogue, which have specific magazines in each country.The global fashion industry increasingly incorporates elements from different cultural heritages. You'll see them showcased on international runways. From using African textiles to the influence of Indian embroidery in haute couture, fashion is a canvas for cultural storytelling, and we love it.Global Influence of Religion from Different CulturesReligion is one of the most interesting things - you don't have to be religious to see how the global influence of religion from different cultures is growing. It influences cultural identity, values, practices, and worldviews. It's interesting to see how people explore and sometimes adopt religious practices outside their native traditions. For example, the principles of Buddhism have found resonance worldwide. It transcends its Asian origins to influence global spirituality and mindfulness practices. Similarly, the moral and ethical teachings of religions - like Christianity and Islam - have followers and impacts far beyond their geographic and cultural centers. It's the same with growing Jewish communities in the US, especially in areas like New York, where shops selling items like Kiddush cups or a Havdalah set are increasing.LanguageEveryone should attempt to learn a second language - and some are more popular than others. For example, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin are two of the most common languages people attempt to learn. Chinese Mandarin is definitely one of the most complex ones!As people worldwide learn and adopt second or third languages, they begin to understand new cultures, perspectives, and communities. The number of things you learn along the way is fascinating.What's your favorite aspect of the global influence of cultures? We'd put our money on your answer being food, but it's interesting to explore the other aspects of cultures and how they're seeping into everyday life around the world. Still, food has to be the most popular, especially in the West using inspiration from the rest of the world. Top 5 Most Influential Countries GloballyYou might have a list of countries in your head that YOU think are the most influential worldwide. However, how much of that is true?India is a country that is known for its culture, history, and food. Its entertainment industry is also fondly looked upon by most people. On the other hand, South Korea, with its boom in the fashion and entertainment industry and the massive Hallyu Wave, is something that might be on your mind.However, per the report, the United States is one of the most culturally influential countries globally. Here is a list of the top five countries that have an impact and how:1. ItalyThe capital of Rome, Italy, is one of the most popular countries in the world. Tourists from all over the world visit Italy. They swoon over the architecture's beauty and the people's kindness.Thousands of people flock to Italy every year to experience its raw beauty. Literature, film, opera, art, and fashion are some of the many aspects of the country that influence people.2. FranceSecond on the list is France. The country with one of the sweetest languages, the language of romance, French.Rich in culture, did you know that it is one of the most visited countries in the world? On the other hand, French is also one of the most popular languages in the world. That is why you must have seen a rise in the number of people learning to speak French (to be linguistically correct: Francaise).3. United StatesNow, there is no doubt that the US would make it to the list. Whether in the game of fashion, music or just a lifestyle, the entire world falls in love with the US and starts following them blindly.Think about it. So many people often look up to the ideals and lifestyle of the United States. People often leave their countries to pursue their education and jobs. And this is just the beginning. Most people who have come to the US for the above reasons end up living here.This is just one of the many examples. But you get it!4. SpainSpain is known for its robust nature. Its language and food are only a few of the things that can make people fall in love with the place. You must have heard about the Tomatina festival. Think about it: how can a country make the sport of throwing tomatoes at others fun and festive? But it is! Abd tourists ensure that they get a taste of this fun when they are in the country.5. JapanLastly, Japan is the number 5 most culturally influential country globally. Anime, video games, and food are just some of the most popular things people are crazy about in Japan.When it comes to Japan, you must have heard about how the small country is so technologically advanced. And it is true. The government puts a lot of importance on education. That is why learning and innovation help in technological advancements.Because of all these reasons, Japan plays an important role in being among the countries that have immense global influence culturally.Bottom LineWe hope that this blog has helped you understand about the cultural globalization across the world. If there are any other questions that you might have related to the same topic, please feel free to let us know. Comment below what else you would love to read next!Learn More About:Bedtime Beauty Routine: Secrets And TipsAdventure and Relaxation: Activities In Maldives All-InclusiveUnderstanding the Jewish Religion: Important and Common Practices

Benefits of Meditation

Five Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life

Meditating has been a life-changing experience for me in many, many ways. It’s my first best addiction, second best being the use of marijuana. For a long time, I used marijuana to treat my stress and depression because it is a psychoactive drug and it has the capability to cure our mental problems such as stress and depression to a significant degree if it is used in its raw form, read this article here. However, meditation has acted as a game-changer. I no longer roll a joint when I'm stressed, I sit in the designated corner of my room for fifteen minutes, and everything changes completely. The problems seem to disappear, and I encounter this wonderful peace which replaces the feeling of unsettlement. Let me briefly tell you about the few ways in which meditation can alter your whole life. 1. Instant Dose of Happiness:My first ever meditation practice was guided and my yoga instructor helped me with it. Before I even hit the point of feeling serene and in peace, I felt happiness. It was as if a dark cloud has left the sky and it’s sunny everywhere. But it wasn’t just something I felt; there is a medical explanation for this phenomenon. Our left prefrontal cortex is active whenever we are feeling happy. But when everything is going downhill, you can safely assume that this part of your brain is dormant. Meditation can make it active, and positive emotion can flow through your body by the simple act of mindfulness. It also aids with decreasing activity in the right prefrontal cortex which encourages negative thoughts and emotions. Regular meditation can make you mindful of your day-to-day routine which can be especially beneficial for inducing positive thinking patterns. 2. Your Lifestyle Will Change:Another major change that you're bound to notice is that you'll start living a healthier life. Meditation can change your life in many ways, for example, it can fix your sleep cycle. You won't suffer from diseases like sleep apnea and insomnia anymore. You can meditate and do yoga side-by-side, so in a way; you can start working out because of meditation. Meditation promotes positive thoughts in our brain, as I have explained already. So you're likely to give up bad habits like smoking cigarettes and pot etc. It helped me get rid of pot addiction; I can vouch for the rehabilitating effect of this activity. You might as well start eating healthier meals if you practice meditation regularly. 3. It Helps Battle Anxiety & Stress: It is especially useful when you have to combat anxiety and stress. It might as well save you a trip to the psychiatrist. Regular meditation can turn you into a happier individual because it aims to reprogram your whole thought process. So, if you are suffering from anxious thoughts meditation can help you combat these thoughts very effectively.The most devastating of all effects that anxiety can have on your brain is reducing the size of your hippocampus, which is responsible for keeping your memory sharp. But here's the deal, meditation has the capability of reversing any damage that has been done to your brain, and it can even fortify your brain to combat anxiety in the future. Those who meditate regularly are less likely to be anxious. Does this explain the peaceful lives of shamans to you?  4. Age Gracefully:Meditation can lead to graceful aging. Aging is a process that every individual has to go through, and while it seems unlikely that sitting straight for minutes, even hours, it could slow down the process of aging. You can find more than enough evidence of this fact now. Meditation has the ability to slow down the aging of cells of your body. Let me explain to you the whole process. When we stress out or suffer from diseases like diabetes type 2 and dementia etc. the length of our telomeres which are the DNA caps reduces. If this process continues, the chromosomes division process could be inhibited because they no longer have any protection from these telomeres. On a cellular level, your body has now started dying. Since practicing meditation can keep your stress and other chronic illnesses at bay, you are sure to keep increasing the age of your cells thereby ensuring a long and healthy life for yourself.  5. It Helps Your EQ: Just like IQ, your emotional intelligence is measured by the Emotional Quotient, and trust me, you might survive this world without a high IQ, but success without emotional intelligence is a tough call. Since meditating more often can lead you to develop a better awareness of your surroundings, you would be able to read the emotions of others. This will give you an edge over the others, and you can succeed at many things in life by having a higher emotional intelligence level. Read Also:1. Easy Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle.2. 10 Tips On How To Ditch The Stress And Start Living A Peaceful Life.