Best Office Design Trends for 2018

As a startup or an SMB, you need to do all that is in your power to win an uphill battle against your much larger counterparts. Sometimes, this means producing a product of greater quality, performing a superior service, adding in a few extra features or just lowering your price. Still, what if all of this is not enough. Well, the only thing you have left is trying to boost the overall productivity of your team. One of the ways to pull this off is by providing your employees with an optimal work environment. Here are several office design trends that might be of huge help to you in a year to come.

1. Personalized office space

According to one statistic, a happy employee is 12 percent more productive. Nonetheless, this raises another important topic of how can you make someone comfortable in an office. In order to reach this goal, you may need to start emulating a bit homelier atmosphere.

Of course, even in the most traditional offices, you can see employees holding pictures of their loved ones on their desks or even displaying a personal memento from a vacation somewhere in the corner. So, why not take this one step further and add a wall picture or a pot plant? Furthermore, why not use your dining room fridge to display some personal achievements and accomplishments of people around the office? In no time, this can create an image of your brand being more than a company – you can turn it into a real family.

2. Sit stand desks

In the past, a lot of companies flirted with the idea of introducing standing desks. This ergonomic trend can boost the productivity of your team, as well as make them overall healthier. By reducing the risk of obesity and, therefore, also type 2 diabetes, you are also doing your employees a huge favor. The greatest problem with this trend is in the fact that, to a lot of employers, this looks like too much outside-of-the-box solution. Luckily, in 2018, one of the hottest office design trends will revolve around height-adjustable sit-stand desks, which can allow you to experiment with this idea as much as you’d like.

3. A dynamic space

Another great way of beating the mundane structure of the traditional office is by introducing the idea of a dynamic office space. The main trait this office has to possess is easily moveable furniture. Here, you need as many lightweight furniture pieces as you can get in order to be able to customize your workplace at the moment’s notice. Apart from this, you might also want to favor furniture with wheels and lazy bags. Finally, going with an open floor plan is a more than welcome idea, seeing as how it will give you even more freedom in any future customization you decide to undertake.

4. A clutter-free space

Finally, while neatness was always an important trait of office design, in 2018 it will be taken one step further. Namely, in order to create a truly open office, you need to make sure it is both visually and physically accessible. In other words, you need to make an office that is easy to move through, without distracting other people.

This, however, depends on two major factors, the amount of space you have and the number of items you need to cram in it. For those who are currently operating from a bit tighter office, yet hate the idea of discarding furniture pieces and appliances they might need in the future, there are other options. Looking for a company like Supereasy Storage that handles transportation, loading, and storage at the same time might be the best possible solution.

While some of the above-listed trends may seem like something completely revolutionary, neither of them can be described as new. Nonetheless, while standing decks are an idea that dominates in certain circles, it is not as widely accepted as it could be. In the following year, by slightly altering this trend, it might yet come one step closer to reaching its full potential. Same goes for the other three trends, as well. By the time they become mainstream, every single one of your competitors might start copying these trends, so why not try to pioneer in some of these groundbreaking ideas yourself?

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