Making Your Office Safer for Workers

We naturally make certain mental connections when we hear particular phrases. For example, when we hear the phrase ‘workplace injury’. we would likely draw a connection to construction workers or assembly-line workers who get a herniated disc after lifting a heavy object. It’s a natural connection to make. After all, workers in construction and manufacturing do suffer many workplace injuries every year.

But it might come as a surprise to some employers that a large number of workplace injuries and illnesses occur in more unassuming locations – namely, the everyday, average office building. Thousands of workers suffer injuries in an office environment every year, ranging from mild sprains that require no time off of work to catastrophic injuries that are debilitating and, in some cases, fatal.

What are these dangers that lurk in our office buildings, and what can we do to ensure the safety of office employees?

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Common Dangers for Office Workers

Falls – Did you know that workplace falls in offices occur at a rate two to two-and-a-half times greater than those in non-office work environments? Not only are falls the most common injury in the workplace — they also have the potential for some of the greatest damage. Falls can result in broken bones, sprains, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries, to name just a few.

Tip: Keep floors free from clutter and look out for anything that might cause employees to slip or trip, such as loose, broken flooring or slick surfaces.

Being Struck by or Against an Object – Yet another surprising form of injury suffered in office environments is being struck by an object. This could mean bumping into an object, being hit by a thrown object or any number of scenarios in which a person comes into contact with a moving or stationary object.

Tip: Safely store equipment so it poses no threat to workers. Always make sure that drawers are closed, and be mindful of fingers and hands when closing drawers.

Airborne Contaminants and Poor Air Quality – Indoor air quality control should be a top priority of any office space. Hazards can include asbestos, mold and chemical contaminants. Depending on the level of contamination and the sensitivity of each individual worker (especially if they are allergic to a particular substance), airborne hazards can cause serious illness.

Tip: Regularly have your workplace inspected for air quality and immediately address any hazards that might be present. If there are toxins or other airborne hazards present in your office building, make sure your employees evacuate the building until it is safe to return.

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Lifting Injuries – Workers in office buildings regularly move items around, whether lifting boxes full of printer paper, carrying packages from an inbox or simply moving commonplace desk items from one spot to another. These seemingly innocuous tasks can lead to strained muscles or herniated discs if done improperly or if a pre-existing condition is present.

Tip: Never pick up an object unless you are sure of how heavy it will be, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a co-worker if an object is heavy enough to pose a risk. Remember proper lifting techniques and always lift with your knees. Also, don’t lift anything while seated. This can cause serious strain on your body and lead to injury.

Posturing and Ergonomic-Related Injuries – One of the most basic yet overlooked aspects of ensuring office workers are not injured on the job is optimizing the setup of a workspace. As simple as it might seem, the position of a chair, the height of a desk or the distance that a worker sits from their workstation can have a major impact on a worker’s health. If a worker is constantly in a state of poor posture or strains to do their jobs, they can quickly develop problems with their back, shoulders, wrists, and neck. Over time, a condition can worsen to become a serious injury that lingers with a worker for years to come. For example, an office worker who is repeatedly straining to reach their keyboard might be at a greater risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tip: Arrange a workspace so that it fits the person using it. Make sure that the chair is the proper height and that the worker never has to strain or reach very far to perform basic, repetitive functions.

Eye Strain – Now more than ever before, workers endure a significant amount of strain to their eyes. While screens in and of themselves do not permanently damage the eye, eye strain can lead to other problems that might hinder a worker’s productivity. Eye strain can cause headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and difficulty focusing, to name just a few problems. Much like ergonomic-related injuries, eye strain might also be addressed by a properly situated workspace.

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Tip: Remind workers to take breaks from the screen from time to time. Suggest lubricating eye drops (the kind without preservatives) for workers with dry eyes. Other ways to reduce the effects of computer screens on workers’ eyes is to make sure that the screen is level with their line of sight and adjusting the brightness of a screen to the liking and comfort of the person using it.

Not only does reducing these hazards make for a safer workplace, but it also creates a more productive work environment. Happier and healthier employees are much more likely to be efficient and productive in their jobs. Consider an investment in maintaining and improving the safety of your office space as a way to improve worker morale in addition to improving the workflow of your business.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that businesses collectively spend $170 billion on workplace injuries and illnesses. OSHA goes on to say that by taking steps to address workplace health and safety, businesses can reduce these costs by up to 40 percent.

As you can see, working in an office doesn’t come without risks. It is up to employers and supervisors to keep an eye out for these hazards and to regularly inspect and address anything that might pose risks to their employees. If you see something in your office that looks like it might be a work hazard, inform your employer of the problem immediately. You might just be saving your coworkers from a workplace injury.

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According to HubSpot, in 2019, 75% of the world's companies used content marketing and found it more efficient than other ways to attract customers. Small businesses with up to five employees predominate among them. The fact is that young companies with budget deficits, in contrast to large market players, prefer to invest in useful content, offering users detailed and objective reviews. Popular sites for content marketing:Blogs on a store's website or a third-party site; video channels; thematic forums; affiliated websites.A blog on an E-Commerce site may include product reviews, sales leader ratings, interesting case studies, recipes and application examples, detailed answers to customer questions, stories about creating a product line and other useful content that will show your expertise in this subject.YouTube channel is an absolute must-have for shops, whose products can be spun in the hands, show in work and express their impressions. For today YouTube is a search engine where you can find answers to almost any questions. Tell your customers which bike is best for the city and tires for the ice. And you'll notice how customers will reach out to you.Thematic forums and partner sites are the right places to post quality content, where you can demonstrate expertise in your niche. User-generated content of the E-Commerce E-commerce is an excellent platform for generating content by users and customers. Reviews, Q&As, photo and video reviews of products provide an opportunity to receive unique and useful content almost for free. It's enough only:simplify registration; add authorization through social networks; abolish premoderation; motivate users to communicate and express themselves; ask to bark, share in social networks; provoke discussion; to give bonuses for comments or reviews.The advantage of content marketing can be considered an increase in the image and customer loyalty due to the trust in the expert opinion of the store. With the same level of traffic to useful content and to the selling page, the content gives the best conversion into sales. If your niche is not yet engaged in content marketing, you have a great opportunity to become an expert and leader in their field.The disadvantage of this method of attracting clients in high labor costs and the long-lasting effect of investments. But during the regular publication of quality materials, the cost of each client involved is constantly falling, which makes content marketing profitable in the long term. Criteria for the effectiveness of content marketing Google Analytics, together with E-Commerce reporting, allows you to track all quantitative and qualitative indicators of content marketing efficiency:viewings; malfunctions; time on the site; number of subscribers; likes, reposting, comments; returns to the site; lids and sales; conversion rate; marketing costs.Sales and lids are just one of the criteria for efficiency. Much more emphasis is placed by experts on the involvement of the audience, which is subsequently converted into sales.Read Also:7 Proven Marketing Tactics to Increase your ROI in 2018 Creating Successful Mobile Games: What You Need to Know

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What Is VoC Marketing?

Despite digital marketing strategies being effective and robust with their outcomes, these need to constantly evolve since consumer needs and habits are continually changing.That’s not different from the voice of the customer or VoC marketing campaign. The strategy is one in which a business strives to listen to what the customer has to say and gain insight from that feedback in order to act on concerns or needs.The customer’s experience is optimally significant, making it vital that the business leaders hear what the customer has to say to fully understand where improvements to this experience need to be made to garner a greater sense of satisfaction.A robust VoC program should reveal the target demographic’s expectations about the goods and services you provide, whether these expectations are being met, and what needs to happen in order to ensure this happens in the future.The ideal strategy will incorporate a variety of sources to collect this feedback, so the customer knows they’re being given a voice when it comes to their products.The concept might sound simplistic, but it’s a bit more challenging than it seems. Learn about VOC from an AI standpoint at Is VoC Marketing?Business leaders might believe their marketing strategies are comprehensive enough to help them understand what the customers have to say but do these leaders hear and understand what the target audience has to say?The facts indicate that many organizations are not up to speed despite significant investments in their research strategies. With those “statistics,” new marketing concepts are developed constantly to make businesses more consumer-centric, including a robust new process referenced as “VoC” marketing or “Voice of the Customer.”With this process, the audience's feedback is collected, heard, understood, and steps are taken to move their suggestions forward. It sounds relatively straightforward but can be a time-intensive and involved process. Let’s look at it more closely.1. The InterviewsWith VoC, there is a need for in-depth responses from the target groups. While surveys are usually an integral tool in the marketing scheme and a budget-friendly method for collecting poignant insight, detailed input is lacking.In order to get a feel for the true nature of a customer’s opinion, this new research tool uses “quantitative” and “qualitative” methodologies - not merely surveys.These can include focus groups, interviewing, site analytics, journey maps, and more. The process is used with both the clients and the internal teams having a goal of obtaining “multi-dimensional” feedback on methods of improving the customer’s experience and the products.2. Answering the tough questionsAll businesses prefer to receive positive input. That can influence how questions are relayed with the survey creation, with results then being relatively useless. The point with VoC is to step outside of your comfort zone with the difficult questions you might not want to hear the answers to.While the responses could be harsh, these sharp insights are what bring change, improvement, and growth. If you can’t recognize weakness, there’ll be no capacity to make changes. Without constantly evolving along with the consumer’s changing behaviors, the company can’t grow. Read here strategies to help understand VoC.3. Action is the reaction to the feedbackCollecting feedback is only one component of VoC. The leaders need to gain insight from what the audience is indicating with this input. They need to hear and understand what’s being said by their target group, and that consumer wants proof their voice has been heard.How can a company do that? Act on their input and let them know you did so and how. Show the customer the results of their feedback. By churning out more desirable results, you achieve better customer relations and decrease the instances of dissatisfaction.Final ThoughtVoice of the Customer is a powerful marketing strategy meant to bring the customer’s voice to the business leaders to create a more outstanding customer experience.In exchange for their dedication to the consumer, the company will see an influx of word-of-mouth referrals, greater loyalty with their audience, and a higher retention rate.A demographic who shares their experience with their network will likely make more purchases with the business. Plus, those in their network will come on board to buy goods or services, substantially increasing business revenue.These transactions equate to opportunities to learn where improvements can be made and how the company can evolve positively for the benefit of each person as a consumer.Identifying the customer’s voice is a crucial component not only of a marketing strategy but essentially of growing a business overall. The VoC process is what allows you to connect on a deep and direct level with that target group but also with the individual consumer. That will translate into change, evolve further into growth, and ultimately result in success.Read Also:8 Tips To Increase Your Cash Flow In Your BusinessHow Customer Service Is Impacting Your Business In 2022!Your Postmates For Everything: Jeench is The Next Generation E-Commerce Marketplace And Much More