Choosing Open office space vs Cubicle office space

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The right environment is essential for the growth of a business and for the employees to be result driven. A healthy environment can either boost your productivity or hamper it. While deciding an office space, I am sure you would be going through different factors in mind. Here I am discussing one of the most important factors which are usually ignored by the people. While trying to decide between an open office space and cubicle space, wither people will choose the one which is cheaper or they will opt for a cubicle just because they are more habitual to it.

Open office space

The importance of office layout depends on the type of work a person has to do. If somebody is into developing and he or she does a lot of coding, then a cubicle would be more suitable for them as they would be able to concentrate more in a cubicle than an open working space. And if a person writes blogs or does creative writing, then they would not mind an open environment. And they can even draw inspiration from their surroundings. While both the options are not bad if you’re co-working space is good, but both of them have some pros and cons. Let’s discuss some points here.

Open Office Plan

Open office plan also called as a modern layout, which is most commonly seen in a Google office, is an office layout where you do not have any kind of cubicles and environment is open and casual. These days more and more people are considering these type of offices because it makes their company look cool and employees also consider it these days more than a corporate environment. But you have to understand not all type of employees like this type of environment, so it is very important for you to analyze your team first and then decide.

Cubicle office plan

Cubicle office space are often seen at corporate offices and banks. The cubicle option in a co-working facility is often an expensive option, so you need to consider that do you need a cubicle or not.

Open office space

Type of people

Suppose if you have introverts in your team, then they wouldn’t really be comfortable with working in an open environment, as they enjoy being in themselves and more people presence can make them uncomfortable, but if the majority of people are extrovert than the case would be vice versa.

Idea generation

An open office plan encourages communication which is great for idea generation and brainstorming. So it is great for idea generation as people can bounce off their ideas off of each other and can come up with great concepts and collaboration ideas.

Lack of Privacy

An open office plan can severely affect a person’s privacy which can interfere with employees mind and they cannot express openly, as they fear that other people might be judging them. It also not great for someone who has to do a lot of client interaction and through calls and Skype, it would disturb other people also and the person who is on the call also.

A common Solution

This would be the best option for any kind of business, as a person who loves to work in a cubicle can work there and if a person wants to work in an open space, they can do that. Employees can even switch places so that they can get a break from spending their whole day at the same place. The open office space can also be used the time to time as an accelerator for idea generation.

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