How Does A Glycol Power Pack Work?


30 November 2023


Glycol Power Pack

If you brew large batches of beer, then you probably wonder how to organize the cooling of the drinks.

Among all the options available on the market, the most reliable and effective is the glycol power pack. By installing such a cooling system, you will be able to quickly cool drinks to the required temperatures, monitor the fermentation process, and much more, which is important for the quality of beer preparation.

After reading our article, you will learn what a glycol machine is, how it works, and where it can be purchased.

What is a Glycol Power Pack?

Glycol power pack draft beer chiller is a beer line cooling system based on a mixture of glycol and water.

Glycol is known for its antifreeze properties: its mixture with water helps to control the temperature of beverages within the limits required for the «correct» fermentation of beer, as well as for storing and serving the finished beverage. Typically, this temperature is 26-28 F (or other according to the recipe).

Top 5 main advantages of beer glycol power pack:

  1. Quick cooling, so you can cool alcoholic beverages without the risk of spoiling their quality;
  2. Ability to maintain the narrowest temperature ranges.
  3. Reduction of yeast activity, which is important for more accurate addition.
  4. Reduce the risk of wort caramelization: With a glycol power pack, you can cool wort below the boiling point.
  5. Increase the service life of your draft beer system due to the antifreeze properties of glycol.

How Does a Glycol Cooler Work?

The glycol cooling system works as follows:

  • There is a power pack inside the glycol system power pack that pushes the glycol through the entire circuit. 
  • The main line usually consists of 4 lines, each of which performs its function. 
  • The refrigerant line task is to control the temperature of the beer at the point where it is stored and at the point where it is poured.
  • The return line is responsible for cooling the refrigerant itself.
  • The outgoing line goes from the draft beer dispenser to the power supply unit.
  • Thus, all these glycol beer chiller lines provide a continuous circulation of the mixture of water and glycol, eliminating the risk of heating fermented beverages on their way from the barrel to the dispensing point.

Explore UBC Glycol Chillers for Sale

Do you know where you can find a good cooling system for your company?

Visit the UBC Group USA website. Here you will find a large selection of various UBC glycol chiller for sale, which will delight you with its quality and affordable price.

Glycol Chiller CHILLPRO 1150V

UBC Group USA has been known on the market for many years: this brand knows everything about beer equipment and can help you choose a glycol machine that will suit you in size, capacity, and other features.

By installing such equipment, you can be sure that you will be able to maintain the necessary temperature of your drinks in all sections of your draft beer system!

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