Creating Health Advice Resources? Foreign Language Versions Are Essential


03 June 2022


Health Advice

If you are creating health resources in the UK it is important to consider if there could be any barriers to the information they provide and the people using the resources. One such barrier could be the language itself, which is why it is a good idea to offer foreign language versions of the information you release. Let’s take a look at why that is important and how to get it right:

Why Use Foreign Language Versions Of Health Advice Materials?

Health Advice Materials

Studies have shown that language barriers are a huge issue when it comes to both patients and medical professionals achieving high-quality healthcare exchanges. Language barriers for information in the form of video resources, leaflets, and more can actively increase how long treatment time takes.

There are also implications for patient safety, as well as the ability for a person to actively support themselves with health issues, and access the health services they need.

How To Provide Foreign Language Versions Of Health Advice Resources

To provide a better quality of healthcare and patient ability to self-care and access healthcare, it is important to offer foreign language versions of health advice resources. This can come in various forms including:

  • Video foreign language subtitling
  • Video foreign language caption
  • Video foreign language voiceovers
  • Leaflets in different languages
  • Website options for different languages
  • Access to live translation where applicable
  • Any released advertising to contain subtitles

Whichever resources you choose to use, it is imperative that you opt for a professional translation company to ensure that the foreign language options you use are accurate. For example, the Taurho Transcriber offers a variety of services, including Polish and Welsh translation, as well as numerous other foreign translation options to choose from. This may include localization in some cases if health resources are targeted to a very specific community or geographical location.

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Which Language Should Be Used For Health Resources In The UK?

Health Resources

It depends on your target location. As a general rule, the most common languages spoken in the UK should be your priority and they are currently (in no particular order);

  • Polish
  • Welsh/ Scottish/ Irish
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Chinese (various versions)
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

It is imperative that you look at the areas where your resources are going to be used so that you can choose the right languages in the voiceovers, subtitles, or translations you use.

For example, welcome leaflets about health care for Ukrainians finding refuge in the UK should be in English, Ukrainian, and also Russian, which is spoken by 30% of the Ukrainian population.

If you would like to ensure that your health information is accessible to anybody who needs it use professional translation services for foreign language voiceovers, subtitling, or more, you’ll get exceptional results that ensure your health resources are clear, concise, and informative whichever language they are in.

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Senior Staircase Safety

Senior Staircase Safety: What You Need to Know

The rates of falls and staircase-related injuries among the elderly continue to increase. A Queensland government health report states that 100,000 people are hospitalized due to falls. The main causes include slipping, tripping, and stumbling, especially on stairs. Almost 10% of ambulance calls in Victoria attend to elderly patients who have fallen. This article examines stair safety for senior citizens and how to proactively stop falls. We explore safety features like stair treads and guard rails. And how the right lighting will protect the physically vulnerable. Learn about stair safety and consider the elderly by reading these 3 tips. Then make falls and trips a thing of the past. 1. Safety Rails for Staircases: Stair safety guardrails act as an invaluable support aid when mounting or dismounting stairs. According to the government's WorkSafe guide, each stairway should include at least one handrail. If the stairs are wider than 100cm then two handrails are required on either side. Slippy rails or those too large to grip are worse than useless. A power grip style that's rectangular or circular allows the person to hold tight and use the stairs with confidence. There should be no obstructions to allow free movement. And the rails need to be visually significant so they're easy to see. 2. Stair Treads for Elderly Relatives:   Stair treads are the horizontal part of a stair on which a person steps on. Treads are often carpeted in elderly residential homes and houses. However, this type of material can rise or bump making the tread a tripping hazard. Non-slip treads provide a safer environment. Methods include: rubber or abrasive treads anti-slip tape slip-resistant nosing Nosing is the edge of the stair where footfall is greatest. Stairs without firm nosing will see a higher number of falls. Therefore, it's essential to include adequate nosing that is easily seen and strong enough to take a person's full weight. Staircase installers offer a full range of stair treads available in different colors and finishes. There are multiple nosing options on offer too but ask for the right type to suit the intended setting. 3. Improve Lighting and Remove Tripping Hazards:   Stairs should always have a high illumination level. Especially when contrasted to adjacent spaces. Shadows and low areas of light can disrupt visibility. Remove them by installing low-glare overhead lights or a stair lighting kit. Make sure to have light switches on the upper and lower levels too. Additionally, remove any tripping hazards from the staircase. Items like clothing or books must never block the stairs. Carers should inspect the staircase regularly and remove all items. Training in care homes should provision for this along with general safety guidelines. Making Stairs Safer for Seniors: Senior staircase safety should include increasing visibility, removing hazards, and upgrading staircases. Stair injuries can be grave and life-threatening in nature for seniors. You can suffer from injuries that might require medical procedures like hip replacement surgery or one for the knee. This is one reason why staircase safety is advocated. Adding non-slip stair treads and dual handrails not only acts as safety features but can boost confidence. Adding extra light will help too. Make an elderly person more comfortable in their home by following these tips. Reduce falls and increase the quality of life through simple staircase additions. Read Also: Construction Safety – What you didn’t know! 5 Safety Features in Your Maruti Car You Did Not Know About Power Drill Safety Tips