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12 September 2019


hosted mail service

Phishing is still one of the top threats coming from your email. For you who have a business and use email a lot, this could become the source of a big problem for your company. Using anti-phishing software seems enough to deal with it. But the main problem here is the hosted mail service. They didn’t offer enough protection against the phishing attack. So, it’s easy. You can use the mail host that offers that protection.

The Safest Mail Hosting Service

What kind of hosted email service that can protect your email from attack? You can use many types of hosting service. However, to ensure your email safety, try to use the email service with Cloud server as the data storage platform.

When your data/email was sent and save in the Cloud server, it will be protected and encrypted by the protection system of that server. Therefore, it is difficult for the phisher to send the bait for you. Moreover, when the email is sent to the server, it will be scanned so the malicious link and such can be easily found.

The Cloud Server Hosted Mail Services

Hosted Mail

Now, which email hosted services that have the best Cloud server for its clients? It is a difficult question to answer because there are many of them. But, if we have to choose, there are at least three services we recommend for you.


This mail host service uses Cloud server for protection, as well as managing your email. It also stated clearly on their website that they also offer phishing protection. This service also has a Smart Quarantine feature that will keep the seems-dangerous email or content that you receive. This feature will also notify you as soon as it detects this attack, so you can take a pre-caution act faster to protect your data.


This service also offers Cloud Reliability feature where your email will be stored in Amazon Web Service S3 server. It is not only safe but it also reliable and durable. Moreover, with their 24/7 365 days of customer support, you can get help anytime you need it. You can find more about their service at

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security

You will get full protection against phishing, spam and other malicious threat to your hosted email service with trend micro hosted email security. And, it is compatible with all kinds of hosted mail service, which is a good thing because you don’t need to do too many adjustments to use it.


A hosted mail service that also supports Cloud server and storage is the best solution you can use. As you can see, this kind of service doesn’t only protect your email from phishing, spam, and other email-based attacks. But they also offer accountability and freedom for its user to manage their email without worrying about the attack. This kind of service is good for a business that uses a large network to acquire information from clients. Moreover, the hosted mail that runs on Cloud like them is necessary if you want to survive in today’s digital era.

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App Development

Securing Mobile App Development with Blockchain Technology

Ever since mobile app development was introduced, it has not been without its own challenges with security being the most pertinent. Developers have always seen mobile application security as a big challenge owing to increasing cyber-attacks which has made the entire process even more vulnerable. The major reason why mobile apps are the prime target of attackers is that they contain private and confidential data such as passwords and bank details. While several app development agencies have managed to come up with various measures to curtail the menace, it is, however, evident that mobile users cannot comprehensively rely on other third-party software. This is why has become relatively pivotal to consider the role of blockchain in-app security. What is blockchain? Before considering how relevant blockchain technology can be to app development, it is needful to first understand what blockchain itself is all about. Commonly referred to as the “base of all cryptocurrencies,” blockchain is generally regarded as the new big thing. In fact, there are those who consider this technology to be the next internet. Thanks to its revolutionary working principle, blockchain has not only managed to take the mobile app world by storm but it’s also influencing other sectors around the globe. Simply put, blockchain is an open-source for all databases that cannot be tampered with or rewritten. It is designed as a digital database that contains several pieces of information such as financial transactions and other records that can be shared and used simultaneously within a wide decentralized network that can be accessed publicly. Blockchain technology functions in a way that is different from every other technology in the IT world. Basically, it seeks to enhance the speed, efficiency, security, and transparency of transactions performed across a peer-to-peer network. While blockchain has been in existence long before now, it was, however, less prominent until the recent success of Bitcoin. Just so you know, Bitcoin is a product of the blockchain technology. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the usefulness of blockchain cuts beyond cryptocurrencies and can affect different other sectors. Due to the massiveness of its scope, virtually every industry is seeking to adopt the technology as their first choice, including the mobile app development sector. Securing Mobile App Development with Blockchain Technology Importance of blockchain technology in mobile app development : Apart from its relevancy in performing peer-to-peer transactions, there are several other ways blockchain technology can be employed. When it comes to mobile application development, app developers and development agencies are very optimistic about incorporating this technology into their development process. Generally, they believe that blockchain technology can help to greatly make mobile applications secure than ever due to the unaltered database it provides. Undoubtedly, this is amazingly true as there are several areas in which blockchain adoption can greatly impact mobile app development, including DNS/PKI, anonymous voting system, digital money transfer, maintaining healthcare records, managing property, accrediting the supply chain process, making online payments, and proving identity. Enhancing mobile app security with blockchain : Well, it is no more news that blockchain technology can effectively boost mobile app security. But this cannot be achieved if mobile app developers fail to understand properly the basic functionalities of blockchain and how it can affect app development. When it comes to making peer-to-peer payments (i.e. transferring funds between users on a network), there is every guarantee that such transactions are safe. This is why many mobile app development agencies are confident that technology will offer better app security. Here is how the technology can enhance mobile app security. Safe transactions : The incessant issue of hacking has made most mobile users afraid of online transactions. Obviously, there will be no more financial security worries with blockchain tech. This implies that users will enjoy the privilege of making funds transfer from and into their mobile wallets with absolute trust in the app knowing fully well that they are in safe hands. This will also help to drastically reduce the costs of making global payments as users will be enabled to make easy cross-border blockchain payments via their mobile apps. With these applications, users will be able to use the blockchain tech to make transactions on their smartphones and tablets. This implies that mobile users will not need to worry about owning a blockchain-enabled phone as every needed access will be provided on the app. Absolute transparency and protection Unlike other technologies available in the IT world, blockchain offers a unique feature that makes it uniquely different. With this technology, it is interesting to know that users’ data and information will remain securely safe as they cannot be breached. Here, absolute transparency and protection are maintained at the highest level. Even while everything on the network is carried out publicly, one thing users should know is that there is no breaching of information on the blockchain. To this end, it is imperative for mobile app developers to ensure that their development process is performed in line with blockchain’s principles so as to enable users to gain direct access to the network without having to hide anything. Secured identity : The main reason why hackers are gaining easy access into people’s account and stealing sensitive information is that many mobile users’ identity is not secure. But this is not the case in a decentralized platform. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to steal data from a decentralized system. In the blockchain, every user is provided with an encrypted private key that cannot be used by another user. To this end, it is highly difficult (if not impossible) for anyone to alter another user’s information or data on a decentralized platform. No password required : With blockchain tech, app users will no longer require a password to protect and access their mobile applications or devices. Just so you know, the technology has been designed to keep user information and data safe without the need for authentication. 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How To Measure Distance Between Two Addresses

Measuring the distance between two addresses is important for business and personal use. Several methods are available for measuring the distance between two addresses, whether you're trying to plan a delivery route, determine how far apart two properties are, or estimate your estimated arrival time for brunch. However, with an overwhelming amount of options, the next logical question is, "which method is best for your situation?" To determine this, you will need to answer some preliminary questions, including, "Am I measuring the driving distance between two addresses or a straight line distance?" and "Am I using exact addresses, coordinates, or city names?" This article will compare the different ways of calculating the distance between two addresses. Here Are 3 Prime Steps To Measure The Distance Between Two Addresses 1. Using GPS The first and most basic method is GPS, which provides a great way to get a general idea of distance and travel time. GPS devices use satellite technology to determine your location and the location of other points and can provide highly accurate distance measurements. Searchers can use GPS by entering the two addresses into the device and selecting "enter" or "go." The result will give the inquirer the distance between the two points and the estimated travel time. However, this method can be limited in accuracy, especially if the addresses are remote or the roads are not well-mapped. 2. Google Maps Google Maps is a convenient tool for measuring the distance between two addresses. To measure the driving distance, simply enter the addresses into the search bar and click on the "Directions" icon. Select the "Driving" option and "Get Directions" to display the route and total distance on the map. Using this method can be helpful when planning a road trip or estimating travel time. However, the driving distance displayed may differ from the actual mileage due to factors such as traffic and construction. Despite this, it can still be useful for measuring the driving distance between two points. 3. GIS Software GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software is a tool that allows users to analyze and visualize geographic data. GIS software typically includes a variety of tools for data management, spatial analysis, and mapping. GIS software can measure the distance between two locations in various ways, depending on the specific software and the available data. Some of these ways are: Measuring the straight-line distance between two points is often the most straightforward method, allowing users to use the "Measure Distance" or "Distance" tool, typically found in the toolbar or menu. Measuring the shortest path distance between two points can be used when the data includes information about the terrain or other features that affect the distance between two locations. Measuring the distance along a specific route can be used when the data includes information about roads or other transportation networks and can help determine the length along a particular way, such as the distance between two addresses on a map. The only caveat is that GIS software does not consider the terrain or other features that can affect the distance between two locations. Making Your Choice Before deciding, it is important to consider the type of distance measurement you need (driving or straight line) and the accuracy required before choosing a method. Weighing the pros and cons will help ensure that you are making the best decision for what you are hoping to achieve. Read Also: Pacman Google Maps – How To Play Pacman On Google Maps? 6 Essential Tips For Long-Distance Train Travel Tools Used in Building Surveying

Logo Font

How To Choose A Logo Font

The font is the most important component of almost any logo. Therefore, it requires special attention.  If the typography is chosen correctly, all the strengths of the logo and the brand as a whole will appear in a favorable light. But the wrong font, most likely, will spoil the impression. In the process of creating a logo with Turbologo's service, it is important to find exactly the typography that suits your brand. Therefore, we will tell you how to make the right choice. What Is A Logo? A logo is an individual brand mark. Its main purpose is to convey to potential customers the main ideas of the company it belongs to. Usually, a logo is in the form of an emblem, with stylized letters and/or icons that contain a special meaning. The logo plays a big role in the image of the entire company. It is important to consumers that a company has its own trademark or logo. It indirectly guarantees the goodness of the product or service. Goods without a logo do not have the most solid status - noname. How To Choose A Logo Font Here are tips on how to choose a font for the logo. The Simpler, The Better A logo with a simple font looks good at different scales. It is worth bearing in mind that the logo will need to be reduced or enlarged. Remember, the font should be readable on a large banner as well as on a ballpoint pen. Look At Your Competitors Do this not to copy ideas, but to analyze and identify their mistakes. That way you can learn from other people's experiences. Consider The Spirit Of The Business With the right typography, the logo becomes recognizable and memorable. You need to understand what typeface will emphasize the features of your business. Typography can be serious, smooth, accurate, or playful and careless, creating a fun mood. What is more important to you, to emphasize novelty or conservatism? Each business has its own values. That's why their fonts will be different. Lawyers can not use the same typography as the wedding salon. It is important to consider what exactly you offer clients. Do Not Use Everything At Once It is best to choose only one font option. The maximum is two. If you use more varieties, there is a great risk that the logo will look unattractive and discourage customers. Look at the logos of famous companies. Usually, they have only one type of font in the logo. But most small firms have the brand name written in one font, and the slogan in another. Trends Are Not The Most Important Thing Trends very quickly lose their relevance. Today one typeface is at the peak of popularity, and tomorrow it's already forgotten. In this regard, if you want your brand's logo to serve for more than one year, do not blindly follow the fashion. It's better to focus on the values of the business image when selecting your typography. That's all! We hope that our tips will help you make the right choice! Additional: Why Correctly Valuing Your Business Is Essential Employee Monitoring Linked To Business Growth Master’s In Business Analytics: Is It Worth The Effort? 10 Must Have Marketing Tools To Add In Small Business Growth Strategies!