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12 September 2019


hosted mail service

Phishing is still one of the top threats coming from your email. For you who have a business and use email a lot, this could become the source of a big problem for your company. Using anti-phishing software seems enough to deal with it. But the main problem here is the hosted mail service. They didn’t offer enough protection against the phishing attack. So, it’s easy. You can use the mail host that offers that protection.

The Safest Mail Hosting Service

What kind of hosted email service that can protect your email from attack? You can use many types of hosting service. However, to ensure your email safety, try to use the email service with Cloud server as the data storage platform.

When your data/email was sent and save in the Cloud server, it will be protected and encrypted by the protection system of that server. Therefore, it is difficult for the phisher to send the bait for you. Moreover, when the email is sent to the server, it will be scanned so the malicious link and such can be easily found.

The Cloud Server Hosted Mail Services

Hosted Mail

Now, which email hosted services that have the best Cloud server for its clients? It is a difficult question to answer because there are many of them. But, if we have to choose, there are at least three services we recommend for you.


This mail host service uses Cloud server for protection, as well as managing your email. It also stated clearly on their website that they also offer phishing protection. This service also has a Smart Quarantine feature that will keep the seems-dangerous email or content that you receive. This feature will also notify you as soon as it detects this attack, so you can take a pre-caution act faster to protect your data.


This service also offers Cloud Reliability feature where your email will be stored in Amazon Web Service S3 server. It is not only safe but it also reliable and durable. Moreover, with their 24/7 365 days of customer support, you can get help anytime you need it. You can find more about their service at

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security

You will get full protection against phishing, spam and other malicious threat to your hosted email service with trend micro hosted email security. And, it is compatible with all kinds of hosted mail service, which is a good thing because you don’t need to do too many adjustments to use it.


A hosted mail service that also supports Cloud server and storage is the best solution you can use. As you can see, this kind of service doesn’t only protect your email from phishing, spam, and other email-based attacks. But they also offer accountability and freedom for its user to manage their email without worrying about the attack. This kind of service is good for a business that uses a large network to acquire information from clients. Moreover, the hosted mail that runs on Cloud like them is necessary if you want to survive in today’s digital era.

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How Drones Help Us in Our Daily Life?

A drone is an unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft. It is also known as ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’ or UAV. It serves a variety of purposes such as photography, military, package delivery, crop dusting, heavy construction, maintaining energy infrastructure, commercial and recreational, etc.Drones are capable of highly advanced surveillance. It can carry various kinds of equipment such as live feed video cameras, heat sensors, infrared cameras, and radar and these are already in use by law enforcement. Usage of drones in everyday life: 1. DeliveringNowadays, drones are being used for delivering goods, stuff.As the usage of drones reduces human labor so some technologically advanced countries use drones as a replacement for the regular delivery man.Some companies like Amazon and Dominos are working on their potential for this kind of application of drones so they can use this feature in the future.To start a 30 minutes delivery service using drones, Amazon is working on its resources. If you are looking for good drones you can look in Drone&Fly. I am sure you will be amazed. 2. Crime Fighting Crime is the misfortune of every society but basically, the fight against crime is under investigation. For the purpose of fighting crime, security forces are going to implement the use of drones around the world.To gather evidence drones can be used. Private Citizen Privacy may be threatened but it will reduce the crime rate and it will save human labor. 3. Protecting national borders It is really important for a nation-state to take care of border security.Now drones are used by Border control agencies to patrol borders and coastlines for potential breaches. For example, the Australian government has adopted drones to make their security stronger. 4. Rescuing operation Speed and effectiveness are the two basic important things in the rescue operations.Patients can quickly get medicines or other necessary medical equipment through the drone if the hospital is far away from the patient.Another advantage is that when someone goes missing in a wreck, especially at night; drone connected thermal sensors can detect missing persons.So rescue operations can be improved using drones. 5. Improving journalism Nowadays, it gets much easier for a journalist to tell us a story in a more captivating way by using a drone in journalism.Live streaming via drone information is very useful. Drones can reach everywhere even when reporters can't reach comfortably. Drones are used for gathering data for news articles and it is known as drone journalism. 6. Military useThe invention of drones in war increases the life expectancy of a soldier. For example, to fight in wars the American army uses war machines with drone features.There is no need for a pilot to be in a bomber plane to carry out airstrike missions.To scan the area for enemy threat drones can be used by the foot soldiers and it can reduce the lifetime risk of a soldier. Another function of the drone device is spying surveillance. 7. Monitoring wildlifeMonitoring endangered species to protect wildlife can be safe and easy by using drones. Indonesian scientists invented this concept.They notice the habits of that group of endangered species with the help of drones.Wildlife photography using drones is much better than human photographers. 8. Protecting the environment A new and effective step is given by authorities that drones are used to catch environmental criminals in the act.Environmental agencies have adopted drones to catch polluters.For air pollution sampling, environmental consultancies have started using drones and NASA has also started using drones to monitor the ozone layer. 9. Assisting farmersFarmers work in all weather conditions and work incredibly hard to grow and harvest crops over long working days.Their lives can be made much easier with special drones that use infrared technology to monitor farmland. It will also allow them to observe how the crop is growing. 10. Inspecting buildingsBuilding surveyors are increasingly admiring parts of buildings for increasing stack conditions and other specialized building inspections.Usage of drones save money and time and keep inspectors away from the path of harm, especially at higher levels.Real estate is one industry where drone photography Melbourne is becoming quite a necessity. Most real estate companies are using the same for not only inspections but also as a strong sales and marketing tool. 11. Covering sporting eventsIt's not only beneficial for journalists; drones can also use to cover sporting events everywhere in the world.Drones can provide unique perspectives for visitors and they are a great source of public relations.This technology has made an appearance even at the Olympics, which is quite great. 12. Travelling Drones have a great impact on the travel industry also.There are so many impassable areas where people cannot reach or maybe that area is not safe to go to.But with the help of drones, people can view the scenic beauty of those places without any problem.Drones can travel to caves, hidden tunnels, tower tops, and many other beautiful but troublesome places where people cannot reach safely. The tourism market also makes alluring and innovative videos using drones to attract travelers. 13. Aerial photography and videographyWhen you fly your drone in the sky it can capture amazing high-quality footage, exciting pictures if an HD camera is used in the drone.You can buy drones that are able to capture marvelous pictures.As drones can travel to remote areas it can take great quality images and provide control, endurance, and balance. Drones can work in dust, sand, mud, and high temperatures. So drone is an unimaginable tool in photography. 14. Science and Research Scientists also get benefited by using drones. It helped a lot in their research works. It can analyze a variety of different occurrences in a specific environment and in nature. Drones can help in documenting glacier surveillance, nuclear accidents, archaeological excavations, volcanic eruptions viewings, etc. Conclusion I think you like this article. Here I have given the usage of drones in everyday life in detail. So I think you realize that drones are very much helpful for various purposes including reviews. In addition to these fields, the use of drones in other fields is immense. So drones are very helpful in our daily life.Read Also:Top 10 Tips for Drone Racing Cheapest Drone For Your Children

AV control system

AV Control System Shopping Tips

Do you want to purchase high-quality AV control system equipment at affordable prices? If yes, you can make that happen by arming yourself with some shopping tips. Not at affordable rates. You have to pick the items which are more robust as you do not have to spend much more time making the connections. Most of the meetings are urgent and essential. So waiting for the meetings for a long time is a big drawback. Hence it is always better to pick the items which are market best and do not hang up your meeting.Let’s have a look at the five easy tips to buy a robust AV control system. 5 Tips for Buying A AV Control System Knowing what you need to do to get the best deals will significantly boost your chances of buying products that suit your needs at affordable rates. Here are five easy AV control system shopping tips you need to know: 1. What Are Your Needs? The first step is to analyze your business needs. Having a good understanding of the type of audio-visual devices you need will help you make the most suitable choice. Based on experience with professional AV control system solutions since 2001, not knowing your business needs reduces your chances of purchasing equipment that will satisfy you. Click here to learn more about AV control systems and to get equipment that suits your needs. 2. Set A Budget Have a budget before choosing a brand, vendor, or supplier. Being specific about the amount of money you are willing to spend will help you stay organized and desist from AV control system buying the thing you do not need. One of the major benefits of budgeting is that it enables you to attend to your needs based on your priorities. 3. Negotiate Price Reduction One of the easy ways to get the best deals is to negotiate a price reduction. With good negotiation skills, you can easily get a discount. You can use bulk orders or long-term business relationships as leverage to get discounts.The negotiations do not compromise the quality of the AV control system. If you compromise the quality of the AV control system, there is always a chance of failure. And this fails are in the middle of any important meetings and seminars. And some of the company dealers are selling the products at really affordable rates. Study and compare all the rates and the service facility, then buy the actual AV control system. 4. Search For Great Deals Comprehensive research precedes an amazing shopping experience. With price comparison online, you will discover price gaps and increase your chances of getting the best deals. Buying an AV control system is a single and long-term investment. So when you are selecting the AV control system, always pick a great deal of the market.And before buying it do check the company service providing facilities. Because; every electronic gadget requires a nice service. And every part's guarantee periods are different. So keep knowing all these things first then buy the system. Give a friendly trial and check the compatibility level of the entire control system. 5. Cheaper Does Not Always Mean Better While shopping for an AV system, do not be carried away by the quest to reduce cost. Do not compromise quality in the process. Settling for low-quality equipment will be disadvantageous in the long term. The cost of frequent repairs and maintenance will eventually be more than what it takes to get a high-quality AV control system and devices. The AV control system and devices come in different features. You have to pick the best one at the best price rate. Conclusion: Every business organization wants an uninterrupted meeting process. And the manual process really takes a longer time. So keep applying this AV control system buying tips. Develop an automatic meeting process and organize uninterrupted meeting sessions. Are you already using the AV control system or want to buy it? Keep following the tips and buy the market best.Read Also:6 Unforgivable Heat Pump Installation Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Key Techniques For Holding Your Mouse Tips to Keep Your Photos and Data Save on Your Mobile Phone Pittsburgh Sportsbook Is Now Available At Parx Casino In Bensalem, PA

Antique Cotton Harvester

5 Cool Antique Cotton Harvester

Cotton plants have been an integral part of the United States and American history since the first days of colonization.Along with tobacco and the gold and silver mines of South America, cotton was one of the most valuable exports which created an immediate demand in Europe, resulting in many investors funding some of the first communities to profit from cotton production.Cotton is a labor-intensive difficult crop to grow and harvest, unfortunately, slave labor was sued for much of the hardest aspects of the job. With that said, people are inclined to always “build a better mousetrap” and also have tried more efficient means of harvesting cotton.Although modern technology has made for much more efficient cotton machinery with an expected use for industrial farming, the simplicity and beauty of antique equipment can make for a fun hobby to restore and use on a smaller scale than what is required of commercial farms.Some have been designed as an attachment to be used with a regular tractor, essentially running the tractor in reverse with the large wheels to the front instead of the rear, others were made as independent designs specific for the single use of picking cotton and transporting it back to the barn to be cleaned by a cotton gin and baled as a separate process.Over the years, there have been some exceptionally cool ideas about how to pick cotton without the extensive labor required when people have to harvest by hand. 1820's: Trained Monkeys Nobody can argue how cool an idea it was when a Louisiana farmer had the idea in 1820 to purchase a group of money and train them to pick cotton.This almost sounds like a joke from a comedy movie, but the guy actually thought it might work. Spoiler alert, it didn't. He was able to teach them to pick cotton while in captivity, but when he released them into the fields to actually conduct the harvest, they quickly became distracted and ran off into the surrounding woods.Okay, the proof is in the pudding and maybe that wasn't a “great” idea, but such idiocy certainly brings a few giggles to nearly everyone when they hear the story. Patent Number 7,631, Subclass 48 Invented in 1850 by Samuel S. Rembert and Jedediah Prescott of Memphis, TN., the first cotton picking machine used cylinders and disks to pick cotton.The interesting aspect of the invention was it's being designed to add more units capable of harvesting more than one row at a time, a concept still used by modern harvesters.It didn't work well in terms of reliability because it required the operator to constantly stop and clean off the cotton oils as they jammed up the operating mechanisms, but it did prove such a machine was possible but needed some further development and improvement. 1930's: John Daniel Rust Rust invented one of the first usable cotton pickers in 1933, which didn't become commercially popular until 1938. It attached to the rear of a tractor and picked cotton without stripping it.Pictures show the tractor driver often holding the steering wheel to maintain a straight line while looking over their shoulder to evaluate how the harvest was proceeding.This was the machine that made mechanical cotton pickers an integral aspect of cotton farms, as they could produce as much cotton in an hour as had previously been expected after a day's worth of labor.The patent was sold in the 1940s and used by different companies before becoming an outdated machine, even though some of the most basic concepts it used are still part of modern cotton pickers, with a few upgrades and improvements to details of the harvest process. 1940's International Harvester Model 114A The I.H. Model 114A was one of the first cotton picking specific machines, and set a new standard for cotton farmers when it came out in 1943.The problem with previous mechanical harvesting was it didn't always clean the cotton efficiently enough to go straight to the cotton gin for separation.The 114A resolved that problem and reliably picked cotton while removing unopened bolls and other debris which would clog a gin. By doing so, the amount of labor required during a cotton harvest was immensely lowered while increasing production rates.With a growing demand for cotton worldwide both as a fabric and for other uses such as in cooking oil or rubber products, such an invention had become an absolute necessity toward a farm's continued success in the cotton industry. 1950 I.H. M120 Cotton Picker The I.H. M120 basically added a cotton picker to a tractor in a means which would turn the tractor into a specialized piece of machinery used only to pick cotton. It essentially turned the tractor around to drive with the large wheels in the front behind the spindles which harvested cotton one row at a time.The steering wheel and seat were moved to face what is generally considered the rear of the tractor, and the basket was mounted over the engine hood.Although modern cotton pickers operate much the same way with rear-wheel steering, they do more than just picking the cotton but also strip and bale the crop. It's interesting to see how that design began and how it has evolved over time. Certi-Pik USA Parts and Equipment If you're fortunate enough to find an antique cotton picker, it's likely going to be in a condition that requires restoration, and that's going to require parts.At Certi-Pik, we provide certified aftermarket OEM parts for modern and older cotton machinery according to your needs; we're specifically certified by John Deere and Case/IH. Although we also sell parts for many other makes of cotton picker and tractor equipment.Our staff is trained and understands both the mechanical needs of your equipment and the importance of getting it fixed as quickly as possible to avoid downtime in the field. We can provide advice if you have questions about which part will best fix any problem your equipment may be having.Contact us for all your aftermarket parts needs so we can help you achieve your goals of producing a successful and profitable cotton crop each year. Read Also:How Does Modern Technology Propel The Success of Your Business? Ten Ways Technology is Impacting Modern Education How Cutting Edge Technology is Helping Dubai Improve its Healthcare Services