How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services?

How many jobs are available in consumer services?

As you are searching for the answer to these questions, I can think that you are thinking about considering customer service as your career option. Great that you are planning to take a step toward your goals. 

But do you know what is greater? 

The fact that you are searching for as much information as you can about the job profile you are thinking of trying. But just knowing the number of customer service jobs is not going to be enough if you are seriously planning to take over this profession. 

You should know about each and every detail of it. So, along with giving answers to your question, I will also guide you with the essential details. 

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services?

So, as we all know, consumer services job market is constantly changing. As per the reports of 2020, The United States BLS or U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 2.9 million jobs in the field of consumer service. 

Obviously, the number has changed, and also the market. Standing in 2022, you obviously can expect more jobs in consumer service. Here is a breakthrough of the approximate consumer service jobs available in different categories.

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Job TypeAvailable Jobs (Approx.)
Social Media Customer Support50,000+
Help Desk Technician875,700+
Hotel Concierge33,560+
Flight Attendants106,300+
Customer Service Manager210,000+
Retail Salesperson594,400+
Customer Service Representative2,000,000+

What Are Consumer Services?

What Are Consumer Services

It doesn’t matter what business you are sunning; your consumers are the lifeline of your business. And that is why serving them and pleasing them should always be your prime goal.


It is for most businesses.

Consumer services is a particular type of service that a business offers their consumers or customers in order to let them know about the business and the relevant information they need to know. Here are the things that consumer services take care of. 

  • Placing online orders. 
  • Assisting customers in purchasing or getting a service.
  • Restaurant reservations and hotel booking.
  • Solving issues that they are experiencing with services or products.

What Are The Available Jobs In Consumer Service?

Obviously, just like any other industry, or job section, consumer services also have several types of job profiles. Some of the most common ones are salespeople, customer service representatives, and marketing professionals.

All these types of job profiles typically involve interacting with customers along providing them with the necessary information about the services and products. Apart from these, there are some more consumer service jobs available in the market, such as managing retail stores, working in call centers, or coordinating events.

It doesn’t matter what type of consumer service jobs you are interested in; you will find several job opportunities to explore. I thought, “How many jobs are available in consumer services?” it would be best if you know about some job roles in detail.

So, let’s have a look at the most popular job profiles in consumer services.

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Customer Service Representative

This professional is responsible for offering assistance to customers who have queries or concerns about the company’s services and products. Customer support representatives might also be responsible for handling customer complaints along with providing solutions when needed.

1. Salesperson

This particular professional is responsible for promoting and obviously selling the services and products of the company. They might work in a retail setting, or they also can travel in order to meet potential customers. Being a salesperson, you have to be able to communicate effectively with customers and close a deal.

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2. Marketing Professional

Marketing Professional

Now come to the marketing professional. Many of us have a vague idea about what a marketing guy does. This professional is responsible for creating and also executing marketing campaigns which will promote the products and services of the company. Here, you need to create persuasive marketing materials along with communicating with customers.

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3. Retail Store Manager

Obviously, just the way you might have seen your retail store manager, they are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a retail store. They also might need to take care of hiring and training employees, handling customer inquiries, and stocking shelves. At every time, this professional needs to manage a team efficiently along with making sure the smooth operation of the store.

4. Call Center Representative

Call Center Representative

When it comes to handling customer complaints and inquiries via telephone, a call center representative is appointed for the role. In addition to these, these professionals might also be responsible for providing information about the services and products. They typically need to work in a call center environment.

The Income Range Of Consumer Services Professionals

For different job profiles, you will get different salaries. Still, the average salary for a consumer service professional is around $36,920 per year for consumer services professionals in the United States.

Usually, the salary is determined on the basis of the education, location, and experience of the candidate and can range from $26,880 to $79,610 per year. Even a consumer services professional who is at the top can make $19 every hour on average. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I have already provided you with the answer to your question, “How many jobs are available in consumer services?” Still, as you are searching for consumer service jobs, here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

Knowing these answers will help you to make a decision about your career. So, let’s check them out now. 

Q1: What Percentage Of Jobs Are Customer Service?

Ans: A lot of jobs directly involve customer service. In fact, occupations which require all the skills of customer service accounted for about one-fourth of all employees as per the 2016 report. This report was generated by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Q2: What Jobs Are Related To Customer Service?

Ans: Basically, a customer service representative works with clients with orders, complaints, or needs for any type of information regarding services or products they have purchased from the organization. Those professionals also provide solutions for every specific situation and prioritize the requirements of customers at every step of the entire process. 

Q3: What Are the Types Of Consumer Services?

Ans: Here are the 4 major types of consumer service fields. 
• Leisure and hospitality. 
• Education.
• Health and social.
• Retail and wholesale. 

Q4: What Do All Consumer Services Jobs Have In Common?

Ans: The different types of consumer service jobs usually involve interacting with customers to offer them information about services and products. Some of the consumer services jobs might also include managing retail stores, coordinating events, and working in a call center. 

Final Talks

So, along with getting the answer of “How many jobs are available in consumer services?” you also get to know some basic information about this job sector. So, now I believe you will be able to make the decision of whether you want to be in this field or not. 

And in case you have any further queries or doubts, you can always leave that in the comment section. I will come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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