How Many Jobs Are Available In Telecommunications Equipment?

Searching for the answer of how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment? Then I must say you are not alone in this search line! There are many more people from the United States Of America who would like to know the answer. Therefore many more want to start their careers in the Telecommunication equipment department. The employees also get a pretty promising salary hike and learning opportunities.

We all know almost every person wants to have these two in their professional life. And the telecommunication equipment department is the perfect selection for those who have a great passion for pursuing their career in the telecommunication department.

What Does Telecommunication Equipment Mean?

What Does Telecommunication Equipment Mean?

The telecommunication department refers to the hardware used for the telecommunication sectors. This hardware use transmission lines, multiplexers, and transceiver stations.

Telecommunication technologies like radios and computers are everywhere, hence this telecommunication equipment is slowly taking over all communication mediums.

Since the 1990s, two separate departments have come under a single umbrella. It encompasses different types of communication technology which include telephones, radios, and computers.

At that time, the telecommunication department’s data transfer work increased. And the telecommunication department works to become more versatile and create multiple jobs for freshers and experienced telecom sector employees.

Now let’s proceed to the main answer for how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment.

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What Types Of Jobs Are Available In The Telecommunication Equipment?

Before digging for the answer to how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. Hence the job types are different. And the telecommunication equipment department is maintaining continuous growth.

21,510 jobs are available in the telecommunication departments, and more than 195,823 employees are working in this department. Hence if you are a passionate person and want to strive in the changing work in the telecommunication department. 

Then this is the right place where you will get all of your answers related to your job search. And find the most relevant jobs for you in telecommunication equipment.

  1. Telecommunication Equipment Engineer And Manager.
  2. Tower And Telecommunication Technician.
  3. Cable line Installer.
  4. Telecommunication Equipment Engineer.
  5. Salesperson for Telecommunication.
  6. Senior Telecommunication Analyst.
  7. Network Engineer.
  8. Computer Technician.
  9. Telecommunication Analyst.
  10. Telecommunication Specialist.

Jobs & Career Opportunities In The Telecommunications Equipment Departement

Before thriving your career in the telecommunication equipment department, you must know 

how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. This answer holding the information will guide you just in the right direction.

Here are the types and job profiles of the ten highest paying jobs in the telecommunication department.

1. Telecommunication Equipment Manager

Telecommunication Equipment Manager

Now you know how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. But which among these jobs are the highest paying? Every work in the telecommunication equipment looks after by the managers. Usually, the project’s estimation and budgeting everything is looked after by them.

The telecommunication equipment managers communicate with all the senior executives, colleagues, and workers to execute the projects. Every project is running under the screening of the telecommunication manager.

Salary Structure: The structure falls between $113,263 – $142,473.

2. Telecommunication Technician

Telecommunication Technician

The telecommunication technician is another promising career option in the telecommunications department. The telecommunication technician is responsible for every type of maintenance, repair, and installation of telecom equipment.

The challenge of this job profile is that many times the telecommunication technicians have to carry forward the work outside of their comfortable working environments. But the right knowledge and skills can ensure promising growth in this department.

Salary Structure: The telecommunication technician’s salary structure falls between $50,940 $66,217.

3. System Manager

System Manager

System manager jobs are another great selection for telecommunication job seekers. If you want to know how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. Therefore it means you are already showing interest in this sector. And job profiles of the system managers are very similar to the IT department employees.

The job roles of system managers are to maintain and repair telecommunication equipment. Hence to excel in this department, you have to understand the telecommunication department’s functions. And know the right strategy to resolve telecommunication issues.

Salary Structure: The system manager’s salary structure falls between $78,217 $86479.

4. Cable Installer

Cable Installer

The cable installer is another telecommunication equipment job that is created to handle all works related to cable installations and repair. The main job roles of the cable installers are to take care of the new cable installation works and repair the old works if required.

The cable installations are more like tower maintenance work. Hence people often have to climb up the poles and install the cables in the place. This is not a desk job. To get this job, you have to be fit and knowledgeable about using handheld equipment. Therefore when you want to know how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. You should always know what is the expected physical eligibility you required to have.

Salary Structure: The cable installer’s salary structure falls between $48,063 – $57,899.

5. VOIP Engineer

VOIP systems look after by VOIP engineers. This is a system that is a communication medium. This is a replacement for the traditional phone network system. The VOIP system installations and maintenance are the common work areas of the engineers. 

The VOIP engineers are responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of voice communications. Hence their job is associated with the company’s in-house IP telephone communications.

Salary Structure: The VOIP Engineer’s salary structure falls between $82,348 $100,295.

6. Telecommunication Operator

Telecommunication Operator

Everything in the telecommunication sector looks after by the telecommunication operators. The job responsibility of the telecommunication operators is to install, monitor, and repair mobile phone networks. Now you almost get the idea of how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. And these job types are also going to ensure you a better career graph.

Therefore, every individual company has licensed telecommunication operators who can operate their TCP/IP networks. Therefore they are eligible to provide the right services to the customers. Hence from installations to repairs, every job responsibility carries forward by these telecommunication operators.

Salary Structure: The telecommunication operator’s salary structure falls between $38,248 – $42,978.

7. Telecom Sector Customer Service Executive

Telecom Sector Customer Service Executive

The telecom sector business link with the customers. And customer service executives look after all types of customer queries. The telecom sector’s customers are seeking help for troubleshoots. 

Hence that is the reason often the telecom sector companies are hiring customer service executives for better customer responses. Hence apart from the customer’s query responses, billing and selling all come under their responsibilities.

Salary Structure: The telecom sector customer care service executive’s salary fall between $107,370 – $146,000.

8. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer

Often when people are asked how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. They are becoming a little confused after hearing that computer programming also comes under telecommunication jobs. Yes! Do not confuse. Now everything is becoming automatic.

Computer programmers’ jobs are also available in the telecom sectors. The job responsibility of the programmers in the telecom sector is to look after the complexity of computer programming and the telecom sector. Hence the system is complex, computer programmers can only sort out these complex structures.

Salary Structure: The computer programmer’s annual salary is $73,007 in the telecom sector.

9. Telecommunication Equipment Specialist

Telecommunication Equipment Specialist

The telecom equipment specialist’s job responsibilities are to establish the communication systems and set up data telecommunication network circuits. From network installation to data telecommunications, everything is taken care of by these telecom equipment specialists.

From the inventory to the data network maintenance, everything is taken care of by these telecommunication equipment specialists. Hence the whole telecommunication field comes under their responsibility. The error-finding solutions are the common job responsibility of the telecommunication equipment specialist.

Salary Structure: The telecommunication equipment specialist’s annual salary lies between $50,940 – $66,217.

10. Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Data analyst jobs are another selection that is a little bit different from the rest of the telecommunication profile jobs. So the data analyst jobs count under other telecommunication jobs, Hence why it comes under the answer to how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment.

Data analysts are responsible for data interpretations and other types of information responses. The main job profiles of the data analysts are to interpret the data information and gather the right information after analyzing the data.

Salary Structure: The telecommunication equipment data analyst’s annual salary lies between $82,326 – $106,500.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Is The Telecommunications Sector A Good Career in 2022? 

Working in the telecommunication sector has already proved to be a promising career in 2022. As the world is turning to a small space and to survive in this world, every industry has to adopt a faster communications medium, which is only telecommunications.

Q2: What Qualifications Does Every Jobseeker Want To Have In Telecommunication?

Every job types are different. And to pursue a career in this industry. The best education qualifications are:
1. 0+2 level examination in Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry.
2. Engineering degree in electronics and communications.
3. Post-graduation science degree from any recognized university.

Q3: What Types Of Skills Do The Telecommunication Employers Require?

Here is the subject every telecommunications employee should know.
Computer networking and ideas about LAN, WAN, and MAN.
1. TCP and IP protocols.
2. Ideas about Network routers, switches, and gateways functions.
3. ETSI, TIA, EIA, ITU Cabling ideas.
4. Knowledge of the OSI model.
5. Cloud computing.

Wish You A Great Career Ahead! In Telecommunication Sector

I think you get the whole answer for how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. Every type of job requires different eligibility, hence managerial-level jobs require expert knowledge and project execution experience. But at the starting level, only science graduate degrees are enough. What is your opinion?

Are we missing out on any of the points? Then let us know through the comment sections and share your opinion.

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