How to Save Money on Your Maternity Wardrobe

Published on: 09 May 2016 Last Updated on: 29 May 2021
Maternity wardrobe

Being pregnant is truly a blessing, even though it can be annoying and exhausting at times. This is the time when you spend hours doing research about what is best for you and your baby, and prepare your living space for an additional family member. Being a mom makes it a priority to stay healthy for the sake of you and your baby, but you also want to look good. Modern moms-to-be like to stay true to their unique style, and luckily this has never been easier.

Do I Have to Change My Style?

Remember seeing in the movies pregnant women dressed in what looked a flowy tent? This is because baby bumps were considered unattractive and women felt like they had to hide themselves until they get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Luckily, those days are way behind us, and women all over the world are showing of their growing bellies and look amazing.

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You know that you will not be able to wear all of your clothes, but when going out to buy something new, choose items that wrap around your middle, since these will look stylish and will not restrict your movements. If you feel like hiding your stomach a bit, choose darker colors like navy or black because these will make you look slimmer.

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Layer Up!

Listen, the more fabric, the less flattering it will look on you, so try to find a middle ground somewhere. The best decision is to layer up since you can choose the items and combine them to get the best look. All those lovely open-fronted cardigans and stylish denim or leather jackets can be worn over tunics, dresses, and jeans, and not only will they keep you warm but you can choose to wear ones in pastels or adorable prints which will show your sense of style and trends, but will still be wonderfully comfortable.

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The best thing is that you won’t have to go out buying new clothes, you can wear your old items and simply leave them open in the front. Remember, you will not be able to imagine life without your comfy maternity jeans, so choose them carefully.

Thrift Stores? By All Means Yes!

You are not going to be pregnant forever (thank God), so the clothes that you choose to wear n those months you will probably not wear later on. Instead of going out shopping and spending hundreds of dollars on clothes you will only wear for a few brief months. Try finding good maternity clothes on websites like eBay and; women who sell their maternity clothes probably didn’t wear them for a very long time and certainly don’t need them anymore. What you can do after childbirth is to collect all of your maternity clothes and simply give it to someone who needs it, or sells them to a thrift shop. This way you will not only be earning a few extra bucks, but you will allow someone in need to save a few as well.

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It is difficult not to compare yourself to so many celebrity moms and their perfect pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies, but keep in mind that all of them have teams of experts to help them stay fit and get back in shape. What is important is to stay healthy and be comfortable, because your baby feels good when you feel good. Luckily, ‘comfortable’ does not exclude ‘stylish’, so go ahead experiment, and don’t hesitate to show off your lovely baby bump.

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How To Choose And Buy Cute Tops For You

Summer is here, and we’re all slowly realizing what? That we have nothing to wear! Well, okay, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, given that we’re always saying the same thing and yet leaving the house in the cutest of outfits. But, we may have gotten bored with the same-old, same-old, and we want to freshen up the wardrobe. The first item on the list of things to buy is a cute top. Make that plural. Nobody is planning on wearing one and the same top during the whole season, so we do need to invest in more of these. You can wear these in walks and casual outings, as well as at parties and any kind of events, you may be attending. Versatility is their strength, so use it and equip your wardrobe with all kinds of tops for all kinds of occasions. Speaking of parties and such occasions, if you don’t quite know how to dress up, this could be of amazing help: So, you’re ready to buy the perfect top for you? And yet, you don’t know how to do it? Sure, you know how the purchasing process works and that you have to exchange money for the goods you’ll be getting, but that’s not what I had in mind when I said that you might not know how to do this. While we all know how shopping works, the actual process of choosing and buying the right items for us is what’s confusing us. Admit it, shopping is not that easy for you either! If it is, then, by all means, share your tips with us, because we all desperately need them. In any case, the point is that you’re probably not quite certain about how to actually buy the right tops for yourself, and that’s what I’m here to help you out with. By sharing some helpful tips, which I’ll do below, I’ll lead you toward realizing what it is that you should consider and keep in mind when shopping for these clothing pieces. Keep Your Body Type in Mind A story is as old as time. You have to dress for your body type. While we’ve all by now finally understood this and while we’re all careful to consider our body types when buying dresses, skirts, jeans, and similar clothing items, we’re still, for one reason or another, refusing to accept the fact that our body types will also determine which tops look great on us and which ones don’t. Remember that! What you should do first is find a great cute top buying guide and use it to, well, guide you through this whole process. While reading a great guide and while doing your shopping, of course, keeping your specific body type in mind will be a must. Not everything will look the same for everyone, and that’s a fact that you need to accept. When you choose tops that work on your body type, you’ll undeniably look amazing in them, and you’ll love the choice you’ve made. And Always Go For Tops That Flatter You Considering your body type, it will be easier for you to choose tops that flatter you. Finding cute ones and buying them just because they look cute on the model or on the photo is not exactly the best idea. You have to imagine how the top will look on you and determine whether it is flattering or not. And, remember, no matter how cute something looks on someone else, don’t buy it if you know that it won’t flatter you. Consider the Fabric Too How many times have you bought a piece of clothing because it was cute, only to realize later that the fabric is not very comfortable on your skin, or that it is not of good enough quality? Happened a lot to me. Probably happened a lot to you too. Choosing tops without considering the fabric is not the best idea, as this is a piece of clothing that will be in direct contact with your skin, and you want it to feel good and comfortable. And, naturally, choosing materials that are durable and that won’t rip or fade after you wash them once is also extremely important. Try Out Different Styles I’ve talked a lot about the importance of considering your body type, but I don’t want you to get the wrong impression there. Basically, this doesn’t mean that you should stick to just one style, the one you know will look amazing on you, and ignore all the others. Experimenting is perfectly fine. In fact, it is encouraged. So, one of the rules to follow when choosing cute tops for yourself, including those found on this page, is to try out different styles and always say “yes” to experimenting, because you never know which particular styles and designs you may fall in love with. And Colors The same goes for colors. Sure, you may have a few favorite colors and you could be sticking to them whenever buying tops, but here’s the thing. How will you know which colors suit you and which ones don’t if you don’t even give them a try? The answer? You won’t. Thus, giving chances to different colors is undeniably a smart move. Take note of which colors work for you and which ones don’t, and don’t be afraid to try new ones out. And, since summer is here, you may want to give those colorful tops a try as well, as they can be extremely cute, as long as you select the right pattern for you. Choose the Right Shop It is also of utmost importance to choose the right shop, that is, the store where you’ll be buying your tops. Doing so online is a great idea, but remember to always check the legitimacy and the reputation of the stores you’ve found. And, once you find a great one, feel free to keep on returning to it, because sticking to something that works is undoubtedly a smart move. Read Also: Dressing Up Your Babies: How Hard Is It? How To Dress For A Bridal Shower? Choosing a Dress for Winter 2021

comfortable winter season

Mens can now have a comfortable winter season

Men are always considered to be outdoor persons. They need to stay not just comfortable but also protected and stylish at the same time. Previously men use to have just some kind of monkey caps and sweaters that would give them just the protection. But with the running time, these winter wears get destroyed. Now these online winters clothing can be shaped with popularity and comfort of their offer with wearing them. They are updated and upgraded with the men's thermal. These are enabled as in the form of normal clothing, which would get men not just comfort but also proper protection during the winter season. Best of all about these thermals is their convenience with being worn under formal and informal clothes as well. These are available in different sizes and even in plus sizes. The popularity of these thermals wears with not getting any extra charge on their cost has brought a great change in the men’s winter fashion. These are going to be comfortable with giving a perfect presentation with all kinds of dresses. You don’t need to wear any extra winter garments on top to stay warm. Just you can have these thermals on your body and wear the usual attire over them. These are really advantageous for the chilling winter season. Explaining the thermal wears:- Even though there are a lot and a wide variety of winter wears available, you might also think of why only the thermals. It’s because of some brilliant features that are just available with these thermal wears. These are like:- The consistency of the material of the fabric which is generally cotton and is even a combination of cotton and polyester. Merino and other varieties of natural and fibrous wool are commonly being used in different countries to make these thermals. The texture of these fabrics is prominently box weave. A thin polyester lining is given on the inner surface to keep them protected with moving for a long time. Flannel is used in the union suit, which is basically thermal wear in which all parts are connected to give you a confidant in wearing them. Buying them online:- You might get shocked by thinking if these thermals are available online. Yes, that is true because these thermals are now available online on different stores with expressing their priority in the best manner. It is not necessary that you as a customer to get to any shop to get the products rather just log on the internet and get the products listed to the cart. After that, just confirm your order and receive them at the doorstep. To make their service more prominent, customer care services are available with online support for 24x7 to understand every client with their queries. They guarantee with best of the lasting of the qualitative product. Shopping from online stores has been a fun-filled with the exciting ranges and price tag that is superb to be afforded by the common people. Men can now carry out their smartness with their thermals that are bought the best with online shopping.

Kurta Pajama (1)

Kurta Pajama Styles To Amp Up Your Party Look

Designs for kurta pajamas are classic clothing that works for any occasion. The kurta can be either short or long in length. It could be easy or require labor. During the heating season, simple kurtas continue to be much more demanding. Heavy embroidery and motifs on cotton kurtas give them a comfortable, untroubled appearance that makes them ideal for weddings and make perfect party wear kurta pajama. On the day of their wedding, even the grooms choose thick kurtas for them to wear. These distinguish themselves from the competition with designer prints. Tips To Style And Slay A Kurta Pajama For A Party: Kurta pajamas are considered ethnic wear, and people wear them on different occasions. But over the recent years, it is observed that the young generation has shown their interest more in these wears.  They are comfortable wearing these clothes that define both the fashing and leniency towards the culture. These are positive signs. Here we discuss some of the tips that will enable you to hit the parties with ethnic wear with more comfort and ease. So let us get started with the discussion here. Use Different Colors. Be daring and use color contrast. Use hue combinations that complement your skin tones the finest. Allow the hues to reflect your individual flair. The simplest color combinations frequently work best to make your look stand out. To amplify your appearance, it is advised to choose colors that contrast with one another. Dress It Up By including a jacket or drape, you can add interest to your pajamas or kurta. Wearing a printed or beaded jacket will give your outfit an edge and draw attention to the embellishments if the kurta pajama you own is a solid hue. Details Are Important: You can experiment with a lot of things in your apparel, from fabric to embroidery. Choose a look that best fits your body shape and is comfortable. To make the festive dress code unique, consider investing in an embroidered collar, rich materials with their own texture, geometric prints, and pastel colors, among other things. You get to express the best of your style through the details you choose. The Kurta Length: Select the length of your kurta from the variety available on the market based on your personality. Long kurtas go well with churidar. On the other hand, short kurtas look nice with harem trousers or even with a Patiala. For their elegance and sophisticated appearance, semi-shirts, as well as button-down kurtas, are frequently regarded as fashionable. The ethnic long kurta, which enhances both your elegance and height, is a style that you can never go wrong with. Accessorize: With a contemporary twist, every traditional costume looks gorgeous. You may highlight the magnificence of your kurta by accessorizing it with chic pins, a pocket square, and brooches. Accessories consisting of gemstones are quite popular for their sheer elegance. Nowadays, bandi jackets having intricate embroidery are a fantastic option as well. As the weather starts to turn cooler, you might add a shawl as an ideal accessory for your entire kurta pajama ensemble. Denim Kurta: You'll fall back in love with denim after wearing one of these kurtas. Many brands transform this denim into kurtas with a traditional appearance that is not just festive wear but also made for informal occasions and accessorized with strappy sandals and faded jeans. Bandhini Kurtas: Although originally from the Indian state of Rajasthan, Bandhini kurtas are now widely available. These are not only lightweight but also incredibly colorful. They typically come in light shades of color like yellow, blue, green, pink, and others. To achieve the ideal Bandhini look, they are knotted and colored. This can be worn to ethnic gatherings and festivals. White pajamas and footwear from various cultures can be used as accessories. Woolen Kurtas: This kurta is ideal for winter weddings since it keeps the wearer warm and comfortable and enables them to enjoy the event despite the bitter weather. White churidar trousers, a woolen stole, and some dress shoes are the ideal accessories to pair with it. Party Wears Kurta Pajama Ideas: Some trending and stylish party wear kurta pajama ideas are: Black Kurta Pajama: If in doubt, dress in black! This black Kurta Pajama won't let you down at weddings or festivals. Look for a kurta that consists of a cotton and silk combination for a smooth yet shiny appearance. The body eventually lights up with traditional Indian designs to give it an ethnic flavor. Kurta Pajama With Cowl Neck: Make a statement at the forthcoming winter wedding by wearing this distinctive men's kurta pajama style. The cowl neck, which gives your look a comfortable vibe, is the outfit's most distinctive feature. Pakistani Kurta Pajama: Unquestionably, a Pakistani Kurta Pajama is one of the stylish and unique looks that guys should try! It has a shirt collar, a front button placket, and roll-up sleeves, and is a knee-length kurta. Select a kurta that is completely white. No outfit can actually match its level of sophistication and elegance! Style A Kurta With Harem Pants: The combination of a kurta with hareem pants is customary. Whether you're attending a friend's Mehandi ceremony, a party at work, or a Diwali celebration at home, this fashionable pair is comfortable and simple to transport. Select an Uneven Kurta Pattern Asymmetrical kurtas are here to save the day for anyone who feels that the norm has run its course. The asymmetry gives the typical kurta pajamas a modern twist. Final words: In conclusion, there are many ways to upgrade your party look and make a fashion statement using kurta pajama styles. There is a fashion that precisely reflects your individuality and ensures you stand out on any occasion, whether you choose traditional elegance or modern twists. You can express your individual style and highlight your fashion-forward senses with the appeal of embellished designs, contemporary cutting, brilliant colors, and fusion elements. Strategically choosing your accessories will help you complete your style, accentuate your party looks, and project confidence. Embrace the adaptability of kurta pajama styles to enter any party with a sophisticated sense of fashion and an undeniable presence that will create an effect on everyone you encounter. Read Also: 7 Fashion Tips Exclusively For Men Top 10 Fashion Brands of 2018 Mens Can Now Have A Comfortable Winter Season