Your All-Important Guide to the Best Labelling Trends of 2019

Category: Business By: Ariana Smith Posted on: November 2, 2019

labelling trends undoubtedly have an impact on the effectiveness of your product and how attractive it looks to your target audience. The label often displays relevant information about your product, but it will usually contain images and other details as well. Paying attention to the design of your label is just part and parcel of making sure that your product is a veritable hit. With the proper label, your product will be flying off the shelves before you know it. But when it comes to product labels, you have to bear in mind that there are certain elements which have proven effective time and again – and there are certain trends which may help your product sell as well. So, what are these labelling trends? Here’s your all-important guide to the best labelling trends of 2019.

Simple and bold

The bold and straightforward look has never really left the labelling arena, and for many good reasons. It’s a basic design that has proven its worth through the years, and it seems that it’s at the forefront amongst even more products today. The key in this kind of design is minimalism – the use of elements which can elevate your product and give a clear description of what your product is all about. Not many shoppers today have time to read through a ton of details, so it’s best to give them the essentials at a glance. A clean, simple, and bold label will usually make a big difference.

Customised letters

Another noteworthy trend in labelling today is customised letters. Designers simply love customised letters, and this will certainly give your label a more organic look and effect. For instance, you can take advantage of ‘imperfections’ such as irregular lines or natural fills that can make your product get the right attention from customers. The ‘non-digital’ appeal is strong these days, and it can definitely give your product an edge.

Colours are your best ally

As you may already know, colour can certainly add depth to your product label and can evoke specific emotions in your audience and influence their decision to buy your product. Because of this, colours have always played a significant role in regard to label design, a fact that contract labelling experts like Atwell Labellers know all too well. More designers today are experimenting with their use of colours in many different ways, and you can often see bright and vibrant colours on various shelves. In particular, you can use colours to differentiate between numerous variations within the range or selection of a particular product. Oftentimes, shoppers will not remember the product’s name or its number, but they will usually remember its colour. Words are simply not enough; you need colours to be your best ally as well.

The repetition of patterns

Another on-point trend today is the repetition of patterns. For example, you can repeat a particular motif that captures your brand’s essence; this allows you to convey a much stronger message to your customers as well. It doesn’t really matter if you choose a playful pattern, a more serious pattern, or a bold pattern – as long as you can repeat it, you should be able to have a stronger identity for your product, helping your customers more easily remember your product and have a better connection with it.

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