What Is Intrapreneurship? Definition, Meaning, Development, Challenges


Intrapreneurship is a trend in corporations these days. Large multinationals across the world are adopting the intrapreneurial model to ensure business development is happening seamlessly. On the one hand, it has its own perks while it’s embedded with challenges on the other.

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What Is Intrapreneurship – Definition, And Meaning

What Is Intrapreneurship - Definition, And Meaning

Let’s start detailing about it through a clear and compact Intrapreneurship definition.

The term basically refers to the system allowing the employees of an organization to act like entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs are proactive, self-motivated, and action-oriented people taking the initiative to pursue an innovative service or product.

They agree on a common fact, and what’s that?

“He knows that failure does not have a personal cost as it does for an entrepreneur since the organization absorbs losses that arise from failure.”

To be very precise, intrapreneurship is just a step away from entrepreneurship. Wondering why? It’s because they can use what they have learned as part of a team to develop their own business.

Types Of Intrapreneurship

Types Of Intrapreneurship

It was Lipptiz and Wolcott who prepared a pretty helpful taxonomy consisting of four generic intrapreneurship models. This could be differentiated into two specific dimensions.

  • Organizational Ownership: Who has the primary authority for creating a new business within an organization.
  • Resource Authority: A pot of money/resources/new business concepts every intrapreneur has.

These two together generate 2*2 matrix including:

1. Opportunist

The business has zero deliberate approaches to corporate intrapreneurship. All the external and internal networks drive resource allocation and concept selection here.

2. Enabler

The organization provides senior executive focus and funding to the prospective projects. One prominent example of Enabler intrapreneurs is Google. If you want, you can learn more about it by going through a course for executive development in Singapore.

3. Advocate

The advocates on the other hand strongly proselytize for corporate entrepreneurship. However, the business units in this case provide all the needed primary funding.

4. Producer

Producers establish and support a full-service group. Here, there’s supposed to be a mandate for corporate entrepreneurship.

How To Develop Intrapreneurs?

How To Develop Intrapreneurs?

A study from the University of Phoenix analyzed that 93% of adults think that they possess some entrepreneurial qualities.  Also, more than 50% say their organizations allow them to think and act like an entrepreneur.

But how do they manage to do that?

Well, here are some ways to nurture the intrapreneurship mindset among the employees:

1. Empower Them

Empowered employees are valuable assets of any organization. It’s because they directly affect organizational performance. So it’s necessary to drive innovative thoughts by empowering the employees for solving problems, making decisions, and changing the projects.

2. Prioritize The Employee Relationships

Employee relationship is that magic wand, waving which can bring the best results to any business. Oftentimes, the best ideas spark during an enjoyable interaction or good conversation. Having positive working relationships, therefore, improves team bonding.

3. Encourage The Employees To Enlarge Their Scope Of Work

Stepping outside the comfort zone at work could be one of the best strategies to make them step outside their scope of work. Working on the same tasks every day can turn them to be less productive.

4. Conduct Useful Brainstorming Strategies

Hosting brainstorming sessions for addressing organizational challenges can help encourage creative thinking. So, meet with employees frequently and conduct brainstorming sessions to ensure the strategies are well aligned.

5. Emphasize Individuality

The work environment is a large factor to inspire people. However, not every workplace inspires every employee. As a result, a correct evaluation of the individual choices and catering to them is crucial.

Challenges Involved

Challenges Involved

Running a startup within the limitations of a parent organization is quite tricky. The concept and dynamics of intrapreneurship is around for quite a long time, but certain challenges are also involved in it:

1. Leadership Conflicts

With respect to intrapreneurship, there are always multiple CEOs, at least 2 – the intrapreneur, and the actual CEO. When multiple CEOs or leaders are formed, conflicts start seeping in terms of priorities and strategies.

2. Strategy Conflicts

Intrapreneurs generally start out by identification of previously or new missed opportunities for the main business body. Hence, issues in strategic alignment between the organization and the entrepreneur are quite common.

3. Resource Conflicts

The intrapreneurial companies often face issues regarding capitalization as they are funded from corporate cash flows. This is great; no offense, however, introduces uncertainties outside the intrapreneur’s control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Does Intrapreneurship Mean?

Intrapreneurship is behaving like an entrepreneur amidst an established business entity. It’s basically creating a new venture or business within an organization.

2. What Is The Difference Between Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship?

While an entrepreneur runs their own companies they have full freedom and responsibility for it. On the other hand, the intrapreneur is accountable for innovation within an actively running business.

3. Who Are Netpreneurs?

Netpreneurs are people who deliver all the services or products over and over the digital networks. This basically means a very small start-up that’s completely internet-based without any physical office.

4. What Are The 3 Key Pillars Of Intrapreneurship?

The dimensions of intrapreneurship are divided into 3 core pillars. These are as follows:
1. Structure
2. Management 
3. Agents

Finishing In This Way…

That’s all we had to say about Corporate Intrapreneurship

I hope you got that it’s a little quirky concept, and not every organization around the world is capable of adopting this. The implementation is also a bit critical, but if the model remains on the right track, it will deliver good results to any business.

Getting any thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below.

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A Step By Step Guide To Mastering Freelancer Invoices

Invoicing clients is one of the essential steps to keep your freelance business going. After all, there is only so much you can do without a paycheck. For many Freelancers, writing invoices for freelance work is less than thrilling. Luckily, plenty of amazing tools help make invoicing easy, saving you the time you can spend doing billable work.Below is a step-by-step guide to mastering freelancer invoices for a successful, growing business.1. Use Cloud Accounting SoftwareCloud accounting software makes it easy to send and track invoices online. Moreover, cloud accounting software slashes your billing time in half, facilitating timely payments.Cloud accounting software sends automated payment reminders, giving your clients a gentle reminder to compensate you for your work. Even better, all important information gets stored in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about hard disk drive failure.2. Use Blank Invoice TemplatesBlank invoice templates can put your freelance business in a favorable position. They save you time because once a template gets set up, all you need to do is populate the required fields instead of adding required from scratch for all billing runs.Blank invoices also make the payment process easier. You can email your modified invoice template as soon as you finish working on it. It means that your clients will get your invoices faster and settle the outstanding payment sooner.3. Get The Right Freelance App Freelance apps make creating customized invoices with your business’s logo easy. They allow you to store information for each client, leaving behind a record of your business. They also simplify and expedite any future freelancer invoice you wish to create.Freelance apps allow you to create versions of your invoice in other languages. It is especially useful if you have clients whose native language is not one you speak.Freelance apps are flexible, allowing you to make changes to your invoices on the go, including:Adding Additional Services;Combining Multiple Invoices;Allowing Payment in Different Currencies; andChanging the Pay by Date or Deliverable Date.4. Use CalendarsIf you run a schedule-based freelance business, your calendar is one of the best tools that can help keep your business afloat. Even though a full schedule is always a good thing in business, timely payments are what really count.With a calendar, you can enjoy various benefits, including: Time Tracking: You can find all your work hours by looking at your calendar. Time-Saving: You can import details from your preferred calendar to create and send invoices on the spot. Accurate Invoicing: Calendars automatically find and summarize your billable hours without you having to do so manually.Faster Freelancer Invoice Creation, Faster PaymentsAs a freelancer, you have to act as an accountant, an account manager, and head of Human Resources while handling your projects. You are a one-person band. Fortunately, the above tips will help you spend less time invoicing and allow for faster payments. Master your freelancer invoices and grow your business today. Additional:Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Oceanfront HomesHow To Choose The Right HR Software For your Business?What Feature Can Join Offline Business Systems Data With Online Data Collected By Google Analytics?