Invest Real Estate in Detroit: 7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Investment


29 January 2019

Real Estate

First Investment

Making your first investment can be a complicated and confusing process to understand. Although you know some people who have found their fortune in real estate investment, there are still several risks linked with it. You need to take extra measures to make sure you earn something from what you’ve invested.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your first investment, here are seven things you need to know before buying one in Detroit:

1. Conduct research:

Purchasing your first real estate investment isn’t easy. You have to do thorough research to make sure you target the type of clients you hope to do business with in the future. This process, for instance, is all about the economic side of your investment. As you’ll shell out a massive amount of money, it’s vital that you do proper research and use a useful analytical approach to determine the property that will entice your target clients.

Instead of thinking about your personal preferences, it’s a good idea to study the financial factors of the specific place where the Detroit property is located. If you’re searching for real estate investment options, visit for more information.

2. Pay a down payment:

Typically, properties subjected to investment ask for higher down payments than a regular building. If you buy your first real estate investment, you might need a considerable amount of cash on your pocket to accommodate at least 20% down payment. This is much greater than the 3% down payment you pay for the house you’re living in.

Also, investment properties require strict requirements for approval, and you also need to spend much money for the renovation before paying the down payment.

3. Estimate the profits and expenses in advance:

To make sure you make the right decision, it’s a good idea to determine how much money you currently have as well as the money you plan to borrow for your first investment. Once you’ve come up with a computation, start estimating the amount of money needed to buy and renovate a property and the corresponding operation costs.

From there, assess the price you want to sell your property for and subtract the expenses so you can get a calculation of your potential profit. While these figures might not be accurate, having an estimate beforehand will help you stay on track with your finances.

4. Shop around for investment loan options:

If you have limited funds to get started with your first investment, you can look for investment loan opportunities that can help you collect more money. All you need to do is find the right option that can change your current financial situation. While different options offer various benefits, be sure you choose the one that fits your circumstances.

Moreover, try to check the features of each option such as if it allows you to split your repayments for a specific period of time.

5. Clear up all your debts prior to investment:

As you might need more money to fund your first real estate investment, you’ll end up considering some investment loan options. However, you can’t get the most out of these financial options if you’re still carrying debts. Most financial organizations will assess your ability to borrow and pay debts, and if you fail to pay your accounts on time, chances are they’ll not approve or grant your application for a loan or any financial solution.

That’s why it’s important to pay off all your debts before starting up a real estate investment. Most investment success stories would agree on this tip.

6. Go for a low-cost home:

Although you’re prepared to spend thousands of dollars on your first investment, it’s wise to choose properties that are offered at a low price. After all, you still need more funds for the renovation of the real estate before you get to sell or rent to your target clients. Additionally, if you want to keep yourself in the safe zone, make your investments as low as possible by looking for low-cost properties in Detroit.

Bear in mind, the lower your investments are, the higher chances of earning a high profit from it.

7. Don’t let emotions affect your decisions:

When buying for the first investment, think of it as a business investment and not as a personal one. Don’t allow your emotions to overpower your decisions and goals since a substantial financial investment will be at stake here. Instead of letting your emotions affect your plans, treat it as a business in a way that you have to negotiate to obtain the most favorable price.


Buying your first real estate investment can be a risky financial decision you can possibly make. Without proper planning and preparation, your investment might become a terrible experience. However, if you keep the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to gain more money and be on the winning side of the game.

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In fact, the sun is a better option for us than fossil fuels or other sources of energy.That's why solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative energy source. In the past, solar panels were prohibitively expensive, and it took a lot of effort to make them work. But now, with cheap solar panels, the cost has come down remarkably.All you have to do is set up solar panels in your home, and you will have a steady supply of electricity 24 hours a day. With the right setup and the right amount of solar panels, they can be used to power your home or business. They are also used in water heating and heating systems.2. Charge controllerA charge controller is the heart of a solar power system. It is the one that decides when to charge the battery and when to disconnect based on the battery's state of charge. It is the one that has to be compatible with the battery, the solar panel and the load (inverter). It is the one that makes the entire system work smoothly and efficiently.A charge controller regulates the flow of electricity from your solar panels to your batteries. Charge controllers are usually built with microcontrollers and are very precise. The charge controller tells your batteries when to accept a charge and when to stop charging to prevent overcharging. Charge controllers are also called solar controllers. Charge controllers have a few different settings that you should know about. When one of these settings is misconfigured, it can cause your batteries to overcharge, which can shorten their lifespan.3. A batterySolar power is clean, green, renewable and abundant, but for it to do you any good, you have to save it for when you really need it. That's where batteries come in. A battery for solar power installation is an energy storage system that allows you to store solar energy from your solar panels for use at night or on cloudy days.As a homeowner, you have two options for storing solar energy: you can store it in batteries, or you can store it in your water heater. Either way, you'll have the option to draw on your solar power supply when you need it most.4. InverterAs a homeowner, you have the option of installing solar systems in your home. This can be a great investment and an excellent way to lower your monthly electricity bills. However, you will need to decide which type of solar power installation you prefer. You can choose to have Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system or a Solar Thermal system.Either way, you will need to buy an inverter for solar power installation. An inverter is an electrical device that is used to convert direct current (DC) from solar panels into alternating current (AC) so that it can be used in your home. So, before you decide which solar system you want, you should decide whether you want to use solar panels to generate direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC).5. MC4 connectorSolar power installation requires MC4 connectors. MC4 connectors are designed for high-temperature, high-voltage and high-current applications. When installing solar panels, you will need to install solar MC4 connectors for connecting the solar panels to the charge controller. Purchase high-quality MC4 Connectors - PV Connections for solar power installation to prevent damage to the solar panels.The MC4 connectors are connected in series so that each solar panel can produce power. It is very simple to find MC4 connectors on the internet.6. Breaker and meterA solar panel is an electrical device that converts light from the sun into electricity. The amount of energy that a solar panel can produce depends on the panel's area, the solar cells' efficiency, the angle at which they are facing, and the amount of light they are exposed to. A solar panel produces direct current (DC) electricity. A solar panel connects to a solar inverter, which connects to a battery, which connects to a breaker.A breaker is a switch made up of a switch, a fuse, and a circuit breaker. A breaker is often found in homes with solar panels or wind turbines. By using a breaker, you can control how much power is being used by the appliances and what appliances are using power. The circuit breaker stops the flow of electricity if something goes wrong.A meter is essential because, at the end of the day, you want to know how much electricity you use from the sun and how much you use from the power company.Read Also:Is Energy A Good Career Path? – A Detailed GuideBest Paying Jobs In EnergyEverything You Need To Know About Mobile Solar Generators