Kennedy’s Pharmacy In Botany Masks Assortment: Surgical, P2 And Multiple Use Washable Masks

A mask is a means of personal protection that defends against the spread of airborne infections, prevents small particles and liquids from the air from entering the respiratory tract. Pharmacy Sydney and other cities propose various types of medical face masks in Australia.

Surgical masks in Botany pharmacy

Surgical means of personal defense prevent big drops of liquid which can contain bacteria or viruses from hitting the respiratory tract. They consist of four layers: filter and moisture-proof ones, two outer strata. The maximum effective time of a mask is two hours.

Proper wearing of medical masks includes:

  • treatment of hands with antiseptic or washing them with soap before dressing a mask;
  • changing a means of personal protection if it becomes wet or damaged;
  • absence of gaps between the tissue and a nose and a mouth;
  • no touching the mask while wearing and removing only by touching the straps, not its front part.
  • dispose of the used thing in a closed dumpster.

Multiple face masks have the same features but people have to wash them after each wearing.

P2 medical face masks in Australia

P2 face masks filter at least 90 percent of big and small particles from the air. People can use them repeatedly with correct disinfection. The rules of effective wearing of P2 masks are fast the same as surgical ones except for a few points:

  • men should keep respirators on a shaved face because it affects the fitting density;
  • The upper elastic band must be placed on the back of the head and the lower on the ears. They do not intersect;
  • After each putting on, a person must take a palm test holding his hands in front of a respirator and taking deep breaths or exhales.

Where can I buy medical masks?

Any pharmacy in Australia offers medical masks and we sell them too. Kennedy’s Pharmacy has surgical, P2, and multiple-use masks in a range. You can buy them at a profitable price. The drugstore is open from 9 am till 5.30 pm on weekdays and from 9 till 1 pm on weekends.

Exertion of masks

People wear disguises in different places and occasions. First of all, these are hospitals, dentists, and beauty salons. Medical workers wear masks during procedures that require sterility.

It is necessary not to infect patients who mostly have weakened vulnerable immunity with microbes which are in the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. Cases use masks to avoid the expansion of respiratory diseases. Masks are also useful for Botanypharmacystaff.

The need in conditions of COVID

Disguises have become even more relevant in the context of the virus. It is important to buy medical masks for reducing the risk of infection and maintaining health.

A person sometimes does not know he is a career or already ill. Therefore, masks are necessary to decrease the radius of the distribution of liquids from mucous membranes. This is especially true for people who sneeze or cough.

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