Smoking and Other Negative Lifestyle Habits You Need to Kick to the Curb This Year


11 November 2020

Health & Fitness


The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more cognizant of our mortality. Many people are starting to become more aware of the importance of healthy living. Smoking are responsible for up to 90% of all lung cancer diagnoses, as well as many other types of cancer.

One of the most important steps towards a healthier lifestyle is identifying and breaking self-destructive habits. You almost certainly have at least one bad habit that is threatening your health and well-being. Your quality of life and life expectancy will drastically improve if you take the correct action.

Here are some highly unhealthy habits that you should avoid at all costs.

Smoking Tobacco

Cigarettes are probably the least healthy mainstream habit in the United States. They are responsible for more preventable deaths than anything else. Although the prevalence of smoking has dropped drastically since the 1970s, 480,000 people still die of cigarette use every year. Cigarettes are responsible for up to 90% of all lung cancer diagnoses, as well as many other types of cancer.

In addition to causing premature deaths, cigarettes also hurt your quality of life in numerous ways. They cause vision problems, depression, anxiety, impaired lung function, and many other serious issues.

If you are a regular smoker, your number one priority should be to quit. This is the single biggest change in your life that will benefit your health. You can try using tobacco free dip to move away from cigarettes.

Consuming Food Late In The Evening

You might be tempted to have late-night snacks. There might be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps you didn’t get enough protein with your dinner. You might have eaten dinner too early in the evening, which leaves you feeling hungry an hour or two before bedtime. You might simply feel like snacking to alleviate anxiety.

Regardless of the reason, eating snacks late at night creates multiple health risks. It is a precursor to weight gain because your body can’t process the food as efficiently as late at night. Late-night snacks also tend to disrupt your sleep patterns. You might have trouble falling asleep at all and struggle to reach deep REM sleep when you finally doze off.

Eating Too Much Meat

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and ham sandwiches are major staples in the western diet. Meat isn’t just tasty. It also is a rich source of protein.

Unfortunately, many people consume meat excessively. You may develop a number of health problems if you eat too much of it, especially red meat.

What health risks can it create? Regular consumption of processed and red meat increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and multiple types of cancer. A research team from the Harvard School of Public Health found that eating one serving of processed red meat every day increased the risk of death from cardiovascular disease or cancer by 20%.

You don’t need to become a vegan. However, you should minimize your consumption of meat and reserve red meat for special occasions.

Using Your Smartphone Too Often (Especially In The Evening)

Smartphones are the newest addition that is taking over our lives. Unfortunately, they are so widely accepted that most people refuse to acknowledge the toll that they are taking on our health.

Excessive smartphone use can be debilitating in a number of ways, such as:

  • People that use smartphones regularly are more likely to suffer from back and neck problems. Every time that you look down to use your mobile device, you are putting around 60 pounds of pressure on your spine.
  • You have a higher risk of developing vision problems. The light from your smartphone screen can cause long-term damage to your retina. Your eyes might also start to suffer from nearsightedness since you aren’t spending enough time looking out long distances.
  • Your mobile devices might also disrupt your sleep patterns. If you are using them late at night, then you might be throwing off your circadian rhythms. You will have a harder time falling asleep and get less restorative REM sleep as well.

You can’t be in denial about the problems that your smartphone is causing. You need to use it in moderation to prevent back, neck, and sleep problems.

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How Does Recreational Marijuana Affect Your Sex Life

It has been established that marijuana has an overall positive effect on human body and more and more people are starting to experience it and discover how cannabis can be used in many different forms to help treat certain conditions or it can be consumed recreationally for relaxation and fun. More and more countries are starting to open their eyes towards the idea of making the green plant legal and accessible. California legalized it in 2016 for both medical and recreational use, opening many new dispensaries like People’s OC. Now it is much easier for people from all walks of life to enjoy this wonderful plant, share experiences, and further test marijuana thus filling some gaps in practice which science tries to explain in theory. The topic for today will be the effect of marijuana on your sex life. We are sharing our thoughts and experiences on how cannabis you get from legal marijuana shops in California and other states where recreational marijuana is legal can make sexual experiences different and better. All in your head? You can say that this literally is true because marijuana directly affects receptors in the brain with its active component THC which stimulates the release of hormones of happiness and peacefulness (dopamine and anandamide). If you combine the high THC-rich recreational marijuana achieves with a regular sexual arousal, the results both of these conditions provide only complement each other and enhance the intercourse in terms of quality, duration and amount of pleasure. It is worth noting that not all people have the same experience when consuming cannabis, some feel like they grasp the whole cosmos with their mind, others claim that they feel nothing or just sleepy, and a similar comparison can be made for sexual experience and orgasms. Science can’t draw a definitive line and pinpoint precisely what type of experience a person is going to have, but it sure can answer many hows and whys of marijuana’s effect on human body. Benefits of mixing marijuana and sex We are well aware of the positive effect marijuana has on us, but here are some benefits which directly affect the quality of your sexual life and improve it on so many levels. It helps fight off anxiety, relieve tension, relax and gain confidence in your performance, it also reduces the accumulated stress. Increased libido and sharpened senses boost both mental and physical experience, meaning the feelings of joy and pleasure sex provides are raised on a new level. People have also experienced a stronger emotional connection with their partner during the intercourse in a sense that they can truly relax and shift all of their focus on the partner and sex, which means that the brain does not allow any other distraction to reduce the amount of joy even the slightest. This strong focus translates well to your physical performance as well, you feel more energized, and you can extend the duration of the intercourse and thus intensify and prolong your and your partner’s pleasure. This state of heightened concentration allows you to savor every single moment of sex until you reach the climax. Try to balance things out As in every other aspect of life, balance is the key. This is especially important for marijuana because it hasn’t been scientifically determined how much weed one should take to reach the optimal experience. Effect of marijuana are individual and the best way to determine how much weed you need is to test on yourself and see what works and not. What you ideally want is a moderate consumption in order to reach the level of joy we’ve mentioned before. Many factors influence how things are going to play out, but too much marijuana intake can lead to some undesired effects such as reduced motor skills functionality, lack of sexual drive and fatigue. Men and women are affected differently as well, and current circumstances and mood also play a big role, but if you are able to balance things out and find the amount that works for you, then pleasure and fun are the only side-effects you’d ever have. Read Also : Why Is Cannabis Good For Health? Best Grow Tents For Growing Cannabis

Stop drinking problem sign. Prevention and cure alcohol addiction problem concept.

10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol Today

With alcoholism becoming more and more present in our society, the chances that you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism is increasing rapidly. The good news is nowadays the stigma of having an alcohol problem is almost gone, and there are more resources than ever to help overcome. If you or the person who is struggling is still on the fence about whether or not the alcohol is a real problem, we've compiled a list of reasons to stop drinking once and for all. Quitting drinking can be tough, but the benefits and quality of life change that quitting can bring is more than worth it. Let's talk about that. Quitting Drinking and You Society seems to be overrun with drinking; in fact, it seems like the only way we know how to socialize. Modern society is a mess of people hiding their insecurities and fears thought of unhealthy outlets or masks. More often than not, that mask consists of a few drinks. Have you ever heard someone say they feel "more like themselves" when they're drinking? That is the sort of thing we are talking about here. The great thing is, once you've stopped drinking, you start to regain a sense of self. You gain confidence that you may not have even known that you had because you would just drink your problems away instead of working on them. Even in a superficial sense, quitting drinking makes your skin clear up, you lose weight, you gain more energy. You even have time for more hobbies. Also, do you realize how much money you save when you quit drinking? Drinking is so expensive, now that you aren't spending all your money on 15 dollar drinks, you can actually save up for big life things. Speaking of big life things, your sex and love life can improve significantly Reasons to Stop Drinking for Others When you are in a relationship, there can be a lot of stress caused by a drinking problem. Even if you are single, it is likely that your family members are affected. When you quit drinking, you can take accountability for your actions. As unpleasant as that may sound, taking accountability actually helps you pave a new road into healthy, honest relationships. Quitting drinking can actually help you develop a greater sense of self-awareness that you didn't even know you had. Once you develop greater self-awareness, you can help others find themselves as well. You can become an empathetic, kind person. If you are in a relationship that is stressed under the strain of a drinking problem, a big reason to stop drinking would be to stop hurting the person you are choosing to spend your life with. Although it may seem like you are only hurting yourself, the people who love and care about you also suffer when you struggle with drinking. When you stop drinking, they can feel at ease knowing that you are safe and no longer hurting yourself. Support Systems for Quitting Drinking When you stop drinking, you may suddenly realize that you have less in common with the people you used to hang out with, especially if all they do is drink. The good news is, in quitting drinking, you can discover a whole new group of friends who also don't drink. Those people tend to be better listeners, less selfish, and more empathetic to the struggles of someone who is trying to stay sober. Now just because you got sober doesn't mean life suddenly gets easy. You may find that you are struggling with getting your life back on track sober. The most important thing is that you stick to your guns and don't drink, no matter what. If you find that you are having a hard time, it may be beneficial to set up a system to hold yourself accountable. You can set up a person to check in with every day, or as needed if you're scared you may drink. You can also set up a testing system with a buddy. As silly as it may sound, it can really help you walk the line when you are feeling particularly likely to drink. Remember, when you feel you may drink, you have to have bumpers set up in the way between you and the booze. If you want to get home alcohol tests or learn more about how they work, you can check it out here. No matter what happens in life, you don't have to drink. The key is to make sure you have a good network that can double as a safety net when needed. Life After Quitting Once you get past the initial difficulty of quitting drinking, life gets brighter and better than it ever could have been before. There are countless reasons to stop drinking, but it's important to find the reasons that work for you. Make sure you are ready to commit, and that you have your reasons at the forefront of your mind- you'll need them when you get tempted to drink. It's important to use your newfound free time and extra cash responsibly. You worked really hard to get to the place you are at in life, you deserve to treat yourself. Pick up a new hobby, go out with some new friends, explore the world. You can go anywhere and do anything sober, provided you keep smart feet that take you where you need to go if you feel you are at risk of drinking. It may take a little while, but like a baby deer learning how to walk, you will gain a new sense of self and self-confidence that you hadn't known before. Your life will become fantastic. For more information or any questions, be sure to check us out here.

Newborn Baby Care

8 Newborn Baby Care Tips for First-Time Parents

The experience of being a first-time parent can be exciting and overwhelming in equal measures. Despite the advice you get from family and friends during your prenatal period, parenting and especially baby care may still be challenging. Newborn Baby Care can make things easier for you. For instance, you may have questions on how to bond with your baby, what to do when the baby cries and you have no idea what it wants, giving your baby a pacifier, breastfeeding, and so forth. To help you navigate through some of these unique mother-to-child scenarios, below are 8 tips to start you off.  Additionally, you can also check's baby feeding guide for more info. Here are 8 Newborn Baby Care Tips for First-Time Parents: 1. Prioritize Breast Milk: Breast milk is far more superior to baby formula. It contains antibodies that lower the risk of bacterial and viral infections as well as allergies. Also, breast milk digests easier thereby enhancing the bioavailability of the necessary nutritional components. Working mothers can express breast milk which is then stored, warmed, and fed to their baby in their absence. It is recommended that you feed your baby exclusively on breast milk for the first 6 months. Newborn baby care can make things easier for you. 2. Maintain a Warm Environment: Before the baby’s natural thermoregulatory mechanism kicks on, ensure the immediate environment is warm and cozy enough. You can use a thermostat to set specific temperature ranges at least for the first few weeks. Newborn baby care can make things easier for you. Do not overdress the baby especially on warm or hot days. This can lead to overheating and the development of rashes and heat illnesses. 3. Bathing Your Newborn: Real baths do not begin until the umbilical cord stump has fallen off. Even then, bathing should be monitored to avoid heat loss during and after a bath. Ensure the water is at the right temperature and make the baths short. Sponge bathing is also recommended for newborns. When you live in colder areas, make the bathroom warm enough before the bathing process begins. Exposing your baby to extreme cold may lead to hypothermia. 4. Change Diapers Frequently: If you have never taken care of babies before, diaper changing may seem like a nightmare. On average, you will do diaper changes every two to three hours, but this frequency will drop as the baby approaches 12 months. Getting the best changing table pad can make the process easy and comfortable. Look for a table that is sturdy, preferably with guard rails and ample storage drawers or shelves. 5. Personal Hygiene When Handling the Baby: Babies are sensitive and it is in your best interest that you maintain proper personal hygiene. Immediately before and after interacting with the baby, wash your hands with an antiseptic solution. As much as you can, minimize the baby’s contact with strangers at least for the first few months. Clothes can be contaminated with allergens or microbes hence the need to watch out for their cleanliness. 6. Do Not Interrupt Sleeping Sessions: First-time parents often get concerned about the length of their baby’s sleep. On average, expect newborns to sleep for up to 18 hours a day. However, babies are different and some will be more active compared to others. Do not wake them up in the middle of their sleeping cycles because doing so interferes with their natural activity patterns. When you see your baby sleeping for shorter hours, contact your pediatrician and check for any anomalies. 7. Watch Out for Signs of Neonatal Jaundice: Newborn babies are susceptible to physiological jaundice. For full-term babies, this tends to disappear within 10 days, but for preterm babies, it may extend for a few more days. In case your baby develops jaundice that persists, it could be the pathological type and this requires immediate medical attention. Look out for the yellowing of the skin and sclera (whites of the eyes). Don’t opt for phototherapy unless advised by or done under the care of a pediatrician. 8. Make the Crib Comfortable: It is not uncommon for babies to sleep on you and immediately you transfer them to their cribs, they wake up. The major cause for this is insufficient warmth and comfort in the crib. The best way to counter this trend is to prewarm the crib and gently slip the baby in between the warm blanket folds. New In addition, locate the crib away from drafty windows, fans, and air vents. This helps in ensuring a regular indoor environment. There are other tips out there you can include in your checklist. However, the above should set you on the right path to nurturing your bundle of joy. It is important you spend as much time with the baby as possible so that you can bond and create a familiar atmosphere. Read Also: How to Get Your Baby Started on Solid Foods Causes Of Male & Female Infertility Golden Pregnancy Care Tips For All Expectant Women