Know What To Do When You Get In An Accident


03 April 2020



Accidents are inevitable. They just happen, no matter how cautious you are, the other drivers will not do the same. You need to keep in mind that even if you do not drive a vehicle, you can be a part of an accident. What you can do, however, is to know your rights in an accident. You need to know the dos and don’ts and what should be expected of you and the consequences of your actions. The best place to know all about your legal rights is through a legal firm Bellevue car accident attorney is one of the best in the market for such situations. Apart from a law firm, here are a few legal rights you should be aware of when you get into an accident.

Know What To Do When You Get In An Accident:

1. Call The Police:

Most authorities necessitate that you make a report of car accidents including injuries or property harm. In any occasion, you will probably need the accident to be reported to help later with the insurance-related procedure. If you were not to blame for the mishap, getting a police report can help validate your case and may likewise give valuable evidence down the line.

2. Make Sure Everyone is Ok:

Check if any of the people involved in the accident are alright or need medical attention. Notice the accident scene to see if any hazards could bring on additional damage, for example, spilling gas or electric sparkles. Call for help promptly if there are any wounds.

3. Talk To The Other Driver:

Get the other driver’s name, address, driver’s license number and license plate number. Likewise, record a description of the vehicle and request to see their insurance card with the goal that you can use this information later. Try not to talk about the reason for the mishap or apologize as these statements can be utilized against you.

4. Take Pictures:

Take photos of the area of the accident. Make sure that you take pictures of the following:

–          The area of the accident and position of the vehicles

–          The damage to your vehicle and the damage to the other vehicle involved in the accident

–          Evidence of debris on the roadway

–          Injuries if any and other things you think might be important.

5. Look For The Witnesses:

Assess the scene and decide whether there are any observers. Request the observer’s contact info and ask them to remain at the scene to state what happened. Check for any surveillance cameras close by that may have caught the accident, for example, a traffic camera or a camera from a close-by business.

6. Be Polite:

Even though it can be easier said than done, be polite. You should not lose your temper and say things that can be used against you in court. You should never under any circumstances ever threaten the other party.

7. Legal Actions:

Last but not least, you should always get a lawyer on your side to handle everything – from insurance to damage claims, from court case to talking to the witnesses and looking for pieces of evidence, they will take care of it all. Make sure that you do not lie to the legal authorities or everything in your favor will backfire and you might end up in jail instead of roaming around freely.

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Is DUI A Serious Crime?

DUI is considered a crime in every US state. The drivers of any kind of vehicle must operate their vehicle sober. When a person takes drugs, alcohol, or any prescriptive medicines then the ability to drive gets impaired and causes road accidents. Sometimes, these accidents can lead to death. To answer the question “Is DUI a serious crime” one can say that it is a serious crime. The details of DUI shown here can show the intensity of this crime and thus, it is really important to focus on DUI cases. However, all is not well when it comes to involving the traffic police. Sometimes, police officers tend to exaggerate the details and put someone in a difficult position. This type of DUI charge can put people in a tough situation because professional people have their reputations to maintain. In those situations, hiring a DUI defense in Oakland could be beneficial as lawyers know how to beat such charges. What Happens When A Person Is Convicted Of DUI? Once a person is convicted of a DUI, that person is subjected to receive some sort of criminal sentence. The most common sentence for DUI is the suspension of a driving license for some time. This time limit could be determined based on the severity of the DUI charge. Sometimes the suspension of a driving license could be accompanied by a fine, community service, or jail time. But if you had hired a good attorney, things wouldn’t go that far. DUI lawyers have the skills to find loopholes in the legal system and by finding them they can ask for lenient terms even for a driving license. Things like an ignition interlock device (IID) could be used in the personal car of that person who was charged with the DUI. Sometimes, the person could be able to go to work and restrict his driving in a particular neighborhood when lawyers know how to do their jobs. What Happens When DUI Charges Are Federal? Normally, the DUIs are processed by the state but when drivers mess with federal property, the charges could be from the federal court. This happens when a driver drives harshly through a national park and collides into a national monument, a military vehicle, or a federal building. Such crimes could have different sentences based on the civilian or military status of the person who had been charged with DUI.  What To Do When Charged With DUI? If you have been in a similar position where bogus DUI charges have been filed against you, it is time to get a lawyer. Mass Tsang legal professionals can help you in this regard. Mass Tsang is a legal firm where the firm offers different legal services to those who require legal guidance. In the cases of Drunk under the Influence (DUI) or Drunk while intoxicated (DWI), skilled legal professionals can have your case dismissed or negotiate for a lesser sentence through community service and diversion programs. If the District Attorney doesn’t budge, there could be other ways to reduce charges. For instance, if the charged person wants to get his or her driver’s license back, then he or she needs to agree with the chemical testing to ensure that there is no alcohol in his or her blood. Read Also: Top 10 Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorneys The Personal Effects Of A DUI Case On Individuals: By Counsellors Accident By Unlicensed Driver: How To File For A Compensation Claim?

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Personal Injury Attorneys Denver

One is exposed to many sudden accidents, especially when one live in a crowded city like Denver. Are you searching for personal injury attorneys? We hope that you never experience any kind of accident, but one should do his/her best to deal with any bad circumstances and prepare himself/herself accordingly. Personal injury attorneys Denver is a popular topic because people are looking for personal injury lawyers as they might have an accident in Denver So, we will let you aware of the necessary information about personal injury attorneys in Denver. Are personal injury attorneys worth hiring in Denver? You might think that your insurance company will handle any consequences of an accident you might have, but you should remember that any possible accident will include you and other parties. Personal injury experts at The Sawaya Law Firm point out that such lawsuits are not as straightforward as you might think. No one, be it a business organization or an insurance company is ready to part with claims without putting up a fight. Every claim they address eats into their revenues and profits. Victims need to be prepared as these bug organizations along with their battery of lawyers will go out of their way to deny fair and just compensation claims. Reasons why you need to hire personal injury attorneys in Denver: You have to deal with other insurance companies from other parties. Your insurance provider might not cover certain types of accidents. You might lose the negotiation with your insurance company. When you have an accident, you will be busy with the instant circumstances, and you will not think about how you will have compensation. When do you need a personal injury attorney in Denver? You can answer this question with "whenever you have a car accident," but it is more than car accidents. You might have an injury while walking because of road construction; it is a pedestrian accident. General construction accidents are included as they are common, and the areas under construction are dangerous. You can count bicycle and motor accidents in, as well. They are not of less importance than other automotive accidents. Defective products that might cause poisoning, might be expired, then you have the right of suing the market you bought from. Last but not least, wrongful death, experiencing the death of a relative, is miserable, and facing that with an outside factor, which would be the cause of your relatives’ death, will make things much more difficult and complex. And having a personal lawyer beside you will facilitate any legal actions. This is another good reason for having a personal attorney. Finally, you can include any sudden accident with personal injuries, and consult a lawyer whenever you are in trouble. What compensation might your personal injury attorney guarantee? It depends on your accident type and conditions — no certain answer for all cases. However, compensation must include any consequential damages regarding personal injuries in a certain case. No matter how much those damages will cost or what kinds they are. From physical medical expenses to consulting a psychiatrist because of the following depression. And here is another reason to hire a personal injury attorney, you really cannot get your full rights without an experienced attorney. How to find and hire a personal injury attorney Now, we will have some tips and questions to find the best personal injury attorneys. 1. Ask a friend It is not cool to remind a friend of a past accident, but your real friend will get you properly and help you. So, ask him or one with similar previous experience in your network. If none, go online, read reviews, and post your questions and case on local communities in Denver. That leads us to the second step in our searching process. 2. Identify your case clearly When you cannot figure your own needs, no one will be able to help you. So, be super clear, and post/tell every single detail of your case. Then, you will have many mentions and recommendations online. It is time to contact some lawyers before any communication. Do not let anyone affect your decision; some only look for commissions by recommending or other personal stuff. So, select what you feel they are good at and start interviewing. 3. Interview many lawyers After your selection of a few lawyers, it is time to interview them with good questions to be able to evaluate well and select the best for you. Let us see some necessary questions. How long have you been working in Denver? Have you ever dealt with personal injury cases? If so, How many cases or how long? How often do you deal with personal injury cases? How many personal injury cases did you resolve and win? Have you handled a case like mine? If so, did you win it? How much do you charge for such cases? What are your time expectations until resolving my case? Do you think my case will go to trial based on previous cases? Do you think we will have any unexpected difficulties? Will you work alone in my case, or will there be other attorneys? Will you keep me informed weekly? Do you have the time and resources to work on my case? What do you need from my side to start? Those are basic questions that can lead you to more detailed questions. Having all said, hopefully, you will not get in trouble, but if so, try not to rush, then evaluate your situation, whether it is a car accident or poisoning, and consult a lawyer to have the best compensation. Read Also: What you need to know to win your slip & fall case Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident that wasn't My Fault?

File Bankruptcy

Can I File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney?

Even though you can legally file bankruptcy with an attorney, there are still some circumstances that will require you to hire like if you are an SEO consultant. Thousands of people are unable to pay off their debts each year, but still not able to afford to hire an attorney properly. Attorney fees and other expenses can pile up pretty quickly. If your situation is not complex, you should be able to go through the process with the help of a lawyer. How does the process work? In order to follow bankruptcy without the assistance of an attorney, you will need to follow several steps including: 1. Figure out if your income meets the Means Test- The Means Test can help you determine whether you qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There is a test form provided by the federal government where you will have to answer questions regarding your income, debts, and the number of people in your household. If you only own a few assets, haven’t been accused of fraud, and have a household income below your state’s median, you should be able to handle the process on your own. 2. Obtain your credit reports and complete credit counseling- You will then need to obtain your credit reports from all three major credit bureaus. If you do not report a debt, it will not be included or discharged in your bankruptcy. 3. Fill out paperwork- This is probably the most complicated task if you are going to file bankruptcy without an attorney. You will need to download the bankruptcy forms package and complete all forms attached. You can then submit them by mail or in person. 4. Attend 341 meetings- You must attend this meeting even though your creditors will not be present. You will be asked a number of questions regarding your case by the trustee. 5. Complete a personal financial management course- Finally, you will complete a personal financial management instruction course within 45 days of your meeting. Once this has been completed, you will wait to hear from the court regarding whether your debts have been discharged. Filing Without Money To file bankruptcy without an attorney, you will need to at least pay a filing fee for the credit counseling courses. If you do not have the funds for either, you can request a fee waiver or ask the bankruptcy judge to roll the payment into your repayment plan, only if you are filing Chapter 13. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases Even though there are some cases where you can file bankruptcy without a lawyer, there are some exceptions that may require you to hire a Houston bankruptcy attorney or another attorney including: If your partnership or corporation is facing bankruptcy, you will need an attorney You can still file bankruptcy without a lawyer if you fail the Means Test since your income is too great, but the process may be more complicated. This is because Chapter 13 cases are more difficult to file than Chapter 7 bankruptcies. Additionally, you will also need to come up with a repayment plan that explains how you plan on repaying your creditors back. While filing bankruptcy without the help of a lawyer may be possible, it may not always be the best route for you to take. It all depends on your individual circumstances. Read Also: Bankruptcy Means Test: Why It Matters? What Is Chapter 7 On Bankruptcy Laws: A Beginner’s Guide Important Things You Need To Know Before Filing For Bankruptcy What are the types of debt that can be discharged in bankruptcy? 5 Common Body Corporate Issues Faced by Strata Management Debunking 7 Notorious Bankruptcy Myths