The Latest Way of Transportation: Electric Motor Scooters

Transportation is forever changing. The world is ready for its first electric car, its first driverless car and now the electric motor scooters. The desire to ride two wheels has made the scooter become a legitimate mode of transport and is no longer looked at as a toy reserved for children and young adventurous adults. With their increased popularity, they will be fully embraced world over in no time.

This is especially so with most countries looking to decongest cities from the many vehicles that clog up cities and leave them paralyzed due to traffic snarl-ups. They are convenient, easy to ride and fast. They save so much time that would have otherwise been spent stuck in traffic. They offer little pollution as they are not run on fuel but rather electricity. They are run on a rechargeable battery and are ideally charged the conventional way by plugging into a direct power source.

There are many different types of scooters for adults. Some may opt for the traditional one without a seat but for adults looking for comfort, there are some newer comfortable models that have seats. In this article, we shall highlight why electric scooter is fast becoming an ideal mode of transport for many.

Electric powered scooters have little to no noise as compared to their gas-powered counterparts. This is a good thing because the rider can hear danger coming when they are on the road. It is also easy to maintain because one does not have to worry about oiling, greasing and tuning that entails the maintenance of a gas-powered scooter. All that one has to take care of are the consumables like the brake pads and tires. To maintain an electric scooter one has to just ensure that the battery is charged. As mentioned earlier, using electricity to power scooters reduces pollution that is caused by fuel on either gas-powered scooters or even vehicles. The reduction of noise also reduces noise pollution and keeps the environment clean. In the world today where many manufacturers and people are environments conscious, this is a great advantage of the electric scooter.

Some of the few adult scooters that have seats for comfort and have been reviewed are:

Ojo Electric Scooter :

Some of the features that make this one of the good models of scooters are:

  • Strong aluminum chassis
  • Both headlight and tail light
  • Horn
  • Both rear and front disc brakes
  • Onboard charger with plug and retractable cord
  • Waterproof dual speakers

Gigabyke Groove :

This scooter looks like a motorbike and if that is not appealing enough, then these features will definitely grow the appeal.

  • Only 6 hours for the battery to be full
  • LED headlights, turn signal and rearview mirrors

UberScoot 1000W :

This is the scooter with the longest range of all the scooters and is designed for long-distance commuters.

  • It is easily foldable, making it easy to be transported
  • It has both front and rear suspensions making the ride comfortable even on bumpy roads.

After all, is said and done, there are more than enough reasons to make the electric scooter the regular mode of transport for the person looking for convenience and also looking to save time.

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